Vampire Survivors Update 0.9.0 Patch Notes – July 21, 2022

    A new Vampire Survivors update 0.9 details are now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Vampire Survivors patch notes, the latest update brings 4 new achievements, varoius tweaks, changes and more. Apart from this, Vampire Survivors patch 0.9.0 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a major update added a new game mechanic and a new Stage, complete with a new layout and enemies.

    Unfortunately, some players are experiencing bugs and errors in the game. Today’s Vampire Survivors patch 0.9 will fix a few of these issues.

    Vampire Survivors 0.9 Patch Notes – July 21, 2022

    Contains 4 new achievements and:

    • new Challenge stage
    • 2 new Arcanas


    • Moved save data folder on Windows to a safer location to avoid Cloud conflicts and issues on Steam Deck. The save files will now be in %APPDATA%/Vampire_Survivors_Data.

    Extra (not present on the roadmap):

    • 1 new character: Gyorunton. Due to time constraints, this one won’t be linked to the usual Unlocks/Achievements. The unlock conditions are “Survive 15 minutes in the new challenge stage, with 1 active weapon only”
    • 1 new weapon: Bracelet


    • Added a new music track when opening the Bestiary (can also be used as a standard in-game track )
    • Added a cap to Duration for Limit Broken weapons
    • Results screen now shows damage from special Arcanas.


    • Option to hide damage numbers also affects recovery numbers
    • Some projectiles standing still when there are no enemies
    • Vento Sacro and Fuwalafuwaloo stop firing after getting a Duration bonus via Limit Break

    Download free Vampire Survivors update 0.9.0 on Steam.

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