Patch Notes

UFC 3 Update 1.08 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed


UFC 3 update 1.08 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now available for download. The new UFC 3 patch 1.08 has added 5 new fighter as well as fixes for the several issues that popped up with the recently released update, including crashing, game client and UI bugs. In addition, UFC 3 version 1.08 update also includes various performance and stability improvements. The update size is around 3GB. Check out full details below.

Recently, a big update was released with two new fighters Curtis Blaydes and Ketlen Vieira. The patch also added new taunts for Correia, Cyborg, Sanchez, Dillashaw, GSP x 2, Hua, Hunt, JDS, Lauzon, Bruce Lee, Liddell, Miocic, OSP, Pettis x 2, Romero, Santos.

UFC 3 update 1.08 Changelog


  • Mirco Cro Cop
  • Wanderlei Silva
  • Matt Serra
  • Kimbo Slice
  • Tito Ortiz


  • Added signature Kimbo Slice slam from back clinch.
  • If you’re the type of person prone to over reacting, please read in full before replying. We have removed the special stopping power rules on the jab.
  • Knockout Mode and Stand and Bang added as available Fight Rules in Online Quick Fights.
  • Disabled signature lunges while heavily fatigued.
  • Added four new Cody Garbrandt signature taunts.
  • Allow more strikes in the ground to KO a fighter mid-transition.
  • Rematch option added to Online Quick Fights
  • Fixed an issue where AI would shoot for a second takedown right after missing the first
  • Made double leg takedowns harder to deny against forward moving opponents
  • Made single leg takedowns harder to deny against retreating opponents
  • Added a new low single leg ankle pick takedown animation.
  • Added Open Weightclass in Tournament Mode
  • Bottom line is transitions will feel faster than before overall, which will have gameplay implications on transition races, and strike vs. transition interactions, but will not impact denial windows.
  • This is a bit of a nebulous change, but it basically makes it so the transition meter matches the denial window, which wasn’t the case before and I believe caused a fair amount of confusion as people expected they matched
  • Frame tuning on grappling transitions to speed up transition time without altering denial window size.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes submission chains would not display the submission HUD.
  • Increased the likelihood of the AI diving onto an injured fighter after knockdown & KO.
  • These new animations allowed us to remove the step over into mount animation that would play on occasion that threw off the balance of the game.
  • Added an all new set of diving punch animations which allowed us to dramatically increase the responsiveness of diving on your opponent after a KD or KO. You will now be able to dive in immediately when they hit the ground, and at all times after that.
  • The walk off KO animations will still play if you knock someone out and don’t press any strike buttons while the opponent is falling.
  • Added the ability to enter finish the fight after a KO strike.
  • The push off can combo with other strikes in the exact same way a jab could combo. This means you can push someone back into kick range and execute a head kick, or execute a combo and end it with a pish to create space and separate.
  • The push off behaves like a strike to the body that does zero damage, and pushes the opponent back similar to a push kick. It’s a close range strike that will interrupt other strikes except kicks and straight punches.
  • Added new push off animation that is performed by holding block and pressing the lead uppercut button inputs.
  • Increased range on cage takedowns from 2 feet to 3 feet.
  • Reduced size of the cage takedown early denial window.
  • Reduced power when your back is against the cage.
  • Reduced movement speed when circling into a blocked round strike on the same side you’re circling to.
  • Made block breakdown faster when circling into a round strike on the same side you’re circling to.
  • UFC 3 patch 1.08 has added minor crashing issues.
  • Added various stability and performance improvements.

Check your game update and download the latest UFC 3 update 1.08.