Unturned Update 1.10 Patch Notes (Official) – January 17, 2022

Unturned update 1.10 (Jan 17, 2022) released on PC players. According to the official Unturned game patch notes, the latest update added a long of bug fixes and gameplay improvments. Today’s Unturned patch 1.10 also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Unturned patch 1.10 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Unturned January 17, 2022 Update?

General Bugs

• Soulcrystal puzzle door letters are now displayed correctly in the text entry field when interacted
• Cases of severe screen shakiness while riding a vehicle have been addressed
• In some cases it was possible to fall through the ground once respawning home
• [Greece][Cyprus Survival] Sometimes dying in a vehicle inside a tunnel caused the Character to lose
collision with the ground and drop through the map.
• Map scrolling in the menù caused a few instances of users losing the gamepad’s input
• Second digit of a two digit profile level number now shows correctly
• “Select” text in the Skins Filters window now shows correctly
• The character class tab headers now show the appropriate text
• The bottom 3 character slots names in the Splitscreen menu now display their name correctly
• The Invite Friend option of the Pause Menu now shows the appropriate text
• Enable Votify field is not greyed out when selected anymore
• “Chart Available” text in the World Options is now displaying correctly
• Some issues in accessing the Server Browser page were addressed
• Saving and exiting after respawning while piloting an aircraft will cause it to remain suspended in
mid air
• Aircrafts will now not remain suspended in mid air after saving and exiting after respawning while
• Airplanes used to behave like hovercrafts once the vehicle fuel reached 0 while in mid air, they will
now act as airplanes and fall
• Experience points number don’t overlap the Available Experience Points text in the Skills menu
• Psychedelic substance consumption effect now changes the model’s color accordingly, the
associated VFX has also been softened
• The Double Down shotgun is now properly displayed on the user character model and so are the
missing inventory icons
• World props will not disappear anymore when the user crosses a certain threshold
• “Confirm” input is now accepted after deleting a server
• “#NAME” is not shown anymore in place of the names of all maps in Server Browser and My
• Text is not duplicated or covered by pictures anymore in the Appearance tab of the Character Edit
• Font sizes have been synched for the Settings text in the Options Menu
• Certain weapon attachments’ names did not fit the Attachments UI, they now do
• In certain instances the view camera used to glitch and show the back of the model, this has been
• Button’s legend from the Character Menu is now displayed correctly
• [Hawaii] The “Dangerous Distractions” Mission objectives are now properly tracked
• Several cases NPC dialogues not fitting properly in the text box have been addressed
• The Carjack can now be used inside Safezones
• The Item amount and weight are now displayed correctly in the Inventory
• Vehicle inertia will not be lost when switching seats anymore

SFX Bugs

• Fixed a few instances where no SFXs were triggered when picking up or dropping items
• Accessory items like headlamp, nightvision or flashlight will now play the appropriate SFX when
turned on or off
• [Cyprus Survival] Re-balanced audio levels
• Fixed a few instances where no SFXs played when crafting/salvaging items in the Utility Menus
• The decoy grenades now play their specific sound effects
• The DJ’s mixer at the Floating Island now properly plays all of its SFXs

Elver Map specific Bugs

• The flashbang grenade now has the appropriate visual effect
• In some cases it was possible to complete the Servant quest before taking the quest from
• Cultist zombies now have the appropriate idle animation
• Backing out of a Trade window won’t leave the user unable to select the trade option again
• Sword of light icon is now properly displayed
• The appropriate recipe is now provided to craft a “purified” canteen
• Shutters’ models and animations are now properly displayed
• In some cases, multiple interact prompts were present for every NPC
• The Blizzard VFX has been adjusted for better visibility
• Cultists won’t respawn during the Pause Menu anymore
• The Devastator Turret now functions properly
• Household props won’t disappear anymore when the user crosses a certain threshold
• Adjusted several collision points througout the map, reducing instances of OOM
• Under certain conditions in split screen Player 1 could control Player 2’s character
• The double door between Zombie Nelson’s room and the Safezone is now closed before defeating
• Certain items’ descriptions used to spill out of the Vendor UI
• Players won’t be able to salvage the unobtainable military radio object on the DJ’s table anymore
• The required “Condition” text now properly fits the UI
• The pig cannon on the Floating Island now properly shoots pigs

PS4 specific Bugs

• Big J’s rescue dialogue has been adjusted
• Nelson’s character on the Washington level will now display its clothes appropriately
• The “Candy Cane” does now consumes stamina when performing a power attack
• The Confetti Launchers now display the correct VFXs
• The “Renegade” bow now has the appropriate 3D model in first person camera mode, when
equipped on the character
• The Character won’t be affected by the Bone Breaking effect in Safezones anymore
• The ammunition glitch has been addressed
• Character selection now properly functions in Split Screen mode
• Aiming down the “Makeshift Scope” won’t snap the camera to the sky while also displaying
corrupted visuals anymore
• “Bunk Bed” and its variations can now be placed in the world
• Andre’s blue balloon now points in the right direction
• Some VFX issues with bodies of water were addressed
• There was an Invisible collision for the medieval gate under the Prison
• Water bubbling below Item Factory now displays the correct texture
• Military Radio can now be placed in the world
• Texts in the “White Room” on the Floating Island are now visible
• Resuming the title while vehicles are at top speed won’t result in a loss of collision with the level
elements anymore
• Hay Bales found in the world now absorbs fall damage
• The Cut-down shotgun is now properly displayed on the user model
• User could previously unlock the “Survivor” and the “Unturned” achievements in a non-intended

You can check Unturned server status here.

Download free Unturned patch 1.10 is now available for download on PC.

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