The Planet Crafter Update 0.5 Patch Notes


The Planet Crafter update 0.5.001 is rolling out on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Planet Crafter patch notes, the latest update various tweaks and changes.

Recently, a major update added new features, changes, and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s The Planet Crafter patch 0.5.001 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


The Planet Crafter Patch Notes (0.5.001)

Major changes :

  • Biomass unit is now the sum of 3 units : Plants, Insects, Animals (not yet implemented)
  • Plants generation remplace the biomass generation on existing machines
  • Reduced Nuclear Fusion Generator power input from 1625 to 1485 (Could lead to power shortage on your save, just add new power sources)
  • Larvae appears naturally in the world after the trees stage

Terraformation stages :

  • Reduce terraformation index required for trees stage
  • Reduce terraformation index required for insects stage

New Biomes :

  • Waterfalls
  • Meteor Field
  • Mushrooms River

New objects :

  • Biomass screen
  • Incubator
  • Beehive
  • Butterfly dome
  • Farm
  • Honey
  • Super food pack
  • Larvaes
  • 10 butterflies species
  • Bees
  • Silk farm
  • Butterfly farm
  • Fence (Unlockable via blueprints)

Balancing :

  • Increase some Tree seeds oxygen multipliers
  • Some tree seeds have to bee unlocked
  • Reduce trees spreader t1 unlocking level (from 6.5e+07 to 4.5e+07)
  • Reduce trees spreader t2 unlocking level (from 7.5e+09 to 6e+09)
  • Increase plants generation for most of plants generating machines

Bug fix:

  • Improve placement of objects on outside foundation grids


  • Improve Polish localization (Thanks to Tominion on discord)
  • Improve English localization (Thanks to Neuromution on Steam forums)
  • 2 New golden crates
  • Added 2 new drop levels for end game loot (better loot in crates for current end game)
  • Added a background on machines informations
  • Add allowed surfaces for wall screens (windows, corridors, biodome)
  • Improve scroll on save file menu
  • Fix craftstation t2 title missing
  • Fix interiors too shiny in certain areas
  • Reduce trees spreader t3 number of trees (from 55 to 45)
  • Pod x4 is unlocked sooner with blueprints
  • Change some recipes : Rocket Informations,
  • Change some unlocking values
  • Added a background when hovering objects to improve readability


  • Improve performance for all trees rendering (add better LODs)
  • Improve food growers performances
  • Improve fusion generator performances
  • Default FPS is now 60 (not infinite)
  • Do not spawn (and hide) herbs untill the herbs stage

Download free the Planet Crafter update 0.5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.