Patch Notes

UFC 3 Update 1.03 released with Fixes and Changes


UFC 3 update 1.03 is now available for download. According to the official UFC 3 1.03 patch notes, Dana White is now available in Light Heavyweight. In addition, the new UFC 3 version 1.03 comes with various fixes and improvements. The new patch also added new block animations to improve visual feedback of the block breakdown. Check out more details below.

Update: UFC President Dana White has been added to the Fighter Roster in EA SPORTS UFC 3. Play as the boss in all game modes, including UFC Ultimate Team. Dana is a trained boxer and a powerful striker fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division.

UFC 3 update 1.03 Patch Notes

Gameplay Additions:


– Added new block animations to improve visual feedback of the block breakdown

Gameplay Tuning:

– Knees to the body can be evaded by using side lunges


– Tuned takedown and clinch denial stamina logic

– Tuned clinch denial vulnerability and block recovery frames

– Tuned damage reduction logic for close range straights


Gameplay AI Tuning:

– Reduced AI tendency to throw body kicks

– Tuned the tendency for the AI to successfully block high or low based on the opponent’s previous strike patterns


Dana White is now available in Light Heavyweight

Tale of the Tape:

  • Fighting out of Las Vegas
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 205 LB
  • Reach: 72 3/4

Fighter Ratings:

  • STRIKING: 91
  • STAMINA: 86
  • HEALTH: 90

Previously, the major update 1.02 was released with new fighters – Colby Covington, Tom Duquesnoy, and Gökhan Saki as well as some gameplay changes. Check out the preview of the previous changelog below.

  • Force denial to sprawl on takedown attempts from the clinch
  • Allow health regen to a limit determined by chin damage during health events
  • Slow down movement speed while holding block and moving forward when a straight punch is thrown at your block
  • Add slip vulnerability to slip strikes
  • UFC 3 version 1.02 added momentum advantage off sub crucifix transition cancel
  • Turn off grapple advantage when holding block in single collar
  • Add counter damage bonus to back lunge evasion
  • UFC 3 1.02 added a small amount of side head vulnerability to forward-moving strikes
  • Tune takedown speed and ranges
UFC 3 1.03

Check your game update and download the latest UFC 3 update 1.03.