Patch Notes

The Hunter Call Of The Wild The Jackrabbit Update Changelog


The Hunter Call Of The Wild The Jackrabbit Update is now available to download on PlayStation 4. The new update comes with new features and changes. Apart from this, there are various bug fixes and improvements. A new paid Weapon Pack 1 is available for players with three new weapons – Crosspoint CB-165, Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle, and Houyi Recurve Bow.

Check full details about today’s update below.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild The Jackrabbit Update Changelog

Features in Weapon Pack 1 (Paid)

–All Outposts now feature interiors and can be entered when resting
– New species: White-tailed Jackrabbit in Layton Lake
– New weapon: Crosspoint CB-165
– New weapon: Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle
– New weapon: Houyi Recurve Bow
– New scope: Hawken 1-5X30 Crossbow Scope


User Interface
– Added new icons on Huntermate and map for every clue type
– Connections between clues on the Huntermate and map that are not in sequence now display a dotted line if the player has the connect the dots skill
– Fixed an issue where the last interacted directional clue would sometimes not display the direction of the next clue

– Huntermate has been optimized and is now smoother and has less impact on performance.

According to the game developers, the content update will continue to roll-out in batches until Thursday.  The reason the release has been staggered is due to the differing release requirements for the various platforms/regions. For the complete release schedule please see below:

7th May (today): Jackrabbit Update – PlayStation 4 – All regions
8th May: Weapons Pack 1 DLC – PlayStation 4 – America
8th May: Jackrabbit Update AND Weapons Pack 1 DLC – Xbox (All Regions)
10th May: Weapons Pack 1 DLC – PlayStation 4 – Europe