The Sims 4 Update 1.49 Patch Notes for PS4, PC, & Xbox


The Sims 4 update 1.49 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Sims 4 1.49 patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, changes, and fixes. Apart from this, Sims 4 patch 1.49 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new CAS and Buy/Build objects for Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the long-awaited fixes to some skin tones and hair.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Sims 4 version 1.49 will fix a few of these issues.


The Sims 4 1.49 Changelog – Nov 2, 2021



As you all saw, or heard from a friend, in our latest Inside Maxis we introduced Scenarios as a new way to play The Sims 4, and starting Today you will be able to experience it.

But what are Scenarios?

Scenarios are situations that will be available in-game where Simmers can choose to participate and work toward an outcome for their Sims. Now the fun part is that there are different outcomes per Scenario and that there are many ways to achieve those outcomes. This means that there is more than one way to complete one Scenario so you as Simmers have multiple options toward the outcome that you want.


Each Scenario has a theme but what happens in said Scenario is up to you as you work toward your desired outcome; you never know how the story will go but only your actions and time will tell. <evil laugh>

In Today’s update we have two Scenarios:

  • Making Money: Money, money, money, money, MOOONNEEEY! <ahem> This Scenario places your Sim in quite the predicament by having their bank account reset after they have moved in a Lot – yup zero Simoleons, nada – the difficulty could increase if your Sim chooses between Unfurnished and Furnished Lots, or if they bulldoze their space. To complete the Scenario you’ll have to earn your way to one million Simoleons. How you get to one million – it can be however you wish, just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. <wink>
  • Finding Love after a Break Up: Love hurts… love scars. This Scenario places your Sim right after they have broken up with their significant other. Your Sim’s task is to find love either by salvaging that relationship that broke apart, or finding new love with someone else. Which will your Sim choose? It’s your Sim’s time to dream; which Sim will win their heart?

If you choose to partake in either one – or both – remember that in this initial list of Scenarios you will do so with a new Household. And don’t worry! These Households will stay with you after they complete each Scenario.

As SimGuruDuck said in our Inside Maxis, sometimes some Scenarios will be there for a limited time, and some will be updated and tweaked – some will be like a challenge, some may not – but in all we will add more over time and you can expect improvements and/or additions to this system over time as well! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and what your Sims are up to with these.

A Sims Delivery is coming your way in an update near you.

<Freezer Bunny jumps out of a gift box –  “Ding Dong”>

With this update we are preparing our game to welcome a new system that will allow us to deliver content to the Base Game for all of you as a complementary, more spontaneous little sibling of our regular game updates. Join us in welcoming Sims Delivery Express!

Sims Delivery Express, or SDX for short, will be able to make Sims Deliveries without needing a full game update. But what does this mean? What kind of things are a Sims Delivery? What do you eat with it? Well, let me tell you:

  • A Sims Delivery can be a Create A Sim or a Build Mode asset.
  • A Sims Delivery can be small pockets of gameplay that don’t require a Base Game update to be accessible by you all.
  • A Sims Delivery can also be tiny, little fixes that don’t need a Base Game update to release.
  • A Sims Delivery is always Free.

All this to say that even though some of you – I see you super tech savvy Simmers – will see through today’s update files that Sims Delivery is in existence, this feature will be available for you at a later date. A note for Console players, make sure you have linked your account to EA through the game so that you can be ready to receive Sims Deliveries when they are available; for more information on how to do so, I’ve got you – you can read about it here.

Stay tuned for a future update where I can share more details and facts about Sims Delivery Express.

Do you like Plants?

I like plants, and we like plants. Are you a proud Plant Parent? So are we! Well… some of us are anyway <looks at her dead plants a bit embarrassed>. In this update we’ve made some adjustments on the backend for decorative plants across the Base Game and Packs adding an environment score and a more appropriate price in Build Mode to match their fictional rareness or worth. This change goes hand in hand with a small change to the text related to Environment Gain/Loss in Build Mode assets that display it to be more appropriate with the true intent of that score. Instead of Minor Environment Gain/Loss, it is now called Lot Environment Gain/Loss.


Sims 4
  • We fixed an issue that made Toddlers walk with animations that were not quite fitting for a Toddler. I don’t know about you all, but if my Toddler in-game looked like they had a lot of coffee, I would be concerned – and this is coming from the caffeine queen herself. Luckily we were able to solve this issue and they should walk properly now.
  • Noticed the Bonsai Tree was a little… text averse? We did too – we made sure the Bonsai was properly potted and trimmed which solved its text attachment issues, so now its text should be displayed properly in Build Mode.
  • Speaking about text averse, some of the variants for the Mega Stacked Stone wall texture have been fixed in Build Mode as well to display proper text.
Spa Day
  • Over the years, Yoga practices have incorporated a number of equipment choices such as super comfy and hypoallergenic mats, yoga socks, sweat-proof technology clothing and towels, you name it… but what is never OK is practicing Yoga with shoes on. Sims should no longer be practicing Yoga with shoes on, as if.
Industrial Loft
  • The “I Took a Welding Class Once” Double Bed has been adjusted to show Stress and Comfort values as well as a reduced price. I mean, I took a welding class once, but I’m not quite in luxury status yet.


The following changes were added previously.

Base Game Updates

For those who don’t own Spa Day, we wanted to give you a treat as well. For Base Game Simmers we added the nail options for fingernails and toenails in Create A Sim for you to enjoy. Same as mentioned previously, there will be choices under the Fingernails and Toenails sort in Create A Sim, there will be a variety of solid one-color nails and color combination nails available for the Base Game itself.

Bug Fixes


  • We fixed an issue in which some of the controls when players are in the Game Options menus were a little off, it should work correctly now.

The Sims 4

  • New games should no longer experience the automatic generation of empty households, and the ensuing save size increase and performance lag that this causes. The team is still investigating how to safely fix existing saves that have this issue.
  • We fixed an issue that affected Custom Content Chairs that when slotted with certain objects it created Sims routing issues.
  • Sometimes, in certain saves, Sims would lose their names when visiting some Lots – most notoriously the Goth’s Lot but it could happen anywhere. If a Sim has no name… does that Sim exist? I can assure you that the Goths were not involved, but this issue should no longer occur.
  • Ever had the need to order food or drinks but you just couldn’t be bothered? Been there, however the issue of Sims and NPCs not being able to order food and drinks autonomously has been fixed. Order away!
  • Have you noticed that your Sims had been doing Fitness things or Dancing if they Disliked those things? Strange no? It should no longer happen as long as they continue to Dislike them of course. As a note, unfortunately (for those affected), Sims are subject to choose music they Dislike still from any stereo so they can still torment other Sims (and Simmers) around them.
  • We fixed an issue in which the Mega Window (Double Budget Grand Deluxe DeLite) in build Mode was missing a few swatches and displayed them as empty.
  • Let’s talk about Unibrows! Are they in? Are they out? No matter, every brow is welcome! We have fixed an issue that didn’t make the thicker unibrow available for female frame Sims and that didn’t make the thinner unibrow available for male frame Sims. So all the unibrows for both frames!
  • Did you ever notice an invisible slot under the All of the Things table? We sure did, and while I think that if it is called “all of the things” it could have all the things, everywhere… I guess? This was not acceptable so we fixed that.

Get to Work

  • The hairstyle yfHair_EP01TwistLow has been tagged correctly in the Updo Hairstyle category. Is it still an Updo even if the bun is low and not up high? These are the questions I ponder sometimes.

Eco Lifestyle

  • If you noticed the Community Voting Board missing from venues across packs in Build Mode, never fear. It has been found and should be safely back in Build Mode.

Dream Home Decorator

  • Ever had such good-looking décor that you can’t just sleep because you have to look at it? As much as we want your Sims to love their décor and their style, we thought it was a bit too much that they would not sleep and just look at it, so this should no longer happen.

Download free Sims 4 update 1.49 for PS4 and Xbox One.