Together BnB Update 03.3 Patch Notes – March 5, 2022

    A new Together BnB update 03.3 released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Together BnB patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game.

    Today’s Together BnB patch 03.3 will fix a few of these issues.

    Together BnB March 5th Update

    • Corrected and improved the physics system when cooking.
    • Modify the Gas stove model size to avoid collisions.
    • Fixed some information not being displayed when ingredients are in pots.
    • Fixed the bug of entering cooking mode when holding a gun.
    • Corrected how knives and seasonings are projected.
    • Fixed a bug where food could not be delivered on the trolley.
    • Fixed Isabelle’s shop UI in the upper right corner.
    • Fixed liquid errors on plates and pot.
    • Fixed out of focus after borsch task.
    • Fixed a bug where Emily’s Borscht task could be completed by inviting other NPC.
    • Fixed the dialogue after inviting NPCs to dinner.
    • Fixed untranslated text in the plot.
    • Fixed UI text.
    • Fixed the position of the car after using teleport.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing Esc when the instruction manual was displayed after acquiring the pistol.
    • Fixed pressing “No” not working during basketball instructions.
    • Fixed the error caused by pressing the space key when calling and texting mode.
    • Fixed wrong text.
    • Fixed some bugs after SMS mode.
    • Fixed the display effect of task props in the scene.
    • Fixed the bug that when the Firework Launcher was taken and saved, and then reloaded, another Firework Launcher appeared.
    • Fixed removing the location on the map of the firework launcher after setting it up.
    • Replace kitchen items.
    • Replace scene objects.
    • Change mission items.
    • Added Nana kimono after fireworks task.

    Download free Together BnB update 3.3 on PC (Steam).

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