Patch Notes

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Update 1.13 Patch Notes – Sep 23, 2021


The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners version 1.13 is now available for download on PS4 and PC. According to the Walking Dead Saints and Sinners update 1.13 patch notes, the latest update brings new changes and fixes. Apart from this, Saints and Sinners update 1.13 also include stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a minor update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the launch, many players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Saints & Sinners update 1.13 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

What is new in The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners update 1.13 ?

The Aftershocks update is finally here, and as such we at Skydance Interactive want to make sure that you have the best experience you can have with it. Today, we would like to reveal one such way we are working to make the experience even better for our players, alongside some news and details that may be relevant to you.

Upcoming Quick Start Feature

While Aftershocks is intended to be played after you have reached the credits, we understand that some players may find themselves without a completed save file and not wanting to play through the entirety of the game again just to see the what’s new.

To satisfy these players, we plan to implement a quick start option that will allow you to jump straight into the Aftershocks content without finishing a playthrough. This feature will be implemented in a patch following shortly after the initial update, so if you do not have a post-game save file yet, you can choose to wait for this feature.

Weekend Sale

We also plan to have a Weekend Sale alongside the update, starting today and ending on September 27th, so even more tourists can start their walker slaying journey while veteran players continue their own. If you haven’t experience The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners before, here’s your chance to jump straight into the action.

Important information for HTC Vive Users

Finally, we have a note to all HTC VIVE Users: Some users may find some difficulty in how a new flashlight focused feature is currently implemented mechanically. Expect tweaks to this system to come with a patch in the days that follow the update.

Download free The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners version 1.13 on PlayStation 4.