Patch Notes

The Hunter Call Of The Wild (COTW) Update 1.34 PS4 Patch Notes


The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.34 released on PS4. According to the official the Hunter COTW version 1.34 patch notes, the new Tru-PATCH comes with various improvements, gameplay changes, shotgun overhaul, and bug fixes. Apart from this, the Hunter Call Of The Wild patch 1.34 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released which added 6th reserve ‘Yukon Valley’ to the game. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s the Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.34 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild (COTW) Update 1.34 Patch Notes

Game Improvements

  • Population reset of all animals on all reserves
  • Reset of animal need zones
  • Reset of Leaderboards
  • Reset of Hunting Log
  • Consecutive Harvest bonus no longer affects score (but does affect XP and money in the same way as before)
  • Increased limit of deployable tents per map from 8 to 16
  • The loadout when starting a new game has been updated to include more items (these items have no level requirement anymore and some are available for free for returning players)
  • Updated story missions in Medved Taiga to use waypoints
  • Equipment is no longer holstered when exiting ATV
  • Various updates to existing missions where sometimes there would be no animals in the mission area or the required scoring didn’t match shown objective
  • Improvements to path-finding for all animals on all reserves
  • Added new, clearer descriptions for blood splatter
  • Various improvements to first person and animal animations
  • Various localization improvements
  • Updated the Antler Rattler description to include affected species

Shotgun Overhaul

  • Shotgun hits now group up and display all pellets that hit the target
  • Hitlist displays how many pellets hit the target in brackets
  • Pellets now move with deviations in velocity
  • Damage and integrity has been reworked on all shotguns
  • Integrity is now reduced per shot, no longer per pellet

Bug Fixes the Hunter COTW patch 1.34

  • Fixed issue with multiplayer clients being unable to hunt Geese
  • We continue our work here as host migration can still cause issues
  • Backpack no longer makes noise when standing still
  • Fixed missing legacy Moose racks
  • Fixed issue where the camera would flip when changing stance
  • We continue our work here as it might still occur after shooting
  • Fixed issue that resulted in small stepped movement of iron sights
  • Fixed issue with the Hunting Log being reset after the game was restarted
  • Improved an issue where players lose map data (e.g. claimed outposts)
  • Once you re-discover these locations, they should be saved properly now.
  • We will continue to work on this issue
  • Fixed weird looks of the eyes of Wolves when aggressive
  • Noise indicator now correctly displays noise when deploying portable structures
  • Virant Klasika now uses the correct visual effects
  • Wolf eyes should no longer glow when harvest is highlighted
  • Fixed issue with big bulges on the side of animals due to breathing
  • Fixed issue with The Mile, The Scandinavian Mile, etc. achievements
  • Fixed issue where player would sometimes examine a clue under a downed animal instead of harvesting the animal, even though “Harvest” prompt was shown
  • Fixed issue with shotguns having wrong zeroing order
  • Fixed issue where some waterfowl blinds would change colors when entered
  • Fixed issue with Quickdraw perk not working with lever-action rifles
  • Fixed issue with Keen Eyes skill sometimes not working properly
  • Fixed issue with Both Eyes Open not working with 20GA semi-auto shotgun
  • Fixed issue where toggling aim would mute footstep sounds and break animation
  • Fixed various issues with aim cancelling
  • Aiming with weapons or optics holstered is no longer possible
  • Fixed issue with thumb clipping through rifles when exiting aim while prone without scope

The Hunter Call Of The Wild update 1.34 for PS4 is now available for download.