Vampire Survivors Update 1.4.200 Patch Notes

Vampire Survivors update 1.4.200 is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Vampire Survivors patch notes, the latest update adds new relics: Map of Mt.Moonspell and Map of Lake Foscari. Apart from this, Vampire Survivors patch 1.4.200 also includes an option to Seal the Chaos Malachite relic.

Previously, a major update added 3 new achievements, 1 new Arcana, 1 new character and more. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing bugs and errors in the game. Today’s Vampire Survivors patch 1.4.200 will fix a few of these issues.

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Vampire Survivors 1.4.200 Patch Notes – June 1, 2023

  • [DLC] New relics: Map of Mt.Moonspell and Map of Lake Foscari
    Found in the respective DLC stages, they let you see a detailed map in the pause menu.
  • Option to Seal the Chaos Malachite relic
    Prevents Mortaccio from morphing when he reaches LV80
  • Option to easily reset Save Data
    It’s now easier to reset your Save Data but it is strongly recommended to backup your Save Data before resetting.
  • Delete save data in main game: [spoiler]go to Options, press CTRL+F2, seven times in a row[/spoiler]
  • Delete save data in new-engine: [spoiler]go to Options, tap the Account icon seven times, then click Delete Save and confirm through all the pop-ups[/spoiler]

Download free Vampire Survivors update 1.4.200 on Steam.

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