Virtua Fighter 5 Update 1.40 Patch Notes (Official)

    A new Virtua Fighter 5 update 1.40 is now rolling out on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox players. According to the official Virtua Fighter 1.40 patch notes, the latest update added support for the Tekken 7 Collaboration Pack. Apart from this, Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown patch 1.40 also includes various fixes and changes.

    Previously, a big update addressed an issue where a selected character is changed into Lv. 1 Akira, with the default costume in Ranked Match mode.

    Unfortunately, players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Virtua Fighter version 1.40 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Virtua FIghter 5 version 1.40 Patch Notes – June 1, 2022


    Customize your fighters with 19 characters costumes from the TEKKEN 7 series! Along with new character costumes, players will be able to enjoy 20 BGM tracks from TEKKEN 7 as they compete to become the next Virtua Fighter legend. In addition, this new DLC includes TEKKEN 7 battle UI and two new titles.


    • Playing Arcade Mode while wearing a costume from any of the following add-on costume sets will also change the CPU opponent’s costume type.
      • VF J1
      • VF J2
      • Yakuza
      • TEKKEN 7


    • Added legal text in Settings/Configuration of the Main Menu.


    • Fixed an issue that caused an error for the PS4 user spectating a match between two PS5 players in Room Match, etc.
    • Addressed a bug that prevented a character that went out of the ring from being deemed as such under specific conditions.
    • Fixed other minor issues.

    Download free Virtua Fighter patch 1.40 on PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, and Xbox.

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