The High Roller Event Multipliers x1000 Hack in Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go players have discovered an exciting glitch in the High Roller event that lets you obtain insane multipliers like x500 and x1000. These rare multipliers can multiply your rewards to unbelievable amounts even after the event ends. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use the glitch to hack the High Roller event to get the x1000 multipliers in Monopoly Go.

What is the Monopoly Go High Roller Event?

The High Roller event is a limited-time event in Monopoly Go that grants you unlimited rewards like money, dice rolls, and stickers as you play.

Monopoly Go High Roller x1000 Glitch
Monopoly Go High Roller x1000 Glitch

A timer counts down during the event. You must collect as many rewards as possible before time runs out. The faster you earn rewards, the higher your multiplier goes.

The Multiplier Glitch in Monopoly Go

Normally, your multiplier resets back to x1 after the High Roller event ends.

Monopoly Go Hack Multiplier x1000
Monopoly Go Hack Multiplier x1000

But using certain tricks, you can glitch the game into letting you keep your x500 or x1000 multiplier even when the event is over. This lets you earn rewards at an insane pace!

While glitches can be unpredictable, many players have reported success with certain methods.

How to hack the High Roller event to get the x1000 multipliers in Monopoly Go

Triggering the x1000 glitch in Monopoly Go takes some luck and good timing. Here are some tips:

1. Fill the Board with Hotels

  • Invest all your money into buying hotels and placing them around the board.
  • More hotels means a higher chance of landing on them when you spin.

2. Wait for the Timer to be Low

  • Start the High Roller event and wait for the timer to go down to about 5-10 seconds.

3. Spin and Land on a Hotel

  • When the timer is low, quickly tap “Spin” and hopefully land on one of your hotels.

    Monopoly Go Spin Wheel
    Monopoly Go Spin Wheel

4. Force Close the App

  • As soon as you land on the hotel, force close the Monopoly Go app before the timer runs out.

5. Relaunch the App

  • When you relaunch Monopoly Go, you should have the x1000 multiplier still active!
  • You’ll also get insane rewards like 50 dice rolls, 217,000,000 money, and more.

What Happens When You Get the x1000 Multiplier Glitch?

Having a x500 and x1000 multiplier in Monopoly Go is incredibly overpowered. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Insane Money – Even basic rewards turn into millions. You can buy whatever you want.
  • Unlimited Dice Rolls – Rolls regenerate so fast, you can move around the board endlessly.
  • Fast Progress – You’ll finish boards and unlock new areas much quicker than normal.
  • Tons of Stickers – With all those dice rolls, you’ll earn a crazy amount of rare stickers.

Is the Glitch Safe to Use?

While glitches can sometimes get accounts banned, the Monopoly Go x1000 glitch seems safe if used moderately. Just don’t go too overboard with insane amounts of money and rewards.

We recommend trying it just once or twice for fun. Avoid obvious exploits like generating billions repeatedly. Most players report no issues, but use at your own risk.

Try Your Luck with Monopoly Go “High Roller Event Glitch! – November 19, 2023

Give the Monopoly Go High Roller event x500 and x1000 multiplier glitch a shot next time it rolls around. Follow the tips above, get lucky with your timing, and enjoy ridiculously overpowered rewards. Just don’t get too greedy or you may get flagged!

Let us know in the comments if you managed to trigger this amusing glitch and how it went! Have fun and enjoy your unlimited Monopoly Go The High Roller event rewards.


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