TramSim Munich Update Patch Notes – Nov 9, 2021

TramSim Munich update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official TramSim Munich patch notes, the latest update added many small things to vehicle R2.2b and the Munich map.


Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s TramSim Munich patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


TramSim Munich Patch Notes – November 9, 2021


  • The Steam installation directory is now also searched via the Windows Registry
  • The launcher now displays the latest news in a timely manner
  • The download size of the launcher has been reduced by a third
  • Various other small robustness & visual fixes have been added


  • The volume of the weather effects is now adjustable with the audio setting of the environment effects
  • The interactive help button at the bottom left corner is now larger and more noticeable
  • Some texts have been fixed and translated
  • The missing passenger information display at the Potsdamerstraße stop in the direction of Münchner Freiheit has been added
  • Bugfix: The position of the sun was not updated so that the sun was always at the same position (and also the street lighting was not switched on automatically) despite the time progressing
  • Bugfix: The announcement for the Scheidplatz stop was not played
  • Bugfix: Rain fell through the roof at Münchner Freiheit and Schwabinger Tor
  • Bugfix: A switch signal at Karlsplatz/Stachus did not work properly
  • Bugfix: The switch signal Parzivalstraße direction of line 23 was faulty
  • Missing switch signals in the area Karlsplatz/Stachus were added
  • The signal and traffic light phases at Sendlinger Tor were corrected or adjusted
  • Bugfix: The “LZA” signs at Scheidplatz station were positioned incorrectly
  • Bugfix: In situations where passenger information displays had no available timetable data, no text was displayed
  • Bugfix: In a few places wrong stop markings were visible
  • Bugfix: tutorial texts for the signals “Trip is expected” and “Contact has responded” were not displayed
  • Bugfix: interactive help for lift operation was not hidden if the wheelchair user was not allowed to get in
  • Bugfix: Interactive help windows with multiple pages could not be scrolled on by the player from time to time
  • Bugfix: Interactive help pages jumped back now and then or had to be double-clicked to be scrolled further
  • Bugfix: It was possible to start driving in the tutorial before the registration at the traffic lights was done
  • Bugfix: The tutorial starts at 12:30 now

Vehicle R2.2b

  • High beam function was added
  • The sound of the warning bell has been revised
  • When starting up automatically, the light switches are now set to “automatic”
  • Bugfix: When activating the door release, a holding brake was activated by mistake. So from now on the tram can roll away when the door release is active (= realistic behaviour)
  • Bugfix: Passengers were partly standing on the roof of the tram when getting off the tram
  • Bugfix: The curve squeal sound was hardly audible
  • Bugfix: The MMI display incorrectly showed “pantograph off” after starting the game
  • Bugfix: The windshield wiper animation was not in sync with the wiper effect when playing for a longer period of time
  • Bugfix: The folded mirror was deformed

AI pedestrians and cars

  • Bugfix: At some stops, passengers who were standing at the very front did not get on the arriving tram
  • Bugfix: At some stops the wheelchair passenger went through the tram when getting off the tram
  • Bugfix: AI cars sometimes did not stop at red lights or did not keep distances correctly. Affected and corrected areas: Elisenstraße, Parzivalplatz and Nordendstraße
  • AI pedestrians and cars now take into account the deceleration of a tram and therefore no longer wait until an arriving tram has come to a complete stop before moving on