Vigor Patch Notes for Update 1.05 (Season 8.1) – June 30, 2021


Vigor update 1.05 (8.1) is now available to download on PS4. According to the official Vigor 1.05 patch notes (June 30, 2021), the latest update added new changes and gameplay optimizations. Apart from this, Vigor version 1.05 also includes various quality of life improvements.

Previously, an update added various fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing some issues with the game. Today’s Vigor patch 1.05 will fix a few of these issues.

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Vigor 1.05 Patch Notes

Main New Features & Things

Legacy Season 1: Preppers

Thank You Charity Pack 

Vigor – PlayStation®Plus Outlander Pack


Changes related to consumables

Changing the rarity of plans and parts along with the crafting cost.
Changing the rarity and the stack amount for consumables.
New consumable rarities, and stack counts.

Dev and Partner Titles

You can now recognize Vigor Partners and Developers in the lobby


New skins and outfits in the Exclusive Shop rotation

PH M82 appears in the loot in Encounters

New – No weapon before joining the Encounter notification window

An alert that warns players that they are about to join the Encounter with no weapon equipped

Shooting Range Challenges for new weapons

PlayStation Trophies should now be fixed

Important Fixes


Fixed: Specific local saves are being reset

Fixed: PlayStation Leaderboards not showing for most players

Fixed: The weapon bloom – crosshair was not returning to its original size


Fixed: Auto-fire glitch

Fixed: Locked Container causes weapons to jam

Fixed: The Compass is showing different information than the map


Changed: Armor plate – Damage received into Armor plate doesn’t overflow to health points (when the Armor plate is destroyed the player will now take the rest of the dealt damage)

Warning: A new bug appears in this update – the Portable Signal detector Pings only one randomly selected user throughout the whole Encounter

Shooting, Weapons and Tools

Weapon Balancing



Tweaked: Chest damage multiplier reduced to 1.0x, down from 2.0x

Tweaked: Magazine size reduced to 20, down from 30


Has more recoil in single and auto fire


Tweaked: Chest damage multiplier reduced to 1.0x, down from 2.0x
Has more recoil in single and auto fire

PH M82


Tweaked: Head damage multiplier increased to 5x, up from 3x

Tweaked: Chest damage multiplier increased to 3.5x, up from 2.5x

Tweaked: Reload speed between shots increased by 10%


Fixed: Armor plate – Stagger – Equipped armor plate is now not negating the stagger effect

Fixed: A weapon is still visually attached to a character after removal

Fixed: Aim Assist – Weapon moves too quickly towards the target


Fixed: Changing stances while zoomed in (FPV ADS) is sped up

Fixed: The secondary explosion on the contact bomb no longer occurs randomly (less frequently)

Fixed: It is possible to shoot through players without giving any damage


Fixed: No notification received when being detected by signal detector – notification is now displayed for the target of the portable signal detector

Fixed: Location of weapons on character’s back for AUR Para, AUR A1 and ADR

Changed: First-person iron sights were off on the Sawed-off shotgun


Tweaked: Raised Raffica part deconstruction cost

Worked on:  Weapon can rotate away from its target instead of towards it when using 3PV left shoulder view

Worked on: Bipod weapons could hide/close bipod when not in prone or when’s the weapon is holstered



Fixed: A Comm Station in Dverg Forest is reachable from outside a window

Fixed: Timed safe on Fiske Fabrikk – Spawned switches are too far away for the player to press them

Changed: Stealth no longer hides airdrop in a corpse loot box, only when a living character is carrying it



Fixed: The shooting range challenges can’t be unlocked

Fixed: The icon for the top player is now updated when switching tabs on the scoreboard

Fixed: The pivot of Kk 62 was adjusted so that the weapon fits “nicely” into the preview scene in the Shelter UI


Fixed: Shootout mannequins are changing stances when new players join the lobby (it was mostly happening if the first player boosted the lobby)

Fixed: The Shootout started too soon before the Lobby was finished

Fixed: Sharpshooter – Achievement does not trigger


Fixed: PS4/5 options menu had tabs bigger than menu width in certain languages

Fixed: The shop notifications are shown every time Shelter is loaded – the notification should no longer spawn every time you enter the shelter, but only once a session

Fixed: The game menu tabs are no longer overflowing. They are scrollable horizontally if applicable


Fixed: Player cycle buttons are no longer visible and active when the Game Menu (options etc.) is open

Fixed: The leaderboards friends Scroll button shows only if scrolling is an option

Fixed: The player could not start a match other than Elimination


Fixed: “Shooter” achievement is unlocked one shooting challenge later than it should

Changed: Shooting range challenges were rebalanced + the number of targets was changed from 4 to 5 in PH M82 fifth challenge

Changed: The AUR Para, ADR, and AUR A1, so that the shelter preview can correctly apply skins to it


Changed: Weapons with bipods – armory pose by folding the weapons bipod

Added: The Armory is missing models for certain consumables (Antibiotics, Contact Bomb, Armor Plate & Decoy)

Added: The consumable UI shows equip count and the player is able to switch between the 1/stack option


Fixed: Area which physically displays your favorite loadout in the Shelter Armory

Added: The description of the Legacy Seasons to the Game Guide in Game Menu

Added: Missing challenges for weapons

  • PH M82
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • La Chiave 12
  • ZA M76
  • RPK-74
  • B93 Raffica
  • M60E3

Tweaked: An iteration of mortar strike explosion


Fixed: The male horn gesture sounds

Fixed: The loading music attributes


Fixed: Sounds and timing for reloading animations

Fixed: Shooting range challenge – The sound of a big traffic sign collision gets looped

Fixed: Small push-button phone and the phone booth make the same sound of inserting a coin


Added: Comm Station now plays different ambient sound after used

Tweaked: Level 3 wood log volume and pitch were changed, so it’s not so unpleasant

Tweaked: The volume and attenuation of destroyed bottles in the Shelter


Tweaked: The loading music volume


Removed: Anti-camping mortar strike-related hint

Fixed: German language strings


Fixed: Poacher bag – Black variant has a wrong translation in Portuguese

Fixed: Featured Shop pop ups in Shelter are shown repeatedly after Encounter or game start

Tweaked: Cleanup of the Leaderboards UI


Movement & Camera

Fixed: Sagbruk – A character gets stuck between log piles

Fixed: The access to untextured house interior through windows (Grøntheim Valley)

Fixed: The openable exit volume is set too high preventing a player to exit while in prone


Fixed: Animation for unarmed movement speed isn’t increased in comparison with armed movement speed

Fixed: The character gets permanently stuck on a rock (Viktorsen Station)

Visuals Changes in Vigor update 1.05 (8.1)

Fixed: Favorite loadout displayed in the Armory has issues with dynamic shadows


Fixed: The Tactical Balaclava is clipping with some outfits – the morphs were causing clipping with archetypes and uniforms

Fixed: The Trappers Cap collides with the characters head (clipping)

Fixed: The Mountaineer backpack’s strap is clipping with female outfits


Fixed: Incorrect level of detail set for Junker outfit (incorrect textures)

Fixed: The Poacher Bag is clipping with outfits

Fixed: Shemagh is clipping with Poacher outfit


Fixed: The morphs causing Snøstorm Ushanka to clip with eyewear

Fixed: A small clipping issue with weapon holster

Fixed: Tactical gloves are clipping with uniforms


Fixed: The Tactical Balaclava is clipping with some outfits

Fixed: Gloves can be equipped over Poacher outfit set, which has its own gloves

Fixed: Grøntheim Valley – Overlapping static meshes creating a flickering texture


Fixed: Longer weapons have awkward sprinting animations and/or hyper-extended arms

Changed: The (un)Equip animations by making sure that the separate sections of the animations don’t overlap with each other. It was causing a strange animation

Changed: Female variants have the weapons on their back and not levitating above them


Changed: Animations which led to dislocated left elbow with guns that have foregrip

Changed: Idle animations to look smoother

Fixed: Backpacks should no longer levitate


Changed: The Female Animation Collection by adding animations for the female archetypes

Added: The female version of Poacher’s Hat

Changed: Equip animation from primary slot to secondary slot


Added: New muzzle flash texture and visuals

Tweaked: The loot, layout, geometry, to fix the landscape misalignment bug

Download free Vigor version 1.05 on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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