The Last Stand: Aftermath Update 1.02 Patch Notes – December 22, 2021

    The Last Stand Aftermath update 1.02 is now available to download on PC. According to the Last Stand Aftermath patch notes, the latest update added fixes for missing save data, crashes, new additions and more.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s the Last Stand Aftermath patch 1.02 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    The Last Stand Aftermath Patch Notes – December 22, 2021


    • Keyboard & Mouse: Aiming can now be set to HOLD or TOGGLE via the Keyboard settings menu.
    • Keyboard & Mouse: Sprint can now be set to HOLD or TOGGLE via the Keyboard settings menu.
    • Controllers: Focus can now be set to HOLD or TOGGLE via the Controller settings menu.
    • Controllers: Sprint can now be set to HOLD or TOGGLE via the Controller settings menu.


    • General: The game now runs in the background during loading screens by default, to ensure loading completes even if the game window is not focused. The game can be forced to always run in the background by launching with the -runInBackground command line argument.
    • Gameplay: Crouching/stealthing too close to Infected will be much more likely to trigger their aggressive state
    • Gameplay: You can now tap the vault/climb action whenever the prompt is visible to vault over an obstacle, even if standing still.
    • Gameplay: You can no longer interact with objects and reload your weapon at the same time.
    • Gameplay: Improvements to Infected spawn position selection to avoid overlaps/intersections with the environment and each other.
    • Gameplay: The Charger Infected’s stomp attack will no longer hit the player through walls and other large obstacles.
    • Gameplay: Interacting with closed doors now has a higher priority than looting Infected corpses, making corpse interactions much less likely to block access to doors.
    • Gameplay: “Burning” status effect now applies 100% more damage. Small spot fires in Hell apply a lower burning status effect that does less damage.
    • Gameplay: M82A1 damage increased by 100%: 500, up from 250.
    • Gameplay: Improved items for all existing Loadouts that are purchasable through Supply Depot.
    • Gameplay: Reduced cost of purchasing loadouts through Supply Depot.
    • Gameplay: Increased weight of Gear Axe.
    • Gameplay: More traps will react to external explosives / damage.
    • Optimization: Reduced number of particles in fires in Hell sector.
    • Optimisation: Weapon bullet shell ejection visuals are now more efficient overall.
    • UI: The Map screen now displays partial routes in yellow to reinforce travel ability. Partial routes occur when you have at least one unit of fuel, but less than the required to reach a selected location.
    • UI: The power generator minigame UI will only fill the bar to the top on the final successful input.
    • UI: The power generator minigame UI now displays an Exit prompt.


    • Achievement: “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters”: This achievement now triggers when activating the bridge lowering switch. For those who missed this achievement due to dying before leaving the area, it will trigger the next time you enter Hell.
    • Achievement: “This is The End”: This achievement now triggers only when completing the correct number of runs on a single save slot, rather than an aggregate of all save slots.
    • Gamepads: Fixed an issue where the vibration enabled setting was not saved between sessions.
    • Gamepads: Fixed controllers sometimes continuing to vibrate when the inventory or pause menu is opened.
    • Gameplay: Destroyed doors will no longer continue to block Infected navigation paths.
    • Gameplay: Fixed an issue where purchasing a new permanent Armory item would replenish all permanent Armory items instead of only the purchased item.
    • Gameplay: Fixed a rare crash that could occur in while an Infected horde is in progress.
    • Gameplay: Fixed a rare issue on the travel map that would not allow you to visit a location that was clearly on a valid travel route.
    • Gameplay: Fixed heal-over-time effects from consumables not restoring the expected amount of health.
    • Gameplay: Melee executions should be much less likely to pull the player into out-of-bounds areas.
    • Gameplay: Fixed an issue where some hardships would not be applied when reloading a previously saved game.
    • Gameplay: Hardships will now correctly reset to rank zero when “Reset” is pressed.
    • Gameplay: Flaming skeletal Infected are now lootable after exploding and will no longer block doorways.
    • Gameplay: Fixed an issue where some player animations would not play when triggered while crouched/stealthed.
    • Gameplay: Fix for code lockers sometimes not dropping items.
    • Gameplay: Fix for terrain in Camp in Sunken City sector.
    • Gameplay: Lab doors have a much larger interaction point to avoid bodies getting in the way.
    • Gameplay: HERC medical safehouse boxes always drop items now.
    • Gameplay: Sunken City locations should have less areas you can get stuck in water / from drop offs.
    • Gameplay: Infection Bursters now show the infection icon, rather than purple poison icon.
    • Gameplay: Motel bathrooms are no longer prone to getting stuck.
    • Gameplay: Removed collider from HERC code lockers to stop blocking players.
    • Gameplay: Fixed HERC tarp fences being too thin.
    • Gameplay: Fix for town hall not having external wall colliders.
    • Gameplay: Fix for out of bounds areas in Mountains Gas Station.
    • Gameplay: Fix for observation area where you could fall out of bounds in Hell.
    • Gameplay: Box Mines no longer explode on contact, have a timer and light indicator to show when armed.
    • Gameplay: Added additional colliders to end location to help with clipping.
    • Gameplay: Fixed G17 drop description in Supply Depot.
    • Gameplay: Made small bunkers render outlines.
    • Gameplay: Fixed basements that couldn’t be exited.
    • Gameplay: Fixes for loot being out of bounds on multiple maps.
    • Gameplay: Fix for temp metal barriers not checking valid vault positions.
    • Gameplay: Fix for non colliding wall in store.
    • Gameplay: Fix for zombies spawning on compound roofs.
    • Gameplay: Fix some jumpable sections in Hell end maps that could cause collision issues.
    • Gameplay: Various object placement adjustments and fixes based on player submitted bug reports.
    • Graphics: Carried weapons and supply bags will now render outlines when occluded by the environment.
    • Quest: “The Warehouse”: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to complete the “Find the explosives” objective if you placed some explosives before collecting all the explosives.
    • Tutorial: You can no longer vault or jump over the sandbag barricade to escape the horde!
    • Tutorial: It is now easier to shoot over the first sandbag barricade and hit zombies that are reaching over it.
    • UI: Fixed an issue in the Supply Store that could cause no items to be displayed.
    • UI: Fixed an issue where equipped weapon attachments would not be marked as equipped in the inventory when first opening the inventory in a new location.
    • UI: Fixed various issues with the equipped status displayed on weapon attachments in the inventory.
    • UI: Fix supply store items sometimes getting stuck with a white overlay.
    • UI: Fixed RPG showing incorrect ammo icons.
    • Volunteers: The “Scientist” loadout now has three starting items as intended, like all other loadouts.

    Patch 1.01 Notes (Console):


    • Tripwire based traps now have a thicker, more visible wire. All traps now show an outline when occluded by the enviornment.

    • M82A1 Drop is no longer purchasable with Supply (it can only be purchased with Reputation)

    • Reduced volume of crickets during the night

    • Reduced atmospheric volumetric lighting strength to improve visibility in most time/weather combinations

    • Reduced intensity of lightning effects. It should also be slightly more efficient to render.

    • Inventory will now display upgraded weapon and item stats, rather than just the base stats. This includes bonuses and penalties from attachments, knowledge upgrades, etc.

    • Weapon attachments in the inventory will now display a icon if they are equipped (an addition to the colored tab)


    • Fix for savefile issue that prevents users loading a save where they have used the ‘Gear Insurance’ mechanic

    • Fix to ensure loadscreens persist until the next area has loaded instead of fading out early

    • Fix for failed serialization of a specific surviver model’s cosmetics

    • Fixed non-functional vibration setting on PS5/PS4

    • Various fixes for missing localization

    • Pyromania Level 4 will now correctly award and display +50% fire damage, for a total of +150%

    • Many prop and set piece positions fixed to avoid blocking navigation

    • Fixed explosions sometimes not registering damage to targets within their area-of-effect

    • Reputation multiplier is now correctly applied at the end of a run

    • Leaper infected attack should no longer clip the player into the ground

    • Improved aim-assist to help with targeting enemies that are above or below you

    • Barricades no longer block bullets or melee attacks

    • Office chairs, shopping carts and other dynamic/movable objects should no longer obstruct the player

    • Fixed some zombies not display blood splatter visual effects when shot

    • Fixed an issue where main story quests would sometimes not restart correctly when re-loading a saved game

    • Fixed an issue where some text characters were not visible if the system language was set to Turkish

    Download free The Last Stand Aftermath patch 1.02 on PC(steam).

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