The Immortal Mayor Update 0.6.6 Patch Notes – December 6, 2021

The Immortal Mayor update 0.6.6 is now available to download on PC. According to the Immortal Mayor patch notes, the latest update added new features as well as addressed some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s The Immortal Mayor version 0.6.6 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

The Immortal Mayor Patch Notes – December 6, 2021

Bugs and optimization

  1. Fixed a BUG where the probability of relegated fairy files disappearing
  2. Fixed a BUG where the number of divine power conversions was too large
  3. Adjusted the hijacking point of the demon beast

Adjust the transit preparation time, into a solar term

  1. Increased the initial damage of the arrow tower
  2. Added two new passive effects to Chiyou

Call demon beast card, demon beast strong enemy tune a lot weaker

8, weaken the presence of five thunder

New features and gameplay

  1. Due to time constraints, the proofread English version will be updated to the official version next week. Please wait patiently

** New temple upgrade system

** The initial temple will now be a little easier, as you level up and become friendly with the main gods of each faction, you will be able to get their own temple decorations to decorate your unique main temple

We provide dozens of different decoration schemes, different decorations will bring different special effects and gameplay

New theocratic system

We’ve reworked theocracy to integrate the system more closely with the game’s development. Players can choose their favorite faction to befriend, gain resources and buffs from it, and even summon the faction’s main god to protect your city.

Each faction in the game has its own characteristics, you can choose to make friends with different factions and get their magical support. When you reach a friendly relationship, you will get exclusive faction BUFF to help you build a better city. You can also buy their exclusive skills from each faction and learn from them.

In faction relationship, we added channels for idol acquisition and one-click switch of various god card pools to make operation more convenient.

** the promotion of banished fairies

** We have added more promotion channels for relegated fairies, which can be improved by refining new elixins (the amount of elixins that can be eaten in each stage is limited)

The attack frequency, casting effect, etc., have all been improved and become more useful.

** Double call

** When the faction investment idol reaches a certain level, you can get the summoning beast card corresponding to the main god, and when the relationship reaches the maximum, you can get the dopant card of the main god, which can be summoned to help the enemy at the critical moment.

  • Next week we will be adding a doppelgander system that will allow you to grow doppelgander and summon beasts (and even catch monsters later)

** Yizhuang and ancestral Temple

** We added a new yizhuang model, which is used to collect corpses of villagers and increase the storage capacity of individual Yizhuang. Ancestral temple can hold all kinds of funerals, different funerals bring different bonuses to the villagers, part of the funeral in business and expedition (expedition can get foreign funeral forms).

** The elevation of the arrow tower

** We added three effects to the game, and the villagers could enter the arrow tower to control the bolts, which greatly accelerated the attack speed. Also added the Tower of Arrows enhancement technology, which increases the tower of arrows attack, rate of fire and various attributes.

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