The Sims 4 Update 1.69 Patch Notes (Official)

The Sims 4 update 1.69 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Sims 4 1.69 patch notes, the latest update includes various gameplay changes and improvements. Apart from this, Sims 4 patch 1.69 also added various stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added support for the My Wedding Stories Gameplay Pack. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Sims 4 version 1.69 will fix a few of these issues.

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Sims 4 1.69 Patch Notes

The game devs have removed the unacceptable content from The Sims™ 4 Gallery. The team has reviewed and updated the inappropriate content filter to prevent this from happening in the future.

  • Added stability fixes.
  • Added performance improvements.
  • Other minor tweaks.

The following changes were added previously.

Neighborhood Stories System

The first major addition islife changes for all Neighbor Sims, with or without relationships to the active household. The new Neighborhood Stories System opens up interesting, autonomous changes all over the world.

“What changes?” you might ask. Neighbor Sims everywhere may now:

  • Adopt young Simsinto their household, aged between infant and toddler.
  • Become pregnant with their Significant Other, and eventually deliver. Family-Oriented Sims are more likely to do this, while Noncommittal Sims are less likely. If a Sim or their SO Hates Children, they will never do this.
  • Some Sims may insteadadopt a dog or cat(requires The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs).
  • Join and leave careers. Sim Traits heavily influence these decisions. Elder Sims may decide toretire.
  • Households canmove into and out of lots.
  • Die in different kinds of accidents, depending on risk factors such as Age, Traits, and Career.

All these life changes let Neighbor Sims have richer, fuller lives that evolve over time. They grow up in a family, get jobs, move around, raise children, and eventually die (possibly before their time!)

Some of these changes are obviously more significant than others.*cough*death*cough*This brings us back to the second major addition to Neighborhood Stories…

Configuring Neighborhood Stories

A critical part of the Neighborhood Stories System is a set of new gameplay controls that allow you totune which life changes Neighbor Sims can and cannot have.


It all starts in the Manage Households panel:

You choose how Neighborhood Stories affect your game, so the Neighborhood Stories System can be configured in a few ways:

  • Independent configurations for My Households vs. Other Households.For each group of households in a particular tab, you can choose to enable or disable each type of life change and even disallow all Neighborhood Stories for those households. This provides a fast and easy way to decide what happens to played households in My Households, versus Other Households out in the world. (Rotational players, we see you!)
    • By default, Neighborhood Stories is enabled for Other Households and disabled for My Households.Above all else, we want to avoid unintended changes to long-running games that we know you’ve put a lot of love into!

When you’re ready to configure Neighborhood Stories, use this button under the respective tabs for My Households and Other Households.

  • Household-specific configurations.Want even more control? Do you have a vision for which households need which types of life changes? You can make it happen! Each and every household can have its own configuration, allowing you to tailor life changes that make sense to that household’s storyline.

  • Global enable/disable setting.If life changes happening all over the world are just not your thing, that’s okay! Neighborhood Stories can be entirely disabled under Game Options using the “Reset Custom Configurations” Button.*

*Neighbor Sim friends will still occasionally call asking for advice about life changes unless your Sim’s phone is on silent.

Like other game options,Neighborhood Stories configurations exist on a per-save basis.Because each of your saves has its own settings, you can switch back and forth between them without having to re-configure anything. Just load up and let the stories roll!

What Are Neighbor Sims Up To?

One last thing to note: These life changes are happening out in the world, beyond the active Household. This means that sometimes your Sims will never come in contact with the results of these life changes! Still, even if your Sims don’t see it, maybeyouwant to know everything that’s happened!

On any mailbox, try the new Check Recent Neighborhood Stories interaction. You can keep tabs on all the recent Neighborhood Stories. If you’re so inclined, use that information to visit the Neighbor Sims and see their life changes in person!

New Scenarios

Now Available Along with Existing Household Support in Select Scenarios!

Would you like to try out some brand new Scenarios? With today’s base game update you can!

We’ve added 7 new Scenarios to The Sims 4. When you boot up the game today you’ll have access to:

  • Too Many toddlers
    • In this updated version of the previously limited time Scenario, aim to get the happy toddler reward trait for this gaggle of whiz kids in the making
  • Troublemaker
    • The kid’s a menace! Choose the path of villainy or surprise them with a redemption arc!
  • Rom-Com
    • Is this relationship a joke? Only you can write the punchline!
  • Super Rich Supervillain
    • Making a fortune is great, but you know what’s even better? Stealing one.
  • Extraterrestrial Researcher
    • This Sim wants to… believe! Bring the truth from ‘out there’ to your own home.
  • Unlucky Chef
    • Luck has nothing to do with how fire this chef is…
  • No Skills, No Problem
    • Who said Sims need to be skilled to make it in life? Time to prove your street smarts!

Bug Fixes

The Sims 4

  • We fixed an issue that caused Wedding Venues not to be available for Base Game Weddings.
  • If a new Scenario is available, you will see a notification now after logging into the game.
  • Opening and closing the Scenarios interface in Live Mode comes with a proper animation now.
  • Simmers should no longer see the “Happily Ever After?” outcome for the Engaged in Conflict Scenario when both Sims have a good sentiment.
  • The Conditions for the “Too Many To Handle” ending in the “Too Many Toddlers” Scenario only apply to toddlers now that were present when starting the Scenario.
  • We fixed an issue for some languages that caused Scenario outcome texts not to fit in the text box.
  • The Power Couple Scenario will conclude now when one of your Sims receives a promotion to CEO.
  • The audio response when starting a Scenario in a New Save Game and canceling a Scenario in live mode has been improved.
  • The work task interface for your active career should no longer clash with the Scenario interface when joining a career and moving to the work place at the time of work.
  • TheyfHair_SP19CurlyLowPonyhair style will be visible in Create a Sim catalog now when the Feminine Fashion Choice filter is selected.
  • Fixed an issue with Scenarios where the requirement for Sims to be spouses displayed as completed although there was just one Sim in the household.
  • The Scenario name also shows in the start Scenario interface now.
  • When entering Create a Sim after starting a new Scenario, the household requirements will no longer be overlapped by the Create A Sim Catalog and all information on the panel will be easy to read.
  • Calling off an Engagement will now count towards the Villainous Valentine Aspiration correctly.
  • We also made a few updates to the friendly calls from other Sims that your Sims receive:
    • Your Sims will no longer be called by a neighbor Sim and asked about becoming friends with another active household Sim your neighbor has never met before.
    • It will also be much clearer for friendly relationship calls now, whether the Sims’ get-together is of a platonic or romantic nature.
    • NPC Sims will also have sufficient confidence now and will no longer call your Sims asking for permission to be friends with their own spouse.


  • Your Sims who are right on time to activity meetings no longer are chastised for being late.

Cottage Living

  • Some Simmers reported that Cows and Llamas were getting stuck in their inventory after the Finchwick fair had ended. We clarified how to return your animals to their sheds in the fair-end notification.

Spa Day

  • Selecting “Teach/Lead” Yoga interactions now cancels “Practice Yoga” automatically.


  • Performing the “Ask about career” interaction with the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Erwin Pries will no longer cause a Llama icon to show on the Sim’s career tab and on hovering on the Sim in the relationships tab, but it should display the correct icon now.

My Wedding Stories

  • Ceremony interactions are now available when doing a Vow Renewal or Reception at another Sim’s home.
  • Sims should now show up in their appropriate attire for Wedding Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewal is now only available to Married Sims, and Wedding Ceremony is only available to Engaged Sims.

Romantic Garden Stuff Pack

  • Ghost Sims revive properly now when living Sims use the Wishing Wells “Wish for Life” interaction.

Bust The Dust Kit

  • Sims no longer get the “Rage Cleaning” angry moodlet when Bust the Dust is disabled.
  • We also optimized vacuum cleaners so your Sims won’t need to fight dust everyday.

Download free Sims 4 update 1.69 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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