Total War Warhammer 3 Update 1.2 Patch Notes – Official

Total War Warhammer 3 update 1.2 is now available to download. According to the official Warhammer 3 patch notes, the latest update introduces a variety of changes, fixes, additions, and new features to the battlefield.

Unfortunetly, since the last Warhammer 3 update 1.0.1, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Total War Warhammer 3 patch 1.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Total War Warhammer 3 Patch 1.2 Notes – May 17, 2022


We are introducing our first REGIMENTS OF RENOWN pack as a free upgrade to Total War: WARHAMMER III. This pack adds elite, recruitable troops to the game with improved stats and special abilities for use in the Campaign and Battle settings.

Seven new units are available to unlock:


Elite heavy infantry capable of holding back the strongest of foes, The Dune Dragons utilize their magic halberds and magic resistant armour to carve through daemonic foes. In addition to their fine armaments, The Dune Dragons have the ‘Encourage’ attribute: inspiring their fellow Cathayan’s to greater feats of bravery.


Wielding the fiercest of Khorne’s blades, the Hellforged Host also bears heavier armour than lesser Bloodletters—making them a formidable line-breaking unit.


With blades blessed by the Kislev God of Fire and Hearth, Dazh’s Hearth-Blades cut through foes with flaming attacks that make them particularly strong against regenerating foes.


The Festering Stooges are daemons of Nurgle that truly exemplify the cycle of birth, death, decay, and rebirth. Healing over time and restoring their numbers through their defensive abilities, this unit represents the pinnacle of Grandfather Nurgle’s enduring infantry.


These hardened mercenaries have spent so much time in the employ of Nuln that they have adopted some of the finest arms and tactics the Empire has to offer. Firing faster and with greater range and accuracy, these Ogres are a significant threat to armoured foes.


The Bringers of Beguilement are some of Slaanesh’s most relentless daemons: never tiring due to their ‘Perfect Vigour’ attribute and enrapturing the weak willed with their ‘Rampage’ contact effect.


Delivering devastating ranged fire via their ‘Warpflame’ projectiles, the Blazing Squealers also provide nearby friendly units with more ammunition—making them an excellent linchpin for any Tzeentch host.


To account for the balance changes made in both Update 1.1 and 1.2, we’ve reset the multiplayer leaderboards. We’ll be watching them closely to see who rises to the top, and will talk with you more about when (and how often) we reset the leaderboards to give new competitors the opportunity to secure the top spots in the future!


Below are changes to the systems that support and enhance the gameplay of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Fixed an issue where occupying a settlement with a loaned army could cause the game to crash or freeze.
  • Fixed a soft lock when entering Slaanesh’s realm to collect the final soul and then passing the turn.
  • Improved the performance impact of shadow splits and the distance at which trees are culled.


  • Fixed an issue where Boris Ursus’ intro movie would fail to unlock in the movie viewer. If you have already unlocked him, you can start a New Campaign with Boris to unlock the movie.


Below are changes made to the gameplay systems, AI, and other mechanics that determine how the game is played.


A long-standing player request: all characters will now be granted their Mounts (and all mount-related skills) automatically upon reaching the required level rather than requiring a skill point to unlock them. This allows players to focus on developing their characters with their earned points rather than having to invest them towards unlocking their low-level mounts.


Several changes have been made to how auto-resolve calculates its outcomes:

  • The outcome is now determined by the Battle difficulty setting rather than the Campaign difficulty setting.
  • The difficulty scaling of auto-resolve has been reduced on Hard (and higher) difficulty settings.

This should result in less punishing outcomes on higher difficult settings, allowing more time for you to focus on the fights that really matter in your campaign for glory. We will continue monitoring the behavior of auto-resolve and making adjustments in future builds.


Based on player feedback, we’ve made several adjustments to the behavior of AI-controlled players:

  • We’ve increased the aggression levels of AI players, which should make them more inclined to initiate Siege attacks against settlements.
  • Significantly toned down the anti-player bias in the AI’s target-selection—especially on higher difficulties. The AI should now be less inclined to deploy forces over significant distances to engage the player if they are not perceived to be a particular threat.
  • The Wood Elves should be more focused on defending their capital city.

These improvements should not only help them play a more meaningful role in your campaigns, but will prevent them from developing an anti-player bias when you aren’t the immediate threat.


Another area of improvement involves unit responsiveness during battles. We’ve made several adjustments which should help improve their behavior and reactivity when engaging with enemy units:

  • Ranged units will now correctly rotate and fire when ordered to shoot a target behind them.
  • Ranged units should now reform properly after rotating to engage targets behind them.
  • Resolved issues which would result in units ignoring orders and becoming unresponsive for short periods of time.
  • Resolved issues which would prevent flying units from attacking single-entity land units.
  • Reduced the delay before ranged units can fire a volley.
  • Reduced the delay before ranged units can respond to issued commands after firing a volley.
  • Removed transition animations used by Iron Hail Gunners and Armoured Kossars which resulted in an overall reduction in their damage per second. This also increases their responsiveness when ordered to move after firing a volley.
  • Implemented a partial fix for instances where units engaged in battle would ignore player-issued retreat orders and instead reengage in melee combat. We will continue to identify and make improvements in future releases.

This will be a long-term project, but we believe these are some positive steps to take towards creating a more engaging battlefield.


Adjustments have been made to the manual fire option for artillery units used in Battles:

  • Cooldowns when using the manual fire mode should now mirror the timings in regular Battle gameplay.
  • Re-enabled manual fire in multiplayer settings.


  • Fixed an issue which would result in plagues failing to be removed properly after changing the ownership of and subsequently losing an afflicted army.
  • Players will no longer receive achievements for recruiting greater Daemon units while playing as the Daemon Prince. Rather, they must now be recruited when playing as the respective god’s faction.


Below are Campaign changes made to the overworld campaign and world mechanics.


  • When a faction that is in the Chaos Realm is confederated by another faction, they are now expelled from the realm, as they are no longer permitted to be in the Realm of Chaos.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Legendary Lords would lose their immortality when confederated. Note that this change will only take effect in new campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where an early game mission asking the player to confederate would trigger at the wrong time and (unintentionally) trigger for the Daemon Prince.
  • Fixed an issue where players originally assigned to a team where unassigned if a multiplayer campaign was resumed at any point without them.
  • Fixed an issue where skill previews would also include enemy effects.
  • Removed a placeholder tooltip which displayed at the bottom of the building browser in higher resolutions.
  • Heroes who repeatedly target settlements of their own race will no longer receive the “Hates <race>” trait of their own race.
  • Fixed an issue where Devotion would not always update after exiting the pre-Battle screen.
  • Fixed an issue where settlement banners would fail to display when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed an issue where settlements would lose their walls if occupied by the Ogre Kingdoms or Norsca, resulting in Minor Settlement battles instead of walled Siege battles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Erengrad Port settlement would not transfer ownership properly when occupied.
  • The Skaven Ruins Walls icon is no longer visible for Skaven-controlled ruins in the Settlement panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Change View’ buttons were enabled for ruins in the Settlement panel.
  • Fixed an issue where character models would bounce between their current and previous positions if their movement was interrupted.
  • Adjusted the path of caravans to prevent issues which would prevent them from pathing along their route.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent the player from traversing towards the Forge of Souls rift if they’d already entered a realm during that phase of rifts.
  • Fixed an issue where entering ambush stance below a portal would result in your army getting stuck beneath the teleporting army.
  • If a player initiates a battle on top of a portal in the Slaanesh realm, they will now be able to move in and out of the portal so they can move into the next ring once the battle is resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where fighting on top of a point of interest in the Nurgle realm would fail to trigger the survival battle mission.
  • Reduced the likelihood of getting stuck between the edge of a floating island and a teleport locus in the Tzeentch Realm.
  • Fixed an issue where AI players would constantly replace Lords when under siege, leading to prolonged besieging times.
  • Fixed an issue which could be used to generate infinite AP, allowing for infinite movement during a single turn.


  • Added a tooltip to the quest marker which is now displayed on hover.
  • Fixed instances where a flat battle map would be loaded during certain battles during the Prologue campaign.


  • The Protection chain of buildings now also provide the rift-blocking effect for AI-controlled WARHAMMER I and II races.


  • Undercover Bosses (Grand Cathay): Fixed an issue where the 50% reduction to recruitment costs would be applied twice to Terracotta Sentinels and the Wu Xing Compass units.


  • Fixed an issue where sending a request to an AI player to break one of their alliances would have no effect.


  • Close a Chaos Rift: The mission will now successfully complete when a rift is closed by a Hero.


Below are Battle-specific changes made to the Battles throughout the game.


  • Fixed an issue which allowed AI players to ignore Deployables cooldowns when defending in battles.
  • Fixed an issue where tower projectiles would diminish in strength despite having upgraded the main settlement chain in the world view.
  • Unbreakable units will no longer rout when all Victory Points are captured.
  • Updated the deployment zones and reinforcement logic lines in subterranean Battles. This applies to underway Battles triggered by the Dwarfs, Greenskins, and Skaven.
  • Partially fixed issues where Marauder Horsemen would have trouble attacking defensive towers.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented artillery from being re-crewed after the machine model was destroyed.
  • Destroyed artillery will no longer lose all its ammunition, thus preventing it from being re-crewed and used during the battle.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Ku’gath Plaguefather and Soul Grinder units from attacking walls.



  • Adjusted an issue on certain Battle maps which would result in the snow glowing with radioactive intensity.



  • Fixed an issue which prevented the option of replacing Heralds with Exalted Greater Demons in multiplayer campaigns.
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