UBOAT Update 6 Patch Notes – October 20, 2022

    Uboat update 2022.1 (Patch 6) is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Uboat patch notes, the latest update added new changes, improvements, and a long list of bug fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Uboat patch B131 will fix these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Uboat Patch Notes – October 20, 2022

    • Portuguese localisation update by AlexShuma.
    • Italian localisation update by BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM.
    • Ukrainian localisation update by vovanvoks.
    • Spanish localisation update by Tordo.
    • Russian localistion update by Hard.
    • Czech localisation update by Spid3rCZ.
    • German localisation update by Ruby.
    • Polish localisation update.
    • It now matters how the u-boat is rotated in relation to the enemy sonar. U-boat is harder to detect when it faces the sonar with the front or back and easier to detect when rotated from the profile.
    • Patrol assignments now have an additional objective at the beginning that asks the player to first reach the target area. The objective about travelling a certain distance inside the patrol area now appears after this objective is completed.
    • Fix: On rare occasion, it was possible that the aircraft in tutorial nr 4 has missed the player while dropping the depth charges and the tutorial wasn’t progressing.
    • Fix: Performance during tutorial missions could be slightly decreased due to intense writing to the log.
    • Fix: Tutorial nr 2 now requires from the player to reach only 120 meters during a dive training, since in one of the possible training areas it was sometimes impossible to reach 150 meters.
    • Fix: Mission selection screen could be sometimes empty with no missions available, if certain mods were in use that had small errors in one of the data sheets.
    • Fix (regression of 2022.1): It’s no longer necessary to wait some time after reaching the target area in tutorial nr 2 for the mission to continue.
    • “Connections” and “Specialist” skills are now never randomly assigned to the skipper, because he has no way to use them.
    • It’s no longer possible to select a new assignment, tutorial or ask for favors, when there is no skipper on the ship. It’s now required to promote a new skipper first.
    • If an attempt is made to delete a save file, there is now a confirmation popup that asks the player to confirm the intention.
    • Added a new notification type about sailors falling off board.
    • The game is now asking player for confirmation, if he tries to leave the port on a new mission, while being low on fuel.
    • Added tooltips to the sailor personality icons on the crew list.
    • Improved readability of the countdowns appearing on the officer portraits when they are wounded.
    • Added two new hints on the loading screen.
    • Added an explanation to the tooltip of notification about a required inspection, that the command station is available only when there is an active alarm on the ship along with an explanation how to toggle the alarm.
    • Fix: Missing information about item loading time and other issues in the storage UI, if the game was launched in Portuguese.
    • Fix: Green dots that point mission targets no longer appear in the periscope, UZO and deck gun sight views.
    • Fix: When player had a route plotted for the U-boat and then pressed a mouse button to plot a new path, all segments from the previous path were disappearing aside from the first one.
    • Fix: Issues with Cyrillic fonts on a new campaign setup screen.
    • Fix: The photograph of the associated campaign objective was disappearing when player has selected a minelying assignment.
    • Fix: Changed description of La Rochelle and Rotterdam in their respective tooltips to make it more universal for the entire duration of war.
    • Fix: Small aesthetical improvement to the follower bars near the portraits. Their highlighted states were slightly inconsistent.
    • Fix: Follower bars in the TAB menu were less responsive than those on the portraits appearing at the bottom of the screen and were sometimes visible in an incorrect state.
    • Fix: Improved positioning of officers in the intro cutscene in all ports to avoid issues with them having feet slightly inside the ground.
    • Fix: Footbridge connecting the U-boat and the port was slightly clipping with the port geometry in Wilhelmshaven.
    • Fix (regression of 2022.1): U-boat was making instant, jittery movements when there was an engineer assigned to the diving steers station and the ship has dived to the periscope depth. The camera was also slightly bobbing along with the ship in regular time intervals.
    • Changed automatic undock route in Wilhelmshaven to a path that is more comfortable to use, allowing to get faster onto the open sea without interruptions.
    • Aesthetical fixes to La Rochelle, Bergen and Helgoland.
    • Fix: In Bergen, after building a submarine pen, NPC u-boats could try to dock at the same spot, in which player has already docked.
    • Fix: After undocking from Helgoland, an incorrect undock route was being automatically plotted.
    • Fix: After reloading a game state in Helgoland, the dialogue with a warehouse worker was stopping to work correctly. Also, if there were ongoing cargo loading tasks, it wasn’t possible to skip them.
    • Errors appearing in the log, after clicking on the follower bars, if the sailor limit was reached.
    • Fixes to various errors spotted in the log files shared with us.
    • Fix: Triangular land segments could appear in the middle of the North Sea.
    • Fix: Time compression may be now temporarily locked out, if player is approaching a friendly u-boat that is a target of the current mission and is still being loaded (to avoid collision and other issues).
    • Fix (regression of 2022.1 Patch 5): Travel system was being changed to Realistic in existing game states with Dynamic travel system after visiting gameplay settings screen. It wasn’t intended.
    • Fix: After sending officers on an external interaction (for example, a merchant ship inspection) and then performing certain steps that involved saving and reloading multiple times, the performance of the game was degrading and the sent officers could be seen levitating in the sky.
    • Fix: It was possible for the torpedo loading noise modifiers to stay permenently in a game state. If your game was affected by this problem, these modifiers should be gone after loading the save file on this version.
    • Fix (regression of 2022.1): It wasn’t possible to manually move water from the character’s bucket to the bilges.

    Download free Uboat update 2022.1 on PC(Steam).

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