Vampire Survivors Update 0.7.3 Patch Notes

Vampire Survivors update 0.7.3 details are now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Vampire Survivors patch notes, the latest update brings 9 new achievements, 1 new character, 1 new Weapon, 2 new Arcanas, and more. Apart from this, Vampire Survivors patch 0.7.3 also includes stability fixes and changes.

Previously, a major update added a new game mechanic and a new Stage, complete with a new layout and enemies.

Unfortunately, some players are experiencing bugs and errors in the game. Today’s Vampire Survivors patch 7.3 will fix a few of these issues.

Vampire Survivors 0.7.3 Patch Notes – June 23, 2022

Contains 6 new achievements

  • 1 new character
  • 1 new weapon
  • 2 new Arcanas

Extra (not present on the roadmap):

  • 1 Minor relic to change character appearance (where applicable) and do another silly thing
  • 1 Minor relic to show discovered unions and evolutions during a run (found in Inlaid Library)


  • Updated some graphics
  • Improved stats of Vento Sacro’s early levels
  • Added extra area coverage to Fuwalafuwaloo
  • Moved Magic Banger relic to Green Acres
  • Improved Localisation support to auto adapt long strings and names
  • Hurry mode also gives a 25% XP bonus

Bug Fixes:

  • Tentative fix for standard saves not working on Steam Deck for some users

Download free Vampire Survivors update 0.7.3 on Steam.

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