Train Sim World 2 (TSW2) Update 1.77 Patch Notes – Official

A new Train Sim World 2 update 1.77 patch notes released for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Train Sim World version 1.75 patch notes, the latest update added changes for Luzern-Susree as well as improvements to Tees Valley Line and Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg.. Apart from this, TSW2 update 1.77 (1.036.000) also added updates to Core, Sherman Hill & London Commuter.

Previously, a big game update was released which added the Amtrak 50th Anniversary Livery, along with other upgrades to core.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s TSW2 update 1.77 will fix a few of these issues. Read full details below.

TSW 2 Patch 1.77 Notes (1.036) – March 31, 2022


  • Added Mastery decals as rewards for the community anniversary challenge.

Luzern – Sursee

  • Updated Train glass to make it more transparent.
  • Updated missing audio crowd noise for Notwil Station.
  • Updated position of billboards on platforms at Emmenbrucke Station, and removed 2. billboards that were not needed.
  • Updated platform sign at Sursee station to read 1D instead of 2D.
  • Updated Route name in the Main Menu to be – S-Bahn Zentralschweiz.
  • Updated timetable to improve ‘dispatch beyond stop’ to remove unnecessary red signals.
  • Removed Livery Designer functionality for the SBB RABe 532. Due to licensing requirements, it has been removed.

Tees Valley Line

  • Tees Valley Line now has Rush Hour passengers.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
  • Added updated wiper functionality on the BR Class 37 to improve the Rail Driver experience.
  • Updated the ability to climb up all platforms along their entire length.
  • Updated the route to include the improved skybox implementation.
  • Updated Middlesbrough and Saltburn spawn on foot locations to be nearer the PIS screens to better aid in determining what trains are operating.
  • Added Dovetail Live Mastery reward and related decal set when completing the challenges.
  • Updated the lighting effects at Darlington so that it’s now more consistent during all conditions.
  • Improvements to the track so that it now renders further away from camera and blends smoothly into textures over distance.
  • Added working level crossing to various locations across the route.
  • Updated the weather during the Last Resort, Tubeliner Diversion and Three Becomes Two scenarios from lightly raining to full rain.
  • Added Livery Designer functionality to the BR Class 101 DMU.
  • Added specific Scenario Planner formations for the Class 101 DMU and removed formations not intended for this feature.
  • Updated the timetable so that all BR Class 101 services are now 2 cars and ensured customised liveries are now selectable.
  • Removed the lock on the classic controller layout for Tees Valley Line, Class 20 and Class 31 gameplay.
  • Added PIS support to the timetable and included virtual destinations for services operating beyond Darlington to Bishop Auckland.
  • Changed the default service selection from 6:30am to 3:15pm.

Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg

  • Added two scenic PZB magnets to Maisach to ensure it’s clear why there is ‘GPA’ behaviour.
  • Updated various Livery Designer names so it’s easier to navigate. The menu now contains ‘MAG BR403’ and ‘MAG BR423’.
  • Hauptstrecke Munchen-Augsburg now has Rush Hour passengers.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to the radio in the ICE 3 – Use it by pressing the phone to the left of the driver or the appropriate button on the Rail Driver controller.

Sherman Hill

  • Improved the initial state of the brakes on the SD70ACe so that is now takes less time to get moving after starting.
  • Fixed inaccessible Snow Fence collectibles so that they can now be obtained.
  • Updated wheat foliage so that it no longer glows.

London Commuter

  • Fixed three inaccessible Poster collectibles at Earlswood, Reigate and Streatham Common.

Download free Train Sim World 2 update 1.77 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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