The Hunter Call Of The Wild Update 1.60 Patch Notes (PS4)


The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.60 for PS4 released. According to the official the Hunter Call Of The Wild version 1.60 patch notes, the latest update comes with New Feature – TruRACS, TruSCORE and a big list of bug fixes. Apart from this, the Hunter Call Of The Wild patch 1.60 also added stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online.

Today’s The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.60 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.


The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.60 Patch Notes

New Feature:

TruRACS (True Random Antler Configuration System) – TruRACS randomly generates animal trophies like antlers to drastically increase the variation that you can find in the game. No trophy will look like the other any more with more than 1 million variations per species. This update introduces TruRacs for Whitetail and Blacktail deer. More animals will be added over time.

TruSCORE – The Harvest Screen now features information about your trophy and explains the scoring. All factors are explained for you to understand the calculation behind every trophy so you can scout for these factors when spotting new animals.

Added Gramophone to the Trophy Lodge – Locate the Gramophone in the Trophy Lodge and interact with it to cycle through different music that you can enjoy while spending time in the Trophy Lodge

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when selecting “Trophy Lodge” in the side menu when in offline mode on PC
  • Fixed issue of common female mallard ducks appearing as males when placed as trophies
  • The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.25 fixed issue that sometimes resulted in buying wrong item at the cache
  • Fixed issue that allowed to interact with inactive UI layers (which often presented itself by clicking Quit to Desktop in the main menu when actually clicking Back in a submenu)
  • Improved network position interpolation for a better experience for players with older hardware or a bad internet connection. Animals will now move smoother from one place to the next and jitter less
  • Fixed issue of not being able to join a multiplayer game even if there was a last open slot remaining
  • The Hunter Call Of The Wild version 1.25 fixed issue of character standing while inside a layout blind
  • Fixed animation issue of Bison twisting its head unnaturally when hit
  • Fixed animation issue of recoil of shotguns going outwards
  • Fixed issue that caused player footsteps to be muted when holding Huntermate or certain items
  • Improved audio mix in the Trophy Lodge to better hear the birds in the trees
  • Updated the numbers for Rooms, Platforms, and Plaques in the Spring Creek Manor Trophy Lodge
  • In Progress: Issues with a mismatch of Geese groups between Host and Client.
    This issue currently leads to problems in multiplayer where the host player can see Geese that other clients are not able to see. We are working on resolving this issue but it will, unfortunately, take more time.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.25 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.