Train Sim World 4 Update 1.55 Patch Notes (TSW4 1.55)

Train Sim World 4 update 1.55 (version 1.042.000) details released for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Train Sim World 4 version 1.55 patch notes, the update introduces significant improvements focused on DE content across various routes and rolling stock. Apart from this, Train Sim World 4 patch 1.55 also includes various tweaks and changes.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the last patch 1, players have been experiencing some issues with the game. Today’s TSW4 patch 1.55 will fix a few of these issues.

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Train Sim World 4 (version 1.042) Patch Notes – June 24, 2024

Full Changelog


  • Fixed a crash when selecting the ‘Tour-ist’ chapter for ECML on PS5 and Xbox platforms
  • Fix to ensure that using the ‘Resume Journey’ option loads the expected gameplay.
  • Reduced size of F125 thumbnail to ensure they load correctly in UI menus
  • Added Berninalinie mastery decals.

Scenario Designer

  • Ensured the 4024 is listed in the loco list with off the rails switched off
  • Fixed an issue on console platforms where the tooltip for ‘Back’ was labelled on multiple inputs

Formation Designer

  • Improvements for ensure various DE rolling stock works as expected


  • Increased width of a bridge in Miltenberg so that rolling stock doesn’t clip the edges.
  • Fixed an issue with an AI train held at a red light on service 23390
  • Various fixes to improve and ensure the BR 363 tutorial is completable
  • Various localisation improvements

DB BR 642

  • Fixed an issue that prevented uncoupling of two BR 642’s.
  • Fixed an issue where the loco would not move after set up (mastery key inserted, reverse forward, parking brake released and throttle power set)
  • Fixed an issue where the spring brake didn’t release correctly
  • Fixed an issue where traction lock would be applied after opening and closed the doors
  • Fixed an issue where the traction lock failed to release and loco unable to move during the ‘Filling Up’ scenario

Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck

  • Added missing thumbnails and descriptions to Journey Mode chapters
  • Added several new AI services for the BR 628
  • Added Railpool Vectron substitution
  • Updated station directory with additional destinations for new services
  • Various localisation improvements

DB BR 766.2

  • Using brakes should no longer cause a permanent traction lock when throttle is in off position.

DB BR 112

  • Fixed an issue to ensure door functionality is not inverted.

S-bahn Vorarlberg

  • Added ÖBB 1116 freight substitution
  • Level crossings at Dornbirn will now remain closed before a train passes by
  • Corrected scoring adjustments when using safety systems, and various adjustments to scoring thresholds to enable all medals to be achieved as expected during scenarios.
  • Localisation improvements to console button tooltips during tutorials
  • Font size improvements and spelling correction on the Training & International Rescue scenario text

ÖBB 4024

  • Brake level receptacle is no longer pink when handle is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the 4024 could not uncouple when using AI tasks from other formations
  • Localisation improvements to PZB acknowledge prompt

DB BR 185

  • Fixed a repeated voice line during the BR 185 tutorial, added new correct VO
  • Fixed an issue to ensure door locking works as expected.
  • The AFB system will work in the second cab of the BR 185 when moving backwards


  • Level crossings will now remain closed before a train passes by
  • Passengers should now correctly spawn at Bad Endorf and Pien am Chiemsee stations
  • Re-surfaced the patch of floating trees, seen distantly in the sky near Rosenheim
  • Fixed a stuck AI train on service DGS (44990) near Salzburg Liefering
  • Fixed an issue where display boards didn’t show information correctly at the Salzburg Taxham station
  • Fixed a rare issue where passengers could walk in front of trains at Prien am Chiemsee station
  • Various localisation improvements for raildriver controls

DB BR 766.2

  • Ensured Sifa can be interacted with regardless of when Active, and regardless of Warning and Emergency state
  • Fixed an issue where the Introduction would end abruptly and automatically complete

BR 111

  • Fixed an issue with substitution to ensure it works correctly


  • AI trains will now correctly pull from custom made liveries across all rolling stock
  • Added hands to all clocks at Payerbach-Reichenau station
  • Added collision to boundaries at Wiener Neustadt station to prevent players escaping
  • Improved performance for the ‘RJ (551) Wien Hbf to Grazf’ service on PS4/Windows10
  • Fixed errors on the 2D map for service “DG (55611) Wien Zvbg to Zeltweg”
  • Fixed an issue where the Vectron was not correctly substituting
  • Fixed an issue with flickering textures on manual junctions
  • Fixed an issue where training hints were not localised

ÖBB 1116

  • Un-reversed the screen brightness buttons
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Load Passenger – Lock Doors’ objective during the ‘ÖBB 1116 Passenger Introduction’ wouldn’t complete correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the PZB would cause the AFB to lower the target speed incorrectly. AFB will remain at 160 after acknowledging a 1000Hz influence, until the player manually brakes below 80.

Bremen Oldenburg

  • Fixed an issue on service DGS 43821 which prevented movement due to a stuck AI train
  • Updated loco thumbnails for the BR 110, BR 155 and n-Wagens
  • Various localisation improvements for raildriver controls

DB BR 425

  • Headlights will no longer be constantly set to high beams.
  • When coupling two units, the taillights will now correctly extinguish.

Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg
DB BR 766.2

  • Fixed an issue with rear gangway door which couldn’t be moved through
  • Fixed issues when getting blocked by invisible walls moving across the consist.

DB BR 185

  • Fixed an issue to ensure door locking works as expected.
  • The AFB system will work in the second cab of the BR 185 when moving backwards

Dosto Cab Car

  • ‘München Hbf’ is now displayed with “ü” correctly on the interior PIS of the Dostos

Railpool BR 193 Vectron

  • Nahverkehr Dresden will correctly show as the parent route on the timetable
  • Adjustments to scoring thresholds on various scenarios to ensure gold and platinum medals are achievable as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect tooltips during the introduction
  • Fixed an issue preventing SIFA acknowledgment when using a controller
  • Fixed a bug where the eco mode traction motor shutdown would act on dynamic braking as well when it is only supposed to work during positive effort.
  • Various localisation improvements for raildriver controls

Rhein-Ruhr Osten
Vossloh G6

  • Adjustments to ensuring lighting visually appears as expected
  • Removed wheel blur from the prop shaft.

Linke Rheinstrecke

  • Various localisation improvements for raildriver controls

BR 103

  • Fixed an issue on the power controller in the cab which had multiple ‘180’ notches
  • Fixed an issue where when getting a 1000hz influence, PZB shows “Wechselblinken” instead of the initial 1000hz restriction

Dresden Chemnitz
DB BR 185

  • Fixed an issue to ensure door locking works as expected.

Ruhr Sieg Nord

  • Fixed a red light issue during the ‘Trunk Service’ scenario on PS5 that prevented completion.


  • Various localisation improvements for raildriver controls

Download free TSW4 update 1.55 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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