VTOL VR Update 1.4.6 Patch Notes – August 6, 2022


VTOL VR game update 1.4.6 is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official VTOL VR patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, today’s VTOL VR patch 1.4.6 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s VTOL VR patch 1.4.6 will address a few of these issues.

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VTOL VR Patch Notes – August 6, 2022


  • Fixed: ground clutter notching effect increased when background clutter was further away, instead of closer to the target
  • Changed “ON” label to “HOT MIC” in comms panel
  • Fixed: UI issue when running workshop training scenario
  • Implemented parallel raycasting where possible
  • Improved performance of terrain collider baking (reduced duration of frame drop after map first loads)
  • Fixed: ground vehicles killed while moving still emitted dust clouds after stopping
  • Fixed: issue causing radar locks to occasionally not send RWR pings
  • Changed radio squelch sound effect
  • Disable equipment colliders until they are jettisoned
  • Various script optimizations
  • Changed TGP to be able to point lock on arbitrary points on units
  • Fixed: issue causing radar to occasionally send signal in wrong direction
  • Automatically try loading Oculus SDK if SteamVR fails to load
  • Remove low speed limiter for airbrake when wheel brakes are bound to hardware
  • Fixed: search radar did not update position for data link after first detection
  • Fixed: missile search radar would datalink detected target info
  • Set waypoint to nearest available rearming point if request rearming but not at valid rearming point
  • Fixed: HUD target did not go away for laser bomb if target is no longer valid
  • Fixed: AI visual target detection did not report/datalink units marked as “non-targets”
  • Fixed issue with origin shift when there’s a certain number of transforms to shift
  • Fixed: missiles that have returned to search after pitbull would still have locking ring indicator in RWR
  • Fixed: missile could pass through terrain within the first second after it launches
  • Fixed: finding nearest rearming point for waypoint did not consider helicopters can only fit on helipads
  • Fixed: engine nozzle tilt did not softclose properly below 5 degrees
  • Fixed: equips could be mounted on incorrect hardpoints by editing save file
  • Soldier returns to starting point if attempting to enter a passenger bay that becomes unavailable
  • Fixed: hand gets stuck to button if button becomes disabled while holding it
  • Fixed: tooltip gets stuck to hand if interactable becomes disabled while hovering
  • Fixed: engine noise could still be heard quietly before mach shockwave for exterior audio
  • Fixed: AGM-145 LOAL indicator doesn’t appear when outside DLZ


  • Fixed: unspawned air units placed in the air would not spawn correctly after a quickload (for example, affected Desert Cobra mission 4 bombers)


  • Fixed: in radar UI, when in STT, all TWS contacts appear at STT target’s position
  • Fixed: TWS lock was removed when unlocking a boresight lock in scan mode
  • Fixed: boresight/head lock would occasionally stop working
  • Fixed error when unlocking boresight target
  • Fixed: manually unlocking boresight target did not remove TWS track
  • Fixed: unintentionally losing lock of boresight target did not remove TWS track
  • Fixed: TWS targets did not get RWR ping
  • Fixed: wing folded instantly when one wingtip was broken
  • Desert Cobra 8: Changed wing leader to wait for all wingmen to join before starting run
  • Desert Cobra 8: Fixed: sometimes rocket artillery doesn’t kill the nearby SAAW
  • Desert Cobra 8: Fixed unintentional enemy air engagement when attacking units in first town


  • Fixed TSD reset button localization key
  • Fixed: AIM-120 fired on datalink would be affected by chaff before pitbull
  • Fixed: TSD EOTS slave function would lock target last known position instead of estimated position if target is not in LOS
  • Fixed: first external AIM-120D launch didn’t get mid-course corrections
  • Fixed: HUD targeting for GBU-53 did not update position properly
  • Fixed: players MFD page did not show team score
  • Fixed: in singleplayer, shadow where team volume knob would be
  • Fixed: stale TSD contact continued to flash after being updated
  • Changed AIM-120D to no longer receive datalink updates after pitbull


  • Fixed: briefing voice chat volume didn’t save/load properly when respawning
  • Added indicator showing who is curently speaking
  • Show player slot designation in player score list
  • Added “switch team” button in briefing room UI
  • Fuel tanker boom continuously disconnects from port when watching it refuel another client
  • Added option to disallow new players from joining after mission starts
  • Fixed: lobby settings get reset after picking a mission
  • Fixed: briefing room voice volume gets very quiet after a player spawns
  • Fixed: Friendly F-45 locking line in TSD did not disappear when unlocked
  • Replaced Patriot missiles with Backstop missiles in PVP strike missions
  • Added weapon used in kill message in flight log
  • Added label in slot selector for remaining lives on limited respawn slots
  • Fixed: incorrect navmap icons on pre-existing units for late team-B joiner
  • Fixed: teamkill points were applied if player somehow damages themself before dying
  • Added access to members list/management menu in debrief
  • Fixed: going back from members menu would be a blank screen
  • Fixed: screen didn’t fade in from black when map loading finishes while in SteamVR dashboard overlay
  • Disable dev camera in multiplayer unless “devcam” is in pilot name (temporary)
  • Added scoreboard in devcam (temporary)
  • Fixed: Could not rearm when a singleplayer mission with forced equips is converted to multiplayer
  • Fixed: error when launching multiplayer mission converted from singleplayer without editing existing PlayerSpawn
  • Fixed: RTB waypoint set to spawn point did not work properly
  • Fixed: player management block button showed on host in aircraft
  • Fixed: briefing room UI did not fill console space
  • Fixed: returned to editor after leaving multiplayer game if the editor had been opened before
  • Reduced frame hang when spawning many units with missiles
  • Fixed client crash caused by AI pilot targeting RPC
  • Fixed: members menu hid mic controls
  • Fixed: player name in score display did not show designation until somehow refreshed
  • Fixed network crash due to flare countermeasure error
  • Fixed: local vehicle canopy doesn’t despawn after ejecting and respawning
  • Abort loading multiplayer campaigns with errors in the mission browser
  • Display workshop campaigns as they load instead of waiting for all to load
  • Sort workshop campaign loading by recently used
  • Download workshop changes when missions are loading in mission browser
  • Fixed issue causing existing units on navmap to not update icon properly after switching team
  • Fixed: player unit sometimes appeared to have incorrect velocity in TSD and NAV
  • Fixed: unit properties did not load properly when hosting a game after joining a previous game as a client
  • Fixed issue causing air unit groups to not initialize properly, halting mission start
  • Fixed: carrier catapult broke if player despawns while attached
  • Fixed: for clients, invincible soldier doesn’t appear at pickup location when transport is killed until it moves again
  • Fixed potential cause for player stats errors after switching teams
  • Fixed: network routine crashed due to error in player score display

Mission Editor

  • Added option to limit respawns on Multiplayer Spawns
  • Added “Display message for team” event action
  • Added event actions to add or remove lives to a limited respawn slot
  • Added message and prevented launching mission with no spawn points or player slots
  • Set a mission back to Auto Player Count if it was set manually to 0 slots
  • Fixed: Launch button didn’t work for standalone mission
  • Fixed: UI issue with “Force Alt Spawn” action for unit groups
  • Fixed: event actions with number parameters with non-zero default values didn’t get saved properly unless the value was changed
  • Fixed: forced alt spawns updated position but not unit properties
  • Changed ship hull number to not be affected by alternate spawns
  • Fixed: “Set Invincible” unit group action did not have proper label for parameter
  • Added lives remaining conditionals for multiplayer spawns and teams
  • Changed slot lives to be decremented when the vehicle is killed/ejected instead of when the vehicle is spawned
  • Fixed: unhandled error when referencing a base that no longer exists
  • Fixed: restarting multiplayer mission when testing from editor would make the lobby joinable


  • Added destroyed model for IR APC
  • Fixed: Allied SAM Launcher P (patriot) missile did not have proximity detonation
  • Fixed: Enemy SAAW missile did not have proximity detonation
  • Added “Backstop” SAM launcher and radar system by Benjamin Browning
  • Balanced patriot missile performance
  • Slightly reduced BSM missile drag
  • Improved ESSM performance (allied ship defense missiles)
  • Reduced RIM-67B drag (ship VLS missiles)
  • Fixed Manta UCAV LOD
  • Fixed: sometimes air groups would be empty, causing group event actions to fail
  • Fixed: AI fighter aircraft did not respond to RWR threats properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed: AI air group’s target management routine sometimes failed in multiplayer, causing its air units to not engage targets
  • Fixed Allied assault carrier aft colliders
  • Fixed: Allied ground units did not have radar cross section defined
  • Fixed: AI F-45 had too much health
  • Fixed: parked ground unit group formation direction did not get updated properly when leader is on a path
  • Attempted to improve ground unit movement in formation
  • Fixed: Cruisers’ anti-ship missiles had proximity detonation instead of direct hit
  • Fixed: VTOL AI could crash into nearby buildings or terrain during vertical takeoff
  • Fixed: AI pilot would not fire guns at hovering aircraft
  • Fixed: AI pilot would not use AAM on hovering aircraft
  • Fixed: AI pilot did not ignore itself as a potential friendly fire risk when attempting to fire AAM
  • Fixed: Enemy drone carrier drones had radar enabled before launch


  • Updated localization templates
  • Updated zh, ja, and ko translations
  • Fixed: briefing room players menu confirmation dialogue cancel button key
  • Added common “okay” key to VTOLVR_Strings
  • Changed player management menu confirm dialogue ok/cancel buttons to common VTOLVR_Strings ok/cancel keys
  • Changed all player management menu keys to common VTOLVR_Strings keys

AH-94 v1.1.6f3

  • Fixed: radar scan rate would increase after rearming
  • Improved altitude autopilot in cruise
  • Fixed: FlightAP start mode at 0 velocity did not set the hover autopilot in multiplayer
  • Fixed rudder sync when hardware pedals are involved
  • sync trim setting
  • Fixed: When the host is in the gunner seat, then switches to the pilot seat of a different heli, the client sees the host reappear in their own gunner seat instead
  • Fixed: once the pilot gives flight controls to the gunner, both now lose their ability to control the aircraft with hardware rudders until the aircraft is respawned
  • Fixed: With two hardware rudder users, gunner still can’t see pilot rudder movement
  • Fixed: copilot could not see stick movement if pilot was holding stick while copilot joins
  • Fixed: copilot could not hear comms if they exit the cockpit and rejoin as copilot
  • Fixed: late join copilot didn’t see correct gun ammo
  • Fixed: late join copilot not in correct TGP sensor mode or FOV
  • Fixed: gear status lights not synced for late join copilot
  • Fixed: antitorque input was 50% authority

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