The Finals Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes – November 1, 2023

The Finals update 0.4.0 is now available to download on PC (Steam) players. According to the official The Finals patch notes, the latest update addresses community-identified issues, enhances security and makes significant gameplay improvements. Apart from this, today’s The Finals patch 0.4.0 also includes new options and quality-of-life fixes.

A major update was released recently, that added new changes, gameplay adjustments, and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players have been experiencing issues with the game. Today’s The Finals update 0.4 will fix a few of these issues.

The Finals Patch 0.4.0 Notes – November 1, 2023


  • Overall improvements to our anti-cheat systems
  • Lowered detection thresholds in our internal systems to strengthen the identification of unfair play
  • Added additional blocklist of third-party systems


  • Removed contracts related to the Bank It mode that weren’t correctly awarded


  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when reporting a player
  • Fixed a crash caused by having players on the blocked player list

Deployable Shield

  • Fixed broken collision on Deployable Shields that could cause the game to run slower.

Glitch Trap

  • Increased ammo amount from 1 to 2


  • Fixed a bug where Goo sometimes got welded to fractured structures
  • Added timed destruction events to Goo, for better overall behavior
  • Fixed an issue where Deployable Barricades attached to Goo caused catastrophic explosions


  • Fixed an issue where backfilling wouldn’t work if a player disconnected during matchmaking


  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect or missing number of VRs could be shown on the end-of-match review screen
  • Fixed a bug where party members and the party leader would see different matchmaking messages
  • Removed ‘Leave Party’ button for players not in a party
  • Fixed an issue where server performance indicators would incorrectly show in the HUD
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to accidentally open the radial wheel on controllers
  • Updated Team Colors to be on by default. Players can revert to using red vs blue team ID via the settings menus if they wish
  • Fixed an issue where already equipped store items appeared as not being equipped
  • Fixed player names so they appear consistently in the menus on all platforms
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Friend button was disabled when Crossplay was disabled
  • Various small fixes to the party and social screens
  • Made total VRs more visible in more places
  • Fixed an issue where multiple input actions could be wrongly bound to the same key on PC
  • Fixed an issue where the recent players’ social screen would not always be populated


  • Various small fixes for issues that occurred when switching between party and team channels


  • Fixed an issue where players who backfilled might not receive VRs for the match


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Download free The Finals update 0.4.0 on PC (Steam).

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