UBOAT Update 15 Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

Uboat update 2022.1 (Patch 15) is rolling out on PC. According to the official Uboat patch notes, the latest update added fixes for localization, UI, missions, world simulation, and much more.

Unfortunetly, since the last patch, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Uboat patch B131 will fix these issues.

Check out more details below.

Uboat Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

  • Portuguese localisation update by AlexShuma.
  • Ukrainian localisation update by vovanvoks.
  • Spanish localisation update by Tordo.
  • Russian localisation update by Hard.
  • German localisation update by Ruby.
  • Polish localisation update.
  • It’s now possible to forbid automatic repairs of a certain device to conserve replacement parts.
  • Fix: Sailors assigned to damage control were trying to inspect the galley, even if it was evacuated, if battery room no. 1 wasn’t marked for evacuation.
User interface:
  • Added tooltips to quick order buttons under each compartment (evacuation, electricity toggle and water presence indicator).
  • Expanded description of the emergency tank blowing order to explain how it’s different from the non-emergency version.
  • Added a possibility to rebind following keyboard shortcuts: horizontal and vertical rotation of periscope, switch periscope zoom factor, adjustment of a stadimeter angle, extending and lowering the periscope, horizontal/vertical alignment of the periscope and routine hydrophone check.
  • Device icons are now much bigger in the u-boat upgrade mode activated from the warehouse.
  • Changed design of warnings appearing under the telegraph in the UI to make them easier to read with bright backgrounds.
  • Fix: Order icon displayed near the cursor is now refreshed after clicking to update to a new state.
  • Fix: Labels near the outlines of detection range circles weren’t present in some of the supported languages.
  • Fix: Some elements of the interface weren’t translated.
  • Added water inside buckets.
  • Fix: Added hair adjustment models for the combat helmet. There is no longer clipping through the helmet present.
  • Fix: Camera movements were affected by time compression scale during story sequences (merchant ship inspection etc.).
  • Fix: Camera was behaving erratically during story sequences for a second after minimizing the game and then going back.
  • Fix: Various elements of the map could flicker with certain combinations of screen resolution and temporal antialiasing settings.
  • Fix (regression of 2022.1): Texture on the 43U gun was slightly broken.
  • Fix (regression of 2022.1): Periscope and deck gun views were having an odd overlay, if screen aspect ratio was different than 16:9.
  • Fix (regression of 2022.1 Patch 6): If player entered a patrol target area with a very closely zoomed in map, the entire screen could flash with a green colour for the duration of one frame.
  • Fix: It wasn’t possible to zoom the map camera to the u-boat in some cases. The camera was pushed back.
  • Fix: FAT and LUT torpedo research marker was slightly overlapping with the marker for conning tower research. This fix will work only for newly started campaigns.
Damage model:
  • Fix: Hatches damaged by pressing water sometimes weren’t opening on their own due to an internal issue.
  • Fix: Both hidden and identified flaws are now automatically repaired after docking at any port.
  • Fix: Escorted convoy is no longer being tracked on the map in the escort duty assignment after completing the main objective.
  • Type 1934 destroyers are now capable of fighting aircraft, also animations for the crew using AA guns on this destroyer are better.
  • Pathfinding improvements on the map.
  • Radio music is now restored back after a routine hydrophone check, if it’s completed uninterrupted.
  • Fix: Aircraft could spawn one inside another and behave erratically afterwards.
  • Fix: A looped error was present in the log after reloading a saved game state near a full aircraft carrier and then provoking it to send the aircraft.

Download free Uboat update 2022.1 on PC(Steam).

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