The Crew Motorfest Not Launching: How to Fix

The Crew Motorfest won’t launch or gets stuck on the loading screen is a common issue many players face. This frustrating problem prevents you from playing the exciting new street racing game.

Fortunately, there are several potential fixes to try to get The Crew Motorfest booting up and running smoothly. This guide will cover the main causes and solutions for The Crew Motorfest not launching.

Why The Crew Motorfest Won’t Launch

There are a few likely culprits for why The Crew Motorfest fails to open or launch when you press play:

  • Outdated Graphics Drivers – Old Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers can cause conflicts and crashes. Keeping your GPU drivers up to date is key.
  • Anti-Virus Conflicts – Overzealous anti-virus and firewall software can sometimes block games from launching properly.
  • Corrupt Game Files – Damaged or missing game files will prevent the game from starting up correctly.
  • Windows Updates – Having the latest Windows version and updates is important to fix bugs and optimize performance.

How to Fix The Crew Motorfest Not Launching

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve The Crew Motorfest won’t launch on PC:

Update Graphics Drivers

  1. Download latest Nvidia or AMD drivers
  2. Use DDU to fully uninstall old GPU drivers
  3. Clean install newest graphics drivers

This eliminates any driver-related launch issues.

Add Game to Antivirus Exceptions

  1. Open Windows Security or your antivirus software
  2. Find the game .exe file location
  3. Add The Crew Motorfest as an allowed exception

This prevents the antivirus from blocking the game.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

  1. Open Uplay and go to The Crew Motorfest
  2. Select Properties > Verify Files
  3. Let Uplay scan and repair any damaged files

Verifying repairs any corrupted game data.

Perform a Clean Boot

  1. Press Win + R and type “msconfig”
  2. Go to Services and hide Microsoft services
  3. Disable all other services and startup items
  4. Restart your PC

This does a clean boot troubleshooting step to check for conflicts.

Update Windows and Drivers

  1. Install all available Windows Updates
  2. Update chipset, audio, network & other drivers
  3. Restart after installing updates and drivers

Keeping Windows and hardware drivers updated prevents issues.

Reinstall the Game

  1. Backup your save files
  2. Uninstall The Crew Motorfest through Uplay
  3. Delete the game folder
  4. Re-download a fresh copy of the game
  5. Install to an SSD if possible

A complete reinstallation eliminates any lingering corrupted files.

Lower Graphics Settings

  1. Launch the game and open Options
  2. Lower the graphics quality preset to Low
  3. Reduce the resolution if needed
  4. Disable anti-aliasing and vsync

Adjusting the graphics settings lower may help open the game if your PC is below the minimum specs.

FAQs – September 14, 2023

What do I do if The Crew Motorfest crashes on startup?

  • Update your graphics drivers, verify game files, perform a clean boot, and check for antivirus conflicts. Reinstalling the game may also help fix startup crashing issues.

Why does The Crew Motorfest get stuck on loading?

  • Damaged game files, driver problems, and software conflicts are common culprits for getting stuck on the loading screen. Verify integrity of files, update drivers, and add exceptions to resolve this.

How can I fix The Crew Motorfest black screen on launch?

  • A black screen indicates a graphics/display issue. Updating your GPU drivers, lowering quality settings, updating Windows, and reseating your graphics card may correct this.

What if The Crew Motorfest crashes on the Ubisoft logo?

  • Crashing right on launch points to corrupted game files. Verify files through Uplay to scan and repair damaged data. Reinstall if issues continue.

How do I troubleshoot The Crew Motorfest not responding?

  • The game not responding could stem from anti-virus conflicts, outdated drivers, overclocking issues, overheating, or hardware problems. Address those potential culprits.

Why does my controller not work in The Crew Motorfest?

  • Ensure your controller drivers are up to date. Restart the game and reconnect the controller. Check controller settings and recalibrate if necessary.


With any luck, one of these fixes for The Crew Motorfest won’t launch will successfully resolve the issue and get you racing through the streets. While game launch errors can be annoying, methodically trying each solution should pinpoint the cause and get The Crew Motorfest running smoothly. Let us know if you have any other questions on fixing The Crew Motorfest not launching!

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