VirtuaVerse Update Patch Notes (New Story Mode) – July 19, 2021


A major VirtuaVerse update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official VirtuaVerse patch notes, the latest update added a new Story Mode (Easy) to the game.

Read more details below.

VirtuaVerse patch notes

The latest update implemented the STORY MODE option to the game.


Game dev notes –

“We were always aware that such a type of hardcore game design nowadays wouldn’t be an easy ride for everyone and someone would even consider it flawed, however from our point of view the absence of hints or hotspot highlights, inventories full of objects with thousand of combinations, pixel hunting, dialogues unlocking conditions or the imperative need to read every single text in those games is exactly what we loved and what we missed.

We were in fact really surprised that in the end the vast majority of people really enjoyed the game and provided a great positive feedback and we are very thankful for that but we also listened carefully to all those who complained having an hard time to complete the game.


Playing the STORY MODE would be a great option for all those people that don’t want to deal with hardcore puzzles. You won’t miss much of the story but at the same time most of puzzles will be easier, require less conditions to be unlocked and you will deal with much less inventory objects.

Some passages have been cut but the big part of the game is still there. Also you can still try the old school mode again once you have completed the story mode.

You’ll need to restart the game from the beginning in order to play the STORY MODE version. Loading previous savegames will just resume the original OLD SCHOOL MODE.


Download free VirtuaVerse update on PC (Steam).