The Perfect Tower 2 Update Patch Notes – Nov 14, 2022

    The Perfect Tower 2 update 0.14 is available on PC (Steam). According to the official The Perfect Tower 2 patch notes, the latest update contains a few important fixes that might affect most if not all area modules.

    Recently, a major update added new challenges to the Winter region and refactored the underlying damage pipeline. Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s The Perfect Tower 2 patch 0.14 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    The Perfect Tower 2 Patch Notes – November 14, 2022

    New Stuff
    • added [spoiler]fragment multiplier[/spoiler] to contracts when reaching Military Tier 13
    • added [spoiler]fragment drop[/spoiler] multiplier to Town stats menu
    • added tech upgrades to ‘Steam Turbines’ in Power Plant
    • added basic lua support for future modding
    • contract ‘Neutralist’ requires between 5 and 10 #neutral modules instead of exactly 10
    • adjusted descriptions of ‘Growth’ and ‘Adaptive Regeneration’ to make their effect less ambiguous
    • removed Boss 4 tier cap
    • Refactored every building
    • Refactored script execution order
    • fixed module description ‘Power Of The Cat’
    • fixed Assassins counting twice for modules
    • fixed special modules not showing up in the blueprint selection list
    • fixed drones throwing exceptions in the log file when there are no enemies present on the map
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