UBOAT Update 14 Patch Notes – November 18, 2022

    Uboat update 2022.1 (Patch 14) is now available on PC. According to the official Uboat patch notes, the latest update added fixes for localization, UI, missions, world simulation, and much more.

    Since the last patch, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Uboat patch B131 will fix these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Uboat Patch Notes – November 18, 2022

    • Turkish localisation update by Narberal Gamma.
    • Japanese localisation update by Surumeika1987, Largo, [JP]AWPsan, 泥遊戯, Mononok Kori.
    • Ukrainian localisation update by vovanvoks.
    • French localisation update by FvJ and Placebo.
    • Russian localisation update by Hard.
    • German localisation update by Ruby.
    User interface:
    • Fix: Map view is now usually opened at the same place where it was left.
    • Fix: Officers were displayed in an inverted order on the crew management screens than on the portraits.
    • Fix: Added an information about gained reputation points after helping an ally in the side mission.
    • Added an objective to return back to the port after failing an escort duty assignment.
    • Fix: Convoy in the escort duty assignment is no longer stopping when it’s under attack, unless it’s very close to the destination.
    • Fix: After successfully completing the side mission about helping an ally with some resource or about the lost u-boat, there was still a time limit displayed near the relevant objective in the assignment summary.
    • Fix (regression of 2022.1 Patch 10): Escort duty assignment could, in some cases, not start after selecting it.
    World simulation:
    • Slightly decreased frequency of miscellaneous communications from the other u-boats.
    • Fix: Fixed an issue due to which u-boats attacking a convoy, could still behave like they would be fighting it, despite being tens of kilometres away when they couldn’t continue to chase it for any reason.
    • Fix: Combat helmet was disappearing from the wearing character’s head at certain camera viewing angles.
    • Aesthetical fixes to Bergen, La Rochelle and Wilhelmshaven.
    • Fix: Wilhelmshaven icon wasn’t centred on the docking spot.
    • Fix: Tasks with an early research penalty were taking twice more time to complete than it was stated in the UI before they were started.
    • Improved AI behaviour in tight spots in ports.
    • Fix: Fixed another issue (possibly the last), due to which, a group of ships could circle around a single spot without any apparent reason.
    • Fix: Groups of warships and u-boats could in rare cases try to get to their destinations by moving through some land areas.
    • Fix: Knocking out a panicking sailor is now 2x faster than it used to be to make it noticeably faster than calming him down.
    • Fix: After leaving the port after vacation, docking back and spending some time in the port, the docked time was counted towards a crew fatigue penalty.
    • Fix: In some cases near ports, automated pathfinding was finding routes that were crossing various obstacles.
    • Fix: If unit was no longer detected and then it was observed again in a specific time window afterwards, it could permanently reappear on the map as neutral having a gray symbol.

    Download free Uboat update 2022.1 on PC(Steam).

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