The Perfect Tower 2 Update 0.9.9 B1 Patch Notes – February 14, 2022

The Perfect Tower 2 update 0.9.9 B1 released on PC (Steam). According to the official The Perfect Tower 2 patch notes, the latest update added new AI functions, new settings to sandbox mode, changes, and various bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s The Perfect Tower 2 patch 0.9.9 B1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

The Perfect Tower 2 Patch Notes – February 14, 2022

New Stuff
  • added more settings to sandbox mode
  • added import/export to sandbox mode
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Room Coordinates’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Player Position’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Hearts’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Armor’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Swords’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Bombs’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Keys’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Is Wall’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Is Bomb’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Is Enemy’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Is Room Completed’
  • added AI function ‘Adventure: Get Entity Type’
  • added AI action ‘Adventure: Move’
  • added AI action ‘Adventure: Hearts’
  • added AI action ‘Adventure: Wait’
  • Increased Arcade Token Town Perk max level to 100 (before 50)
  • Reduced Arcade Token Town Perk gain per level to 1% (before 2%)
  • Module ‘redirect’ can be unlocked again (Lucky Wheel)
  • [spoiler]’Disable Era Powers'[/spoiler] of an element that is not present can no longer be bought
  • fixed a bug with DynamicRendering that caused the game to render again when a round restarts
  • fixed a bug that disabled the Tower Customization camera when the game is unfocused
  • fixed a bug that caused a crash when entering ‘-‘ as a vector value in AI scripts
  • fixed [spoiler]sidebar Era[/spoiler] UI refreshing every tick
  • fixed delete hotkey in Headquarters not working for packages
Adventure Minigame
  • added key items tab
  • added item ‘map’
  • added localisation for items
  • armor is now capped at 50
  • removed cheat ‘minimap’
  • removed max cap for armor cheat
  • cheated armor now counts towards max armor
  • changed ‘determination’ bonus so that cleared rooms is worth more than distance
  • reduced token gain, but made it infinite claimable
  • added big token reward past distance 150
  • bombs can now break doors
  • loot table now refreshes also when player stats are max or as soon as they are no longer max
  • loot randomness is now seed-based
  • adjusted values
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