Them and Us Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes – October 11, 2021


Them and Us update 1.0.2 (Oct 11, 2021) released PC (Steam). According to the official Them and Us patch notes, the latest update added some new changes and bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added various quality of life fixes and improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Them and Us patch 1.0.2 will address a few of these errors.


Them and Us Patch Notes – October 11, 2021

  • You can now change Alicia’s clothes any time you want in the game. Including after a certain point.
  • The map now shows some of these areas like hidden trap doors on the map.
  • We polished the Library ladder climb up/down animations.
  • The crawlers now turn at a normal speed on the ground.
  • Alicia’s hair (on all costumes + DLC) is now stopping sooner from movement.
  • This gives a bit more natural movement to her hair.
  • Dark world creatures are now out of the player’s way. They won’t trouble you if you don’t disturb them.

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