The Falconeer Update 1.03 Patch Notes – August 17, 2021


The Falconeer Edge Of The World update 1.03 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official The Falconeer patch notes, the latest update added new content and a long list of bug fixes. Apart from this, The Falconeer patch 1.03 also addressed periodic stuttering.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. The Falconeer Edge Of The World patch will fix a few of these issues.

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The Falconeer Patch Notes – August 17, 2021

New Content Added
  • Added Edge of the World DLC mission content
  • Added Mawspring Neverin and The Benthic locations for the DLC
  • (Available even without DLC)
  • Added new DLC classes, Arbiter and Corsair
  • Overhauled prologue
  • New voice acting for ALL the content added in the last 8 months.
  • Map expanded
  • Added shocklance weapon
Bug Fixes
  • Missiles will target proper center of target.
  • Resolution switching will select a lower resolution when using gamepad left (instead of always going higher).
  • Mouse resets upon take off.
  • Fixed magnetar impact not showing (again).
  • AI no longer targets submerged debris.
  • 15th temple issue solved, the temple of assula is no longer counted.
  • Travel ahead could remain visible in the wreck dive cutscene.
  • Some wreck diving cutscene creature animations were broken.
  • Camera unlinking and bird going wobbly after death should now be prevented.
  • Prevented ships from respawning with a rotation offset caused by sinking.
Visual Changes
  • Emotion animations integrated for NPC portraits.
  • Spotlights added to imperial and mancer turrets at nighttime or during storms.
  • Added red lights to bow of Mancer Questor.
  • Added red lights to weaver head.
  • Cinematic zoom now always zooms at center of target.
Gameplay Changes
  • Upon starting a new chapter , if your base ammo is destroyed you get 3 new pots
  • Diving mechanic now redesigned, hold brake button while heading down and you can keep diving for as long as you want/possible.
  • Diving manoeuvre now gains you energy.
  • Bloodlust, rage and resistance chants now have a visual and audio effect ingame when they are consumed.
  • The 6 splinters in the seachantress sequence now accurately represent your campaign progression.

Using your movement axis to skip dialogue sequences has been replaced with the hold for 1 second functionality, inline with other sequences.

  • Shortened the distance map fast travel is allowed.
  • Going pirate now instantly updates the map to represent the new status.
  • Flying home during a mission, takes you to the mission starting point instead of home.
  • Rebalanced a few key turrets to prevent ship insta kills of all turrets.
  • Limited the raw quantity of turrets a missile can deal splash damage to.
  • Exploration missions no longer show the target to discover on map or compass.
  • Shrine and settlement defense and assault missions, now target a more diverse selection of locations.
  • Level cap has been increased , unlockable thru the items of assula (3 out of 4 are locked to the DLC).
  • Bird stat levelling has been rebalanced, and max value set to six instead of 5.

Download free The Falconeer patch 1.03 on PS4, PC and PS5.