The Planet Zoo Update 1.6.2 Patch Notes (Official) – July 8, 2021

The Planet Zoo update 1.6.2 is now rolling out on PC. According to the official The Planet Zoo patch notes, the latest update resolves issues related to crashes, scenery, UI and more. Apart from this, The Planet Zoo patch 1.6.2 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added the Custom Audio Speakers, allowing you to adjust what multiple speakers within your Zoo play, and create the perfect audio-scape for your Guests.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s The Planet Zoo patch 1.6.2 will address a few of these errors.

The Planet Zoo Patch 1.6.2 Notes

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Addressed a bug where animals were drifting during lethal fights
  • Addressed a bug where the female Sun Bear would not use the water pool
  • Addressed an issue with the Formosan Black Bear and Grizzly Bear where they were unable to navigate the habitat while climbing
  • Addressed a bug with jump height calculations, resolving occurrences where animals could escape over barriers above their height requirement
  • Addressed a bug where animals would get stuck in place after pouncing on some food enrichment
  • Fixed the tip of the African Penguin beak intersecting with the upper beak
  • Staff will hold onto boxed animals longer when transporting if the destination looks like it’s failing, to try and regrab the destination
  • Meerkat holes are now interacted with correctly when the habitat they are located in is changed
  • Fixed stray geometry on the Southern White Rhino tail during defecation
  • Fixed food enrichment items recording the number of uses in the last 12 months

Fixed tags on several items and blueprints:

Removed the Africa Pack tag from all variants of the African Oil Palm, Fever Tree, Drinn Grass and Nitraria Retusa Bush

      • Removed the King Penguin tag from the Curio Ball enrichment
      • Removed misleading flexicolour tag from North African Fence panels
      • Removed Wood material tag from Animal Trade Centre
      • Added missing flexicolour tags to:
        • Exhibit
        • ATM Sign
        • East Asia Decorative Parasol Paravents
        • East Asia Decorative Parasol Fan
        • East Asia Bridge Stone Walkable
        • Classic Windows
        • Classic Metal Chain
        • Classic Door Tops
        • Classic Door 01
        • African Windows
        • African Disc Bunting Rope
        • Arctic Picnic Canopy
        • Arctic Picnic Bench
        • Carbon Fiber Panels 4m x 2m
        • Carbon Fibre Curved Roofs
        • Aquatic Sculpture Otter Concrete 01, 02, 03 & Mirrored
        • Aquatic Faux Rock Tree Trunk
        • Aquatic Faux Rock Tree Branches
        • North African Door
        • North African Door Handle
        • North African Decorative Plaster Arch
      • Streamlined tagging setup for all blueprints of the following categories:
        • Shop Shells
        • Staff Facilities
        • Exhibits

Fixed the East Asia Wall Light 02 Lantern asset so it will now turn automatically and can also be manually turned on or off, also added flexicolour

Fixed the following light assets as being displayed as “Not Powered” on pre-made buildings in El Darar Bazaar timed scenario. This will also address the glowing windows from appearing as needing power/generators:

      • African Window 04
      • Indian Wall Light Bracket
Game Modes

Sandbox Options

  • Added an ‘Enable staff fleeing’ option to sandbox to prevent staff fleeing from dangerous escaped animals too

When toggling off ‘Enable animal escapes’ players will no longer get a notification for escapes, and animals will not enter the escaped state. Instead they will be boxed if they are without a habitat; or moved back to the gate if they are free to wander too far

Disabled notification alerts for overcrowding and fighting when those are toggled off, also stop guests commenting on animal temperature if that is toggled off

  • Re-enabled breakdowns option as it was missing from the sandbox settings

Added tooltip for final preset “Individual Zoo Settings” in sandbox settings

  • Addressed a bug where in some cases clearing the species search would leave the species search box disabled
  • Addressed a bug where large numbers of “Joined a pack” notifications appeared when loading into a zoo

Fixed a typo in the US-English zoopedia description for the Sacred Scarab Beetles. Users of the imperial measurement system no longer need to be afraid of 80 foot long Scarab Beetles

Addressed a bug where switching tabs with a species search bar filled in would give inconsistent results switching back to the same tab

  • Fixed startup crash for extremely large well paved zoos
  • Addressed a crash caused by animals trying to drink from a lake which had just been deleted
  • Addressed a crash caused by an enrichment object spawner being deleted while it was in the process of resetting itself
  • Addressed a crash caused by animals trying to start moving towards an animal talk simultaneously
  • Addressed a crash caused by rapidly placing and deleting enrichment objects
  • Addressed a crash caused by keepers trying to clean up a Meerkat hole which had just despawned
  • Fixed an infrequent audio crash in the billboards
  • Fixed a load crash for Vista Points that were assigned to habitats that were deleted
  • General Crash Fixes


  • General performance tweaks and optimisations

Download free The Planet Zoo update 1.6.2 for PC.

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