To The Rescue Update 1.0.26 Patch Notes – Nov 9, 2021

To The Rescue update 1.0.26 released on PC (Steam). According to the official To The Rescue patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.


Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s To The Rescue patch 1.0.26 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


To The Rescue Patch Notes – November 9, 2021

Major Bug Fixes/Change
  • Grants no longer stop tracking further progress once the game is loaded
  • New dogs will now show up more often when you are low on dogs
  • Increased the cost of helpers
  • Player no longer walks into and gets stuck in kennels when entering conversations
  • Dog thought bubble symbols now reference the specific disease they have when sick
  • Added a failsafe to return dogs to their playspace if they escape
  • Greatly reduced save file size
  • Greatly improved file write times. Issues with lost frames while saving should be reduced
  • Fixed issue causing the talkable adopters to not ever appear in the final cutscene
  • Upgraded kennels should reflect their current level in the Construction Tab when loading a save
  • Story thread progression is now being properly saved
  • The issues with the Public Relations skill tree becoming stuck are now fixed
  • Added failsafe to unstick most (if not all) stuck helpers with dogs on leashes
  • Rebalanced milestone rewards.
  • Rebalanced Adoption Actions
Minor Bug Fixes/Changes
  • Reorganized the store to match the order of the foodboxes on the food table.
  • Fixed an issue with the Second Adoption Action skill soft locking the adoption from finishing
  • Having caps lock on while naming shelter/character/dog making it look like sPoNgEBoB MEme text will no longer occur
  • Minor typo fixes (Spanish)
  • Fixed issue with some sandbox tutorial popups never appearing
  • Dropped items will be returned to their containers overnight
  • Fixed issue with the daily score awarding more than 5 skill points
  • Helpers will now scoop poop again
  • Fixed issue with being able to clean poops in playspaces
  • The clock out button will now always appear the first time the day ends
  • Helpers should no longer generate with the same appearance as the player, so now you can’t get confused with your helper twin.
  • Raised the threshold for when dogs are considered hungry or thirsty
  • Reduced rewards for reputation community events
  • Fixed a highlight outline issue with the First Aid Cabinet
  • Added a filter to the Dog Log to hide dogs not currently at the Shelter
  • Helpers should no longer get stuck when removing a dog from a kennel
  • Fixed dogs appear to still be in kennel when first leashed by player
  • Rooms with occupied kennels are no longer able to be demolished until the dogs are removed
  • Fixed issue with fully vaccinated dogs not retaining star bonus on load
  • Visitors can no longer be spoken to while they are leaving. This prevents possibility of starting an adoption after the shelter has closed and soft locking
  • Helpers will no longer get stuck when trying to reach and clean a playspace that had outdoor space around it
  • Run kennels now properly clear their area of outside scatter
  • Previously adopted dogs no longer appear in the summary panel
  • Fosters should now make a new slot available after a Foster Adoption