Vigor Update 1.07 Patch Notes (Season 9.1) – Sep 22, 2021


Vigor update 1.07 (Season 9.1) for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC is now available to download. According to the official Vigor 1.07 patch notes (Sep 22, 2021), the latest update brings gameplay optimizations and bug fixes. Apart from this, today’s Vigor version 1.07 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, an update added new features, fixes, and gameplay optimizations. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing some issues with the game. Today’s Vigor patch 1.07 will fix a few of these issues.

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Vigor 1.07 Patch Notes (Season 9.1) – September 22, 2021

Main Features & Things:

  • Legacy season 2 is here!
  • Visit the new Cosmetics Store with lots of interesting weapon skins and outfits neatly sorted
  • Return of the Outlander Pack
  • Check out the revamped Featured Store to discover exclusive items and new deals
  • Elimination exclusive outfit “Junker (Dead Shot)” added
  • New weapon skins added:
  • Reworked of the Quick Weapon Switch action to be more useful
  • Certain Headgear can now be worn with certain Headwear
  • Certain Outfit Sets can now be worn with certain Facewear

Shooting, Weapons and Tools

  • Added: Quick Weapon Switch action can be used at all times
  • Added: “Cancel Aiming” button for those who have the Aim Button set to “toggle” for Grenades
  • Tweaked: Booby trap damage increased
  • Tweaked: Bugle F1 magazine size to reflect reality
  • Tweaked: Bugle F1 recoil and bloom
  • Fixed: Holstered weapon gets drawn after using a consumable, in spite of it being previously holstered
  • Fixed: After equipping or using consumables, the player can’t switch between the two last equipped weapons
  • Fixed: After exchanging your equipped weapon while looting, the quick switch function does not work
  • Fixed: Model of a giant Contact Bomb would briefly appear when using Mortar Strike
  • Fixed: Ability to shoot without an equipped weapon after interrupting grenade throw
  • Fixed: Car alarms continuously alarming
  • Fixed: Snow Troll could not be picked up in Viktorsen Station and Snodekt
  • Fixed: Tomato Lighter could not be picked up in Batterie Draug
  • Fixed: Getting stuck on the rocks by Jakt Sete in Dverg Forest
  • Fixed: Players can get stuck between a crate and some rocks by Crafstmen Village in Anikken
  • Changed: Threat system no longer awards player XP for killing teammate who is the threat


  • Added: AKS-74U to crates found in Encounters
  • Removed: A74-KSU from Timed Safe loot
  • Bug: UI of combination locks on Combination Chests and Locked Container remain open after interacting with the locks


  • Added: New “Cosmetics” tab in the Store
  • Added: It is now possible to pick skins for weapons from the Equip tab
  • Tweaked: The message displayed when you try to buy an item without having enough Crowns
  • Tweaked: The “Featured” tab UI in the Store
  • Tweaked: Order of tabs in the Shelter UI
  • Tweaked: Weapon skins displayed in the Customize tab are now only showing owned skins, and available skins from the live Battle Pass
  • Tweaked: Cosmetics displayed in the Customize tab are now only showing owned cosmetics, and available cosmetics from the live Battle Pass
  • Tweaked: You no longer need to hold the required button to purchase an item from the Featured Store
  • Tweaked: XP curve for Legacy Season Battle Passes
  • Changed: Rarity of selected cosmetic items due to repricing and changes in featured store


  • Tweaked: “New legacy season is here” widget is now using more dynamic logic to determine text and images
  • Tweaked: Resized textures of the “Legacy Season is Here” widget
  • Tweaked: Lopapeysa clipping with different backpacks
  • Tweaked: Scharfschützengewehr 82’s grip has been modified to prevent clipping with the character’s hand
  • Changed: Icons for Crowns in the Crowns Store
  • Bug: Tribute Jacket has reduced resolution in Encounter lobby screen

Movement and Camera

Fixed: Players can climb towards, and walk on the wooden beams on the ceilings of barns in multiple maps


  • Added: Grenades can now be looted from crates found in Shootout
  • Tweaked: Weapons found in Shootout weapon crates
  • Fixed: Empty weapon crates spawning in Shootout
  • Changed: Initial loadout weapons for Shootout
  • Addressed a bug related to medals
  • Daily Challenges countdown/reset
  • Addressed running animation
  • Fixed a bug where Minor cosmetic
  • Addressed some UI issues.
  • Fixed missing audio-related issue.
  • Fixed UI and navigation-related issues throughout the game.
  • Added stability and performance improvements.
  • Other minor fixes.

Download free Vigor version 1.07 on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.