UFC 4 Patch 3.00 Notes – Official (Sep 24, 2020)

    UFC 4 patch 3.00 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to UFC 4 3.00 patch notes, the latest update including new fighters, vanity, menu options, and gameplay changes. Apart from this, UFC 4 version 3.00 also includes general stability improvements.

    Recently, an update added various tweaks and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. UFC 4 patch 3.00 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    What is new in UFC 4 version 3.00?

    Major Updates:

    • Added 2 new fighters Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz
    • Added following fighters to new weight classes:
        • Jon Jones to Heavyweight
      • Omari Akhmedov to Middleweight
      • Frankie Edgar to Bantamweight
      • Alexander Gustafsson to Heavyweight
    • Added new items to Create A Fighter which include new hair styles, clothing items, and emotes to choose from
    • Added Venue select to Invite A Friend
    • Updated Main Menu and created a new category, Learn, which includes Practice, Tutorials and Training Manual
      • Accessibility still remains under Settings
    • Added Simplified Controls option to Custom Fight Now Settings. This control scheme simplifies the striking controls to basic inputs and the game chooses what strike to throw next based on the situation.
      • Simplified Controls is a new option inside Custom Fight Now that lets you put up a fight without having to know all striking inputs.
      • You can turn it on individually for each corner. When turned on, use the face buttons to attack and the right trigger to defend. The AI will then choose what moves or actions to perform based on the timing of the button presses and the situation.
      • Each face button corresponds to a type of attack:
        • X (Xbox) – Square (PS) correspond to punches
        • A (Xbox) – X (PS) correspond to kicks
        • Y (Xbox) – Triangle (PS) correspond to clinch
        • B (Xbox) – Circle (PS) correspond to takedown
        • RT (Xbox) – R2 (PS) is used for both blocking high and low and sways, depending on timing

    Gameplay Updates in UFC 4 3.00

    • Added the ability to deny Spear Takedowns
    • Persistent Drive added to a few positions
      • The Back Clinch Drives from Back Clinch and Cage Back Clinch.
      • Persistent drives are when the attacker has a chance to make a quick turn, even after a fast denial, before the drive ends in a break.
    • Added D’arce Choke to Back Side Postured up position
    • Added transition to Side Control from Back Side Postured up
    • Added Get Up transition to Back Side Postured Up
    • Added dynamic denial windows to flying submissions
    • Added additional information to Practice Mode HUD
      • Damage Blocked – Amount of blocked damage
      • Damage Range – % mod due to range landed at
      • Damage Vulnerability – % mod caused by vulnerability
      • Current Stamina Damage – %mod caused by current stamina
      • Max Stamina Damage – % mod caused by max stamina
      • Opponent Stamina Damage – % mod caused by opponent’s stamina
    • Fixed issue where consecutive knees from Muay Thai clinch would prevent transition to cage clinch.
      • Bug when backing up in thai, the Dom could spam knees to prevent entering the cage position.
    • Fixed issue where some GnP Hooks appeared to land through successful posts.
    • Fixed issue where Stacked Guard Heel Hook and Kneebar were on the same input only allowing one to execute.
    • Fixed an issue with players escaping Takedowns immediately in certain BackClinch scenarios
    • Fixed an issue with potential accidental sway inputs after posting
    • Fixed an issue where ground strikes were not causing visual damage to fighters
    • Fixed an issue where players could instantly get up from Tower takedowns
    • Fixed issue with roles being swapped after cage get up from Sprawl
    • Fixed issue with bicep control “spam” cancelling opponent’s knees
    • Fixed instances of improper defenses being successful against clinch takedowns
    • Fixed instances of improper defenses being successful against takedown turns
    • Fixed issue with undue priority given to some ground transitions
    • Fixed issues with sways during Ground and Pound
    • Back Side Dom punches interrupted Sub transitions. These are now disabled during the transition
    • Body Side Kick and Spinning Side kick now target opponent’s head if they’re slipping forward
    • Head damage now causes a small stamina drain
    • Slightly increased damage from Knee on Belly
    • Slightly increased permanent damage caused by ground and pound
    • Increased the effect of damage attributes
    • UFC 4 3.00 removed option to block while leaning back
    • Tuned striking during clinch escapes
    • Reduced duration of the Half guard posture state
    • Removed evasion stamina penalty from attacks evaded by blocking sways
    • Slip Counters have been tuned
    • Tuned clinch entry and escape stamina
    • Tuned the takedown finish and denial stamina costs
    • Tuned submissions
    • Tuned Stamina cost of Ground and Pound Strikes
    • Tuned Pro and Legendary AI choke submission movement speeds to ensure the Legendary AI does not get punished for moving too quickly.

    Misc. Updates

    • Miscellaneous updates to some UFC fighter appearances/likenesses
      • Cody Garbrandt – Tattoo Update
      • Kevin Lee – Tattoo Update
      • Tim Elliot – Tattoo Update
      • Makwan Amirkhani – Tattoo Update
      • Fabricio Werdum – Tattoo Update
      • Eddie Wineland – Tattoo and Mustache update
      • Jimmie Rivera tattoo update
      • Anthony Smith – Tattoo update
    • Fixed various UI issues
    • UFC 4 version 3.00 fixed issues with progression for some of the challenges
    • Updated OWC Fighter Select to hide opponent’s name and division
    • Disabled Ground Defence arrows on Legendary difficulty
    • Stamina HUD has been updated visually
    • Fixed general stability issues

    Download free UFC 4 patch 3.00 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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