Tour De France 2022 Update 1.03.04 Patch Notes


Tour De France 2022 update 1.03.04 is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One. According to the official Tour De France 2022 patch notes, the latest update added the fix for the crash in ProTeam/ProLeader Team Time Trial simulation, balancing and various bug fixes

Recently, the game was released on PC(Steam). Unfortunately, since the release, many players are experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Tour De France 2022 version 1.03.04 will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Tour De France 2022 game update 1.03.04 – Patch Notes – June 27, 2022


  • Addition of a special jersey for TDF (Jumbo Visma)
  • When a slow rider is in front, my cyclist automatically move to the left or the right rather than staying block behind
  • Addition of the new Skoda Enyak car for Sport director
  • Update of the riders characteristics in the DB


  • Increased a bit delays on mountain stages to avoid all sprinters out of time
  • Improved Liège Bastogne Liège simulation results
  • AIs brake less on the last turn of Embrun > Col du Pointu
  • Tour de France specific commentary was played on all stage races
  • Too many injuries & broken bones were happening
  • On slopes with cobbles, decrease mountain stats importance

Bug Fixes

  • A cyclist could reach the rank 0 on the result page.
  • Van der Poel’s objective is to make podium in Tour of Flanders, while it clearly should be to win the race.
  • Sometimes, at the start of a stage, some of my riders don’t start pedalling and stay there.
  • The save locks when cyclist is present in the race with a fracture, set a Benign Injury/Sickness for the race.
  • Illness are not taken into account in Pro Team simulation.-Fix AI: huge time at the end of the Tour de France.
  • The Sport director car was too slow
  • Time Trial difficulty was too easy
  • In Classic Stages sometimes the peloton was doing nothing and let a large group drive away
  • Fix of a freeze during a race
  • When pressing Back from the Objectives screen after a race in Pro Leader.
  • Add automatic use of GPU for laptops.
  • The application does not pause when the focus is lost.
  • Crash in ProTeam/ProLeader Team Time Trial simulation

User Interface

  • When choosing a rider whose freshness is not full, the energy bar diminishes at each change of role of any rider
  • Intermediate ranking is sometime broken
  • Effort limitation (due to injuries or sicknesses) in UI is incorrect, letting the player think he can attack while he can’t

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Sprinters loosing too much energy on flat stages
  • Teammates continue to relay in a group bahind their leader on cobble race
  • Opponents don’t try to outdistance a rider that fell or punctured
  • A favourite doesn’t collaborate in a breakaway while a majority of his direct opponents are behind (or ahead)

Download free Tour De France 2022 version 1.03.04 on PC(Steam).