Victoria 3 Update 1.7 Patch Notes

A major Victoria 3 game update 1.7 is available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Victoria 3 patch notes, the latest update introduces Power Blocs, enhanced Foreign Investment, Lobbies, and The Great Game, along with new art, achievements, and significant gameplay improvements. Customize Power Blocs, leverage foreign investments, manage political lobbies, and navigate subject interactions in this comprehensive update. Apart from this, today’s Victoria 3 patch 1.7 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major Victoria 3 update 1.4 added various quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing several issues with the Victoria 3 save files. Today’s Victoria 3 patch 1.7 will address a few of these issues.

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Victoria 3 1.7 Patch Notes – June 24, 2024


  • Great and Major Powers can form Power Blocs centered around Trade League, Sovereign Empire, Military Treaty, Ideological Union, or Religious Convocation.
  • Power Bloc leaders can customize statues, emblems, and names for representation.
  • Power Blocs provide various benefits and can be expanded via diplomacy or conflict.
  • Leaders must maintain Cohesion to prevent internal strife.

Update 1.7 Additions

  • Trade League Identity with Internal and External Trade available without Sphere of Influence.
  • Playable as Great Britain, Russia, or the Ottoman Empire with Sovereign Empire Identity.
  • Austria’s Ideological Union Identity allows enforcing Regime Change.
  • Play as a member of the Zollverein Trade League.

Foreign Investment


  • Countries can build in other nations to access new resources and labor.
  • Investment rights can extend across a Power Bloc without fragile pacts.
  • New buildings: Manor Houses (Aristocracy) and Financial Sectors (Capitalists) own buildings abroad.

Update 1.7 Additions

  • Cooperative Ownership and state-owned enterprises possible.
  • Overlords can construct industries in Subjects without Pacts.
  • Nationalization possible through Diplomatic Demand in Sphere of Influence.

Lobbies, Catalysts, and Opportunities


  • Lobbies consist of Interest Groups with stances on other countries.
  • Lobbies form due to Diplomatic Catalysts and can benefit or hinder you.
  • Appeasing Lobbies leads to political stability, while opposition causes unrest.

Sphere of Influence Additions

  • Lobbies provide Journal Entries for foreign policy goals.
  • Fund lobbies in other countries to increase influence.
  • Subjugated countries have pro- or anti-overlord lobbies affecting Liberty Desire.

Subject Interactions


  • New Diplomatic Actions for Overlord/Subject and Power Bloc relationships.
  • Overlords can adjust payments, distribute territory, and share technology.
  • Subjects can petition Overlords for relief affecting Liberty Desire.

Sphere of Influence Additions

  • Support Subject’s independence and Guarantee Independence for non-subjugated countries.
  • High Liberty Desire leads to Radicals and potential independence movements.

The Great Game


  • Nineteenth-century rivalry between Russia and Britain for Asian influence.
  • Play as Russia, Britain, Persia, or Afghan regions (Kabul, Herat, Kandahar).
  • Experience new narrative content and regional conflicts like the Caucasian War and Donghak Rebellion.

Update 1.7 Enhancements

  • Improved Central Asia map with new countries, cultures, and Interest Groups.

Art Features

New Additions

  • Great Empires papermap theme, new main menu, and loading screens.
  • Event illustrations and character outfits, including military and regional styles.
  • Unique appearances for historical figures and new 3D assets for Power Bloc vehicles.


  • Durran Durran: Form Afghanistan and avoid power blocs.
  • Hyperpeace: Have Finland and Korea in your power bloc.
  • Bootlicker: Max appeasement as a subject.
  • I’m the Captain Now: Win power bloc leadership struggle.
  • The New Order: Fully decked out power bloc.
  • Great Game no re: Complete the Great Game Objective.
  • Honor and Life: Complete Circassia’s Honor Before Life.
  • Iranzamin: Complete Persia’s Eastern Frontier and achieve 80% literacy.
  • For Twelve Years You Have Been Asking: Privatize all buildings for 12 years.
  • Can’t Touch This: Nationalize all foreign-owned buildings for 12 years.
  • Standard Oil: Own 30 levels of foreign oil rigs.
  • Diplomatic Victory: Pro-country lobby in every Great Power.
  • Hermit Kingdom: Act on Korea’s Donghak petitions.
  • Cult of Reason: Pass State Atheism and lead an ideological power bloc.
  • Declaration of Independence: Break free from an overlord.


  • Removed Directly Controlled Investment Game Rule.
  • Added events for active political movements and Journal Entries for recognition.
  • Map reworks for Persia, Central Asia, and Afghanistan.
  • Added cultures, state traits, companies, and diplomatic actions.
  • Revised economic systems and nationalization impacts.

Download free Victoria 3 update 1.7 for PC (Steam).

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