Patch Notes

UFC Update 1.05 Released with Fixes and Changes


UFC Update 1.05 is now available for download. Unfortunately, the official UFC 1.05 update changelog is not available yet. However, players are reporting that the new UFC version 1.05 includes various stability improvements and bug fixes. A tuner update is also expected to roll out with this update.

Recently, update 1.04 was released with various balancing. The game developers also posted details about movement spam, – “This patch changes the balance, and it will take time for people to adapt and form new habits. If this is the tuning that had been around since launch, different habits would have formed. It will take time for the habits to change. People will have to continue to punish head movement, realize it’s a safer proposition, and continue to do it.

The biggest change in this patch is that the vulnerability on head movement is now way higher than the payoff of a counter strike. So over the long run, someone mixing up head movement vs someone mixing up mixed strikes, the head movement guy should always lose.


And people using head movement guys will have to start realizing that overuse will start hurting their records, and will have to start using it more sparingly.

We’ll update this article with more details as soon as the official UFC 1.05 update changelog goes live.

Meantime, check your game update and download the latest UFC Update 1.05.