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Trials Rising Update 1.11 Patch Details (June 25, 2020)

Trials Rising update 1.11 is now rolling out on PS4, Xbox One and PC. According to the official Trials Rising version 1.11 changelog, the latest Season 6 Journey of Trials update brings new and exciting additions to the game. Apart from this, Trials Rising 1.11 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with long list bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Trials Rising 1.11 is expected to fix all these issues.

What is new in Trials Rising update 1.11?

Starting July 16th, Riders will be able to journey across a variety of Trials Rising’s vast environments in the return of the Gigatrack! It will be the longest official track in Trials history, including 5 different environments to travel through and requiring nearly 14 minutes to earn a platinum medal. As a thank you to our community for joining us on this incredible ride that has been six seasons of Trials Rising, the Gigatrack will be available for free to all Trials Rising players.

Journey in Style

Sticking with the Trials Evolution theme season 6 will re-introduce the iconic Evo Rider! This blue vest, white hoodie, and red shorts will be immediately familiar to old school Trials Evo players but that’s not all. Compete in Public Multiplayer to earn the beautiful Golden Evo outfit. As you progress through the different multiplayer rankings, each rank will unlock a new piece of the outfit.

There are two additional outfits that will be making an appearance in Season 6. The Journeyman outfit wraps your rider in some savvy survival gear to take on the hazards of the Trials world on your quest to conquer the Gigatrack. We’ve also got a familiar face from the Ubisoft family. Not only is the mischievous Granny Helen a certified badass, but we know deep down she’d make one heck of a great Trials Rider too! In addition to outfits Season 6 brings 9 nine new helmet accessories to place atop your rider’s dome. Give your rider some character with 10 new legendary poses & animations. These include 4 victory animations, 2 losing animations, and 4 loading poses.

What About Bikes?

Season 6 will introduce the most monstrous fun bike yet, the Tevatron! Inspired by the classic penny-farthing bicycle this giant front-wheeled motorbike presents a fun and unique new challenge for Trials riders. With nearly all of its torque coming from the front wheel, it feels a little bit like the Alpaca but that massive front wheel puts a whole new spin on it (see what I did there). With a higher profile and unusual weight distribution maintaining balance and speed will be a fun, unique new challenge. The Tevatron will be available on July 2nd for 45 Acorns.

Two new legendary bike skins will also be coming to the Gear Store during Season 6. You can give your Mantis a classic Trials look with the Club Racer skin. Maybe you’re looking for some cool vibes during these hot summer months. Turn your Turtle tiki with the Rattan skin and have the freshest roll-top bike at the beach. Two legendary headlights, the Repair Kit and the Exploded Barrel will also be hitting the Gear Store to give your bikes some extra flair.

Summer Event

Our summer event is making a return, if you missed out on the last one, now’s the time to earn those missing rewards! All of the customization items from last year’s summer event will be available in the Gear Store during the event and some items can be gained through Summer Event Crates earned by leveling up during the event. The Smiling Sun helmet can also be earned by finding 10 ice cream cones hidden throughout the world of Trials Rising.

Track Central

  • Several navigation improvements including:
    • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing “track details”
    • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing “track details” and then viewing “Creator profile”
    • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after playing tracks from the “More from Creator” search
  • “Play against” is now available regardless if a track has been downloaded.

Private Multiplayer

  • Changed the limit of “Favorites” displayed in private multiplayer from 30 to 120.
  • Fixed an issue where the game incorrectly adds user-created tracks when scrolling down from the last row of feeds/search results in Private Multiplayer
  • UI fix to a workaround that allowed users to add duplicate tracks causing a crash.
  • On Xbox, the Wheelie mode and Burning Bike bar are no longer doubled on screen.

Other Fixes

  • Only owned Track Packs will display a preview UI in the world map when playing offline, addressing an issue that caused unowned Track Packs to show a price of “Free” when viewed offline.
  • BlazeJP decal background transparency has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using “Rider Path” in the Track Editor.
  • Fixed an issue causing connectivity issues to the Ubisoft Club on Nintendo Switch.
  • In public multiplayer, you can now see the name of the rider you are spectating.
  • The “Display” decal category in the Track Editor has been split into 3 categories to address navigation issues, Display, Display+ & Display ++
  • Improvements to profanity filters in the Track Editor to avoid most false positives
  • Added matchmaking improvements.
  • Added fixes for crashing issues.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Download free Trials Rising version 1.11 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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