The Hand of Merlin Patch Notes (Build 674878) – Sep 15, 2021


The Hand of Merlin update (Build 674878) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the Hand of Merlin patch notes, the latest update added a new character, changes, bug fixes, and much more.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game.

Today’s The Hand of Merlin patch (Build 674878) will addressed a few of these issues. Read more details here.


The Hand of Merlin Patch Notes (Sep 15, 2021)

General fixes:
• Fixed a crash with gamepads when using R1/RB.
• Fixed an issue with gamepad controls where moving from tile picking back to actionbar didn’t reset back to the skill that initiated the tile picking.
• Fixed an issue where ending gamepad drag in the relic shop to purchase a relic didn’t restore the hover target to the destination slot.
• Fixed a crash on the map state when all heroes are lost.
• Fixed a few issues with misbehaving tooltips in the relic shop and blacksmith book chapters.
• Fixed “Feats of Strength” encounter which could lead to a page with no options available, halting progress.
• Measured Shooter (Salim’s passive) should no longer unintentionally increase Damage-Over-Time effects.
• Fixed an error in the Agile status effect (associated with some relics), so that now it consistently grants action points as described.
• Fixed an error with Expurger (associated with an upgrade of Mystic’s Raise Totem skill), where the heroes could poison themselves if they had the Holy Grail.
• Fixed several typos.

Quality-of-Life improvements:
• Gamepad Y/triangle button can now be used to show formulas in skirmishes.

Gameplay balancing:
• Redcap’s Horror ability now deals just 1 stack of Stunned.
• Adjusted minion spawning by Pylons to bring them all closer to the same power level.

Download free The Hand of Merlin update 0.41.0 on PC (Steam).