Undecember Update Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

Undecember update is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Undecember patch notes, the latest update added a new event, changes, balancing and a long list of improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Undecember patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Undecember Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

Descent Raid

  • New Raid content, [Descent Raid] will be added to the game.
    ✔ You can enter the new raid through each Act Town or [Recruitment Board] in Saluto.

    ■ Descent Raid Details

  • The required level for entering a Descent Raid is [Lv.80], and the party size is 8 players.
  • Descent Raid is a special raid content that you can enter only at certain times of the day.
  • Once the Raid is available to enter, you can challenge the boss by either creating a raid or matching.
  • You can obtain a Unique Runestone once you defeat the Descent Raid boss.
  • The Runestone that you obtain from Descent Raid is Lv.100.

Shadow Mirror

  • Collect Shadow Mirror Shards to complete the Shadow Mirror and receive rewards upon clearing the Descent Raid.
  • You can still defeat the boss without completing the Shadow Mirror, but you won’t be able to receive the clear reward.
  • Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained from the field or through Chaos Dungeon drops.
  • You cannot obtain any more Shadow Mirror Shards once the Shadow Mirror is fully completed.

■ Additional Reward

  • Defeating the Descent Raid Boss can award additional rewards such as [DMG Reward] and [Clear Reward].
    ┗ DMG Reward – Can be obtained according to the highest record of Total DMG from the encounter.
    ┗ Clear Reward – Can be obtained by repeatedly defeating the Descent boss while the Shadow Mirror is complete.

Runestone Enchant

  • You can obtain an Essence that can change the slot position of a Runestone as an additional reward from Descent Raids.
    └ Runestone Magic Link Essence changes the slot position of a Magic Runestone.
    └ Runestone Rare Link Essence changes the slot position of a Rare Runestone.
  • The Runestone Enchant feature can be found from [Mystic Pauline] in each Act Town or Saluto.

■ Precautions
※ Announced contents and rewards may be changed or adjusted at a later date.

◆ Rune Growth – Rune Engraving & Awakening

  • The Rune Engraving/Awakening feature will be added.
  • The Rune Engraving/Awakening feature can be found from [Mystic Pauline] in each Act Town or Saluto.
  • The new categories; ‘Rune Engraving’ and ‘Rune Awakening’ will be added to the [Rune Growth] menu.
  • [Rune Awakening Stone] item will be consumed upon Rune Awakening.
  • [Rune Engraving Stone] item will be consumed upon Rune Engraving.

■ Rune Engraving

  • Rune Engraving is a feature used to obtain Awakening Stones and requires Engraving Stones.
    └ Skill Rune Engraving Stones can be obtained by disassembling [Legendary Skill Runes].
    └ Link Rune Engraving Stones can be obtained by disassembling [Legendary Link Runes].
    └ Existing Unidentified Fragment items will be changed to Skill Rune Engraving Stones, while Unidentified Piece items will be changed to Link Rune Engraving Stones.
  • You can register a Lv.30 Legendary Rune to add the Rune’s Awakening option to the Engraving Stone.
  • Each Skill/Link Rune has its own Awakening options, and a random Awakening option will be engraved when performing Rune Engraving.
  • Rune Engraving does not consume the registered Rune, and the Engraving Stone is changed to an Awakening Stone.
  • [Awakening Stones] made from Rune Engraving are used for [Rune Awakening].
    └ Crafted Skill Rune Awakening Stones can be traded in the [Auction House]

■ Guaranteed Engraving

  • A Seal of Engraving is required in order to select the [Awakening Stone] of your choice.
  • Select a Seal of Engraving on the Rune Engraving screen and Engrave the Rune. This will consume 1 Seal of Engraving.
    └ Seal of Engraving can be obtained from Chaos Dungeons.

■ Rune Awakening

  • Lv.30 Legendary Runes can be given an Awakening option using an exclusive Rune Awakening Stone.
  • Each Rune can have only one type of Awakening option. Awakening Stones can be made using Rune Engraving.
  • An Awakened Rune can be Awakened again as long as you have an Awakening Stone.
  • Re-Awakening replaces the existing Awakening option with the Awakening option of the newly registered Awakening Stone.
  • You can use re-Awakening to select a different Awakening option, or attempt to imbue a higher value option.
  • Awakened Runes can no longer be selected as the “Rune to Transfer” when performing [Rune Transfer].

Black Friday Events
In celebration of [Black Friday], we have prepared 2 events.
You can purchase all sorts of items at discounted prices through the Festa and Discount event.
✔ You can check the details through the event notices and in-game on Nov. 23 (Wed) (UTC+9).

■ New Events

  • Black Friday Discount Event
  • Black Friday Festa

■ Event Period

  • Nov. 23 (Wed) 2022 – until the Dec. 14 (Thu) 2022 (UTC+9) maintenance

■ Event Details
① Participate in [Black Friday Festa] and obtain numerous [Ore] and [Guild Tokens]!
② During the event period, [Discounts] and [Event Item Sales] will take place in Ore Collector Joyce’s [Ore Shop].
③ During the event period, [Discounts] and [Event Item Sales] will also take place in Peddler Falo’s [Guild Shop].

■ Precautions
※ Event period and details may be changed at a later date.
※ The events are renewed every day at 09:00 (UTC+9).
※ (Festa) The Black Friday Festa can also be completed along with the ‘Complete Objective Festa’.
※ (Festa) You can only participate in this event ‘Once per Account’. Progress is shared between characters on the account.
※ (Discount Event) The discounted prices are only available during the Event period, and discounts are limited to a selected range of products.
※ (Discount Event) The special [Event] products are only available during the Event period.

◆ New Products
■ Packages

  • Black Friday Package 1
  • Black Friday Package 2
  • Brown’s Element Package
  • Unstable Magic Rune Package
  • Black Friday Package 1 & 2 are limited-time offers. Please check the in-game Paid Shop for the sales period.

■ Bundles

  • Weekly Charm Essence Bundle
  • Monthly Charm Essence Bundle
  • Unstable Skill Rune Bundle
  • Unstable Link Rune Bundle
  • Seal of Engraving Bundle

◆ Other Changes
■ Void Rift – New Season

  • The previous season of Void Rift will end, and a new season will begin.
  • Void Rift progress, Rank Points, and reward history will be reset every season.
  • The boss monsters of each area will also change once the Void Rift is reset.
  • You will not be able to receive the previous season’s rewards once the season ends. Please be sure to collect all rewards before regular maintenance takes place.
  • The Void Rift season will take place for 3 weeks.

■ Balance

  • Rune Knight and Abyssling’s Movement Speed will be improved so that it will increase according to their level.
  • Rune Knight and Abyssling’s base monster recognition range will be increased by 30%.
  • Rune Knight and Abyssling will be improved so that they can move at a closer distance from the caster.
  • The following Charm Legendary option will be changed.
    └ Before : % DMG Amplification for 3 s upon using an Enhance Skill Rune
    └ After : % DMG Amplification for 3 s upon using Attack Enhance Skill Rune
    ※ Existing options will remain unchanged.

■ Raid

  • The portal that allows you to move from Raids / Descent Raids to the boss area will be modified so that you can only enter within a certain amount of time after the battle begins.

■ Storage

  • Storage slots related to Runestone Essences, Rune Engraving Stones, and Seals of Engraving will be added.

■ Other

  • Rune Hunter Pass Season 2 will end and a new Season 3 will begin.
  • In the case of the packages or products that are purchased with Diamonds or Rubies, they will be sent straight to your Bag or automatically added to your Rubies without being sent to your Paid Shop Storage.
    ※ If the Paid and Bonus Diamonds are both included when purchasing a package, the number of Paid Rubies will be given in ratio to the amount of Paid Diamonds.
    Therefore, the actual amount of Paid Rubies given may be shown differently from the in-game product info.

◆ Bug Fixes

  • Issue where summoned minions could not recognize certain monsters in Chaos Dungeon Hira [Dewdrop].
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