Ultrakill Update Patch Notes (Sandbox Update) – August 13, 2021


Ultrakill update (August 13, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Ultrakill patch notes, the latest Sandbox update added new changes, fixes, and more. Apart from this, Ultrakill patch also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Ultrakill patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Ultrakill Patch Notes – August 13, 2021


  • New Sandbox level (available from the shop)
  • Multiple save slots (available in the General options)
  • Added secondary boss bars
  • Flesh Prison: displays time until the next heal
  • V2: displays patience

General changes

  • Burning enemies now take 150% damage from all attacks
  • Countdown before a Stalker can explode itself increased from 3 seconds to 5
  • Streetcleaners now have a blue flash instead of a yellow one to signify that their flamethrower attack is unparriable
  • Added a tutorial tip to 1-2 that explains that blue flash attacks are unparriable
  • 4-4 Whiplash tutorial tips are no longer timed and are instead disabled by triggers
  • Whiplash no longer auto-aims to Malicious Face corpses
  • Punches now reset rotation quicker to no longer block the HUD for a long time after a punch to the side
  • Spawning undroppable items (skulls and torches) with the spawner arm will now also create an altar to put them down on
  • Updated music for 4-1 and 4-4

Nailgun changes

  • Greatly decreased the amount of time it takes to be able to shoot when switching to any variation of the Nailgun
  • Attaching magnets to a Stalker will reduce the splash radius of its sandification explosion (0.75x for 1, 0.625x for 2, 0.5x for 3)
  • Nailgun’s firerate is no longer slowed down when playing at a low framerate
  • Magnets attached to enemies no longer have a damage penalty

Sisyphean Insurrectionist changes

  • Insurrectionist’s attacks are now parriable: Punching his boulder with the feedbacker mid-attack will momentarily turn it into a cannonball
  • Added distinct spawn and death sounds to make Insurrectionists easier to keep track of in the Cyber Grind
  • Insurrectionist’s attacks have been slowed down to make parrying possible
  • Insurrectionists can no longer be damaged by enemy explosions
  • Insurrectionists now take up 2 Cyber Grind special enemy tokens instead of 1, meaning spawning an Insurrectionist costs as much as 2 Mindflayers
  • Greatly reduced Insurrectionist’s amount of bleeding when not on fire and increased bleeding when on fire
  • Insurrectionists will now play hurt sounds when on fire
  • To explain the Insurrectionist fire changes: Burning an Insurrectionist will now work as an opening for dealing big damage rather than just dealing big damage by itself. This is to stop players from setting Insurrectionists on fire and then running away until they die from the passive damage. The changes to bleeding and hurt sounds are to make the importance of using fire against Insurrectionists clearer and more intuitive.


  • Improved performance on 2-2 and 4-4
  • Vertexlit enemies will now check for outdoors lighting zones
  • Virtue’s cannonball effect when launched after death with a feedbacker punch now works correctly
  • A coin’s style multiplier will no longer exponentially increase when punched into the environment causing the game to grant points for the equivalent of thousands of coin shots
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Insurrectionist’s attacks could go through walls
  • Scrolling through enemy files is now absolute rather than relative, meaning large enemy files will no longer cause large skips when scrolling
  • Fixed a bug where combat music wouldn’t start when the player spawned an Insurrectionist with the spawner arm
  • Fixed coins persisting through checkpoint restarts
  • Fixed secret dual wield powerups not respawning on checkpoint restarts if the player hasn’t already found them
  • 4-3 Tomb of Kings lantern can no longer be lit through the closed door with an explosion
  • Can no longer clip outside the 4-4 boss arena by riding the rising columns up
  • Can no longer stop the 0-1 timer from starting by picking up the revolver and running to the glass floor room before the logo disappears
  • Restarting from the final 1-1 checkpoint will no longer keep the preceding room despawned
  • Fixed a rare case that would cause the player to go into a perpetual falling loop at the start of 2-1 by not respawning the intro tunnel after falling into a pit
  • 4-2’s red skull arena will now still start even if the player enters from the side
  • Fixed a bug where Insurrectionists would sometimes still keep jumping even if the blind enemies cheat was turned on
  • Can no longer fall perpetually while slamming on the 2-2 dinner table
  • Main menu background will no longer be black after finishing 4-4
  • Insurrectionists will no longer die instantly when spawning in the Cyber Grind’s jump pad pit pattern
  • Fixed one of the enemy spawn triggers in 4-1 not failing the challenge
  • Fixed V2 getting stuck if knocked down ontop of one of the lanterns during the phase change

Download free Ultrakill patch on PC.