Wallpaper Engine 1.7 Patch Notes (New Update) – September 23, 2021


Wallpaper Engine update 1.7 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Wallpaper Engine 1.7 patch notes, the latest update added new video textures, web live stream support, and more. A new free Android version of Wallpaper Engine is also coming.

Read more details below.

Wallpaper Engine 1.7 Patch Notes

Additions / Changes
  • Added Workshop EULA to prepare the Wallpaper Engine Android release.
  • Added video texture support for scenes.

Added LiveStream Mode to “Open URL” dialog which uses Edge WebView to support video streams. Also, added option to sync static lock-screen image & static Windows wallpaper with live wallpaper.

  • Added audio recording icon to application rule program list.
  • Added new option to only show editor performance stats when needed.
  • Added support for custom titles to local wallpapers.
  • Added JPEG rotation EXIF support so JPEG files get rotated pre-import.

Editor update project.json of web wallpapers every time apply is used to ensure audio responsiveness works more reliably while developing.

  • Added safety measure to avoid crashes with video files when the playback rate cannot be properly read from video files.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed wallpapers not muting when screensaver is active.
  • Fixed screensaver playlists not being editable properly.
  • Fixed screensavers also changing Windows theme colors.
  • Fixed local preview images not being cropped.
  • Fixed lighting settings not being editable after previewing.
  • Fixed unsubscribed items not disappearing.

Fixed user interface crash if Steam was extremely out-of-date. Also, addressed undo functionality in editor in combination with the light height slider.

  • Fixed undo/redo getting stuck when going too fast.
  • Fixed UI without hardware acceleration not disabling effects.
  • Fixed asset updating.
  • Fixed preset update system to account for new Steam behavior.
  • Fixed effect copy/paste using selected item instead of right clicked item.

Fixed scene audio playback not playing again if wallpaper is paused at the same time a song finishes.

Fixed wrong user properties being applied to cloned wallpapers in screensaver mode without DWM live image copy.