Turmoil Update 3.0.35 Patch Notes – October 15, 2021


Turmoil update 3.0.35 (Oct 15, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Turmoil patch notes, the latest update quality of life changes and fixes. Apart from this, today’s Turmoil 3.0.35 patch also includes various bug fixes.

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Turmoil 3.0.35 Patch Notes – October 15, 2021

Fixed an issue where syncing with the cloud would cause you to lose access to the expert mode if you had not won the Heat Is On expansion campaign.

  • You can no longer close valves while holding a wagon, silo, rig, dowser, scanner or mole.
  • Added option to only toggle valves by holding Control, then clicking. It can be found in Settings->Game. The option is turned off by default.
  • Starting a Challenge level right before the deadline and submitting it after the deadline no longer submits the level for the new Challenge. This caused players to be locked out from the new Challenge since they had now submitted a level for the new Challenge.

Winning the campaign before the final year now awards the expert mode. Previously the expert mode would only be unlocked when playing to the end of the campaign. This applies to both classic Turmoil campaign and The Heat Is On.

  • Improve text alignment for building names and player names. Mostly noticable in languages that use a non-default font. Thanks to Bokor for noticing this in the Hungarian version of the game.
  • Fixed an in-level integer overflow issue related to rig spillage that would cause submitted replays to be invalidated.
  • Fixed an issue where combining silos into a supersilo would play both the upgrade and the “Cannot afford” audio effect.
  • The level seed is now shown in the post-level statistics screen when playing a Single Game.
  • Having a bad connection to the game server no longer causes the game to take longer to start.
  • Play building placement error sound when trying to build a building over another.
  • Fixed issue where the floating heads above town buildings would not appear if you had exactly 50% stocks.
  • When holding a scanner: the scanner price preview is now layered in front of the grass.

Download free Turmoil update 3.0.35 for PC (Steam).