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The Crew 2 Update 1.08 Patch Notes, Hot Shots Update is Here

The Crew 2 update 1.08 is now rolling out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Crew 2 1.08 patch notes, the latest update adds new vehicles including the exquisite Bugatti Divo, new Customization Items (tires & smokes), Live-Summit weekly themed PvE competition and more. In addition, the latest Crew 2 version 1.08 also comes with the stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with gameplay changes and other improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Crew 2 patch 1.08 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

The Crew 2 update 1.08 for PS4 Patch notes


Live Summit

  • [Added] Live-Summit weekly themed PvE competition, including modifiers, constraints and exclusive rewards.

  • [Added] New reward types, including: new vanity items, complete vehicle visual packs, fame packs, maxed-out performance parts, full performance part sets and spare parts sets.

New Customization Items (tires & smokes)

  • [Added] New customization items (tires & smokes), available in: Far & Beyond Shop through a weekly rotation of content on dedicated “Vanity” section. Exclusive Live-Summit rewards.

Photo Mode

  • [Added] Photo Reticle.

  • [Fixed] Photo mode appears as 16:9 instead of full screen on ultra wide monitors.

  • [Fixed] Photo mode settings cannot be accessed after been deployed from a highlight.

Video Mode

  • [Fixed] “OUT OF MEMORY” message is displayed after continuously creating key-frames in video mode.

  • [Fixed] Shaking vehicle wheels when using 4X speed in video mode.

The Crew-Hub Website

  • [Added] Fame Leaderboard.

  • [Added] Events Leaderboard, including vehicles filter.

  • [Added] Summit Leaderboard, including associated rewards overview.

  • [Added] Archive of leaderboards before Hot Shots event cleaning.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect vehicle model detected on uploaded screenshots.


  • [Added] The Crew 2 Trial: 4 hour trial on all platforms.

Live Contracts

  • [Added] 10 new Live Contracts.

  • [Balancing] Live-Contracts rarity distribution.

  • [Improved] Player now able to pin up to 3 Live Contracts at the same time.

  • [Fixed] After completing 3 contracts on a row, player may be prompted with 3 new contracts on the same day.

  • [Fixed] Menu options disappears from Live Contracts menu after using mouse to collect reward on PC.

  • [Fixed] Mouse is not fully functional on Live Contracts interface on PC.

Photo Quests

  • [Added] 1 new Photo Set, including 9 new Photo Quests.

  • [Fixed] Unable to complete “Cruise in Paradise” photo quest.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect condition checks on “Strip” photo quest.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect condition checks on “Above Central Park” photo quest.

  • [Fixed] Player is unable to view photographs from world map from any completed Photo Quest.

  • [Fixed] Disappearing photo quest highlights when prompting world map after reaching quest location.

  • [Fixed] Missing photo on completed Photo Quest.

Text Chat

  • [Added] Added “Crew” chat tab on PC.

Fast Fav

  • [Improvements] Various Fast-Fav improvements

  • [Fixed] Player may falls out of world border after switching from plane to car from specific camera angle.

Livery Editor

  • [Added] Apply liveries to windows on most cars & planes.

  • [Fixed] Missing livery in bike thumbnail while editing a sticker previously created on cars.

  • [Fixed] Unable to use Copy/Paste/Bring Forward/Backward options after selection a group of content and canceling livery edition.

  • [Fixed] Unable to change vehicle side position after creating a group of content

Vehicle Customization

  • [Fixed] Disappearing texts when browsing vehicle customization elements.

Live Battle PVP

  • [Fixed] Missing information about Max V-Level conditions.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect player spawning position on “Downtown East LA” starting grid.

  • [Fixed] Unable to hide other player names in session.

  • [Fixed] Camera glitch when leaving Live Battle tent.

  • [Fixed] Unable to use Back-on-Track while using alternative mouse controller on PC.

  • [Fixed] Empty player interface when accepting Crew invite in video mode.

  • [Fixed] Visible session member avatars after returning from a Live Battle event.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Back-on-Track placement on “Arch Park Trail”.

  • [Fixed] Player not respawned when being ejected out of the arena by a trap during Demolition Derby events.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect placement for “Frauscher 1414 Demon” Powerboat on podium screen.

  • [Fixed] Missing player vehicle on finish line sequence after switching camera view in last seconds during Demolition Derby events.

  • [Fixed] Sliding Demolition Derby vehicles on “Waiting for other players” finish screen.

  • [Fixed] Additional Live Battle cut scenes issues.

Player Visibility

  • [Improved] Improved players visibility through solid naming and icon level insert.

Navigation Ribbon

  • [Added] Navigation Ribbon feature, also known as GPS Line.

  • [Added] Option to turn feature on/off per discipline or free drive. Default ON for free drive, Hyper Car and Street Race events.

Scrap & Recalibur

  • [Added] Players now receive Spare Parts when scraping Performance Parts. Received amount is dependent to original part rarity:

Gold: 1200 Spare Parts

Purple: 480 Spare Parts

Blue: 240 Spare Parts

Green: 120 Spare Parts

  • [Added] Players can use Spare Parts combined with bucks to recalibur the affixes on their existing Performance Parts.

  • [Added] Players are also able to purchase Spare parts in the Far & Beyond shop in the packs section.

  • [Fixed] Inconsistencies in affix values.

Quick Messaging

  • [Added] Quick messaging feature: easily communicate with surrounding players with this new feature (accessible through the D-Pad Down button)


  • [Improved] Parked vehicles visuals, physics and audio.

  • [Added] New vehicle filter in menus “Style”.

  • [Improved] Clipping on vegetation in cockpit camera with specific vehicles.

New Vehicles

Elite Bundle:

  • Acura NSX GT3 (2017) (TC)

  • Ferrari 488 Pista (2018) (HC)

  • Lamborghini Egoista (2013) (HC)

HQ Dealer:

  • Buggati Divo (2019) (HC)

May Vehicle Drop:

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (2014) (SR)

  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (2009) (SR)


  • [Fixed] Counter steering issue on Alpha GP cars.

  • [Fixed] Missing Differential Pro setting on Audi RS5 (SR).

  • [Fixed] Missing 7th gear ratio on BMW Z4 GT3 (TC).

  • [Fixed] Incorrect braking on Burnout mode with Drift cars.

  • [Improved] Improved Jet Sprint steering.

  • [Improved] Improved Red Bull RB13 and Proto Alpha GP handling.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 1.08 improved road vision on Follow 1 Camera (default).

  • [Improved] Global improvement of Rally Cross Steering and Tire Model.

  • [Improved] Improved balancing for Rally Cross cars

  • [Improved] Several Rally Cross cars, previously RWD, have been upgraded with 4WD transmission:

Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 (RX)

Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (RX)

Dodge Charger SRT-8 (RX)

  • [Added] Beta handling alternate vehicles, including improved Steering Tire model:

BMW M2 – Beta Handling Edition (SR)

Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe – Beta Handling Edition (SR)

Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series – Beta Handling Edition (SR)


  • [Fixed] Suspensions shaking after tweaking compression and release on pro settings.

  • [Fixed] Rare cases of timing exploits when landing a vehicle.

  • [Fixed] Bikes lurching forward during finish line cinematics.

  • [Fixed] Vehicles starting in 1st gear when switching from automatic to manual gearing.

  • [Improved] Improved Donut and Burn models when using a 4WD vehicle.

  • [Improved] Improved Monster Truck tires rotation.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 update 1.08 improved ramming physics for bikes versus cars.

  • [Improved] Improved Steering feeling around center.

  • [Fixed] Counter-steering may exceed maximum allowed range in some cases.

  • [Fixed] Extensive ground vehicles sliding on front/rear.

  • [Fixed] Monster Truck spinning when front/rear facing ground.

  • [Fixed] Vehicle may be unable to return on its wheels and remain stuck on the side.

  • [Improved] Reduced vehicle jitter during rollback.

  • [Fixed] When landing a ground vehicle on its nose or rear, player can continue to control its pitch as if it were still airborne.

World & Visuals


  • [Improved] Modifier weather sequence to provide players a more varied experience during game session.

  • [Fixed] Missing wall collision for the wall near the pyramid in Las Vegas.

  • [Fixed] Vehicle clips through terrain on top of the building at 10% progression of “The Strip West” event.

  • [Fixed] Overstepping vehicle name in house showcasing slots.

  • [Fixed] Crew 2 update 1.08 fixed various landscape and asset issues, including occluders, event and world collisions.

House & HQ

  • [Added] Live Summit billboard now available in HQ, replacing Fame leaderboard one.

  • [Improved] Player is now able to turn house TV sound ON/OFF.

  • [Improved] House and HQ lighting, navigation and collisions.

  • [Fixed] Missing preview when selecting an Air vehicle to be displayed in the hangar.


  • [Improved] Various menu lighting:

Live Battle menu

Jet Sprint reward menu

Vehicle preview menu

  • [Fixed] Lighting issues when entering or exciting tunnels.

  • [Fixed] Lighting flash after applying brightness setting in Video menu.


  • [Fixed] Player may remain stuck under the ground in the house after switching his favorite boat to a large one.

  • [Fixed] Player may remain stuck behind his displayed favorite boat in the house.

  • [Fixed] Clipping Monster Truck steering wheel with character’s legs.

  • [Fixed] Clipping Mercedes Benz 300 SLR UHLENHAUT COUPE (W196) steering wheel with character’s legs.

  • [Fixed] Flickering character’s head when using “Show Driver” feature in Photo mode repeatedly.

  • [Fixed] Lack of synchronization between character’s hands and steering wheel with Demolition Derby cars.

  • [Fixed] The Crew 2 update 1.08 fixed an issue where helmet visors disappearing after using back-on-track.


  • [Added] Traffic vehicles will now react to player behavior by using their horn.

  • [Added] Parked cars trigger an alarm when being hit by the player.

  • [Fixed] Unable to hear rain audio in game.

  • [Improved] Reworked engine sound for the Nissan Skyline R34 (Street and Drift Edition)

  • [Fixed] Double tune engine sounds on high RPM for Bugatti Chiron and Audi RS5.


  • [Fixed] The Crew 2 1.08 addressed excessive water splashes when driving in shallow water Monster Trucks.

  • [Fixed] Pilatus plane smokestack is going through its tail.

  • [Improve] Overall VFX memory optimization.



  • [Added] 13 new events to be unlocked in PVE progression after their appearance in Live Summit rotation (1 per week)


  • [Added] 20 New skills:


Canyonlands Escape

Columbia Basin Escape

Roswell Escape

Golden Hills Race Track Escape

Colorado River Escape

Orange Grove Escape

Lake Mead Escape

Las Vegas Hotel Escape

St. Julian Peak Escape

Great Basin Escape

Red Rock Escape


Glacier Park Speedtrap

Jersey Racing Track Speedtrap


Meteor Crater Slalom

Miami Beach Slalom


Great Lake Buoy Smashing

Glacier Park Buoy Smashing

Low Altitude

The Cascades Low Altitude

Colorado River Banks Low Altitude

Colorado River Low Altitude


  • [Improved] The Crew 2 version 1.08 removed wooden pallets in “South Detroit” Drift Event.

  • [Fixed] Hit-box incorrect range for Demolition Derby traps.

  • [Fixed] Abort option pops up after invoking Photo Mode option at the start of any Speedtrap Skill.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 1.08 improved event gates triggering area.

  • [Improved] Destruction Derby mini map display for players and AI.

  • [Improved] Events adjustments & path improvements.

[A] A Tour With Alexis – Golden Hills

[A] Central Woods South

[A] Golden Hills Chaebung

[A] Golden Hills Race Track

[A] Jersey City

[A] The Giants

[DD] Bumper Chaos

[DD] King Of Mayhem

[DD] Queen Of Mayhem

[DD] The Ring

[HC] Gator Rush

[HC] Glacier Park SquadX

[HC] Gold Rush

[HC] Hollywood

[HC] Hovercraft

[MX] Wolf Territory

[PB] Pacific Coast

[RR] Portfoliage

[RR] Roswell

[RR] Ski Jump Valley

[SR] Coastal Range To Los Padres

[SR] Motor Trend Classic Challenge

[SR] San Bernardino To Fresno

[SR] Street Racing Trial

[SR] Temecula Wineries

[SR] The Sleeper

[TC] Going Back To My Roots

[TC] Golden Hills Race Track

  • [Improved] Mini map and navigation adjustments:

[HC] Big Land

[Rival] The Keys To The City

[RX] Central Valley Endurfix Event

[MX] Endurfix Event

  • The Crew 2 update 1.08 fixed the Loot and crate spawning issues:

Loot spawned outside of reach

Disconnection after picking a crate

  • [Improved] Improved Back On Track positioning on several events:

[A] A Tour With Alexis – California

[AR] Navajo Trail

[HC] Glacier Park

[HC] Glacier Park SquadX

[HC] Lake Michigan By Night

[HC] Lake Michigan Endurfix Event

[Live Xtrem Series] LIVE Xtrem Series Episode 3

[Live Xtrem Series] Live Xtrem Series Episode 4

[Live Xtrem Series] Live Xtrem Series Episode 6

[MX] Wolf Territory Motocross

[Rival] The Switch

[RR] Portfoliage

[RX] Dallas

  • [Improved] Improved AI behavior on various events:

[A] The Giants

[DD] The Ring

[HC] Los Angeles

[HC] New York

[JS] Go Against The Flow

[Live Xtrem Series] Live Xtrem Series Episode 2

[Live Xtrem Series] Live Xtrem Series Episode 4

[MX] Wolf Territory

[PB] Bar Harbor

[PB] Key West Chaebung

[PB] Lake Mead

[PB] Uber Dam

[RIVAL] Mutual Benefit

[RX] American Petrol Race

[RX] Dallas

[SR] Bay Area To Cntral Valley

[SR] Downtown L.A.

[SR] Harlem East

[SR] Harlem West

[SR] LA East

[SR] Pikes Peak Mountain

[SR] Temecula Wineries

[TC] Golden Hills Everyzon Track

[TC] Golden Hills Race Track

  • [Balancing] Improved rewards for the following events:

[TC] Golden Hills Race Track

[A] The Giants

[A] A Tour With Alexis: Florida



  • [Fixed] AMD Eyefinity: The game remains stuck on world map after finishing the first Live XTREM Series event.

  • [Fixed] NVIDIA Surround/AMD Eyefinity: World map appears stretched after a full zoom-out on a 3 monitors setup.

  • [Fixed] NVIDIA Surround/AMD Eyefinity: Photo Mode rendered only on central monitor when accessed in freeride.

  • [Fixed] NVIDIA Surround: Stretched game logo in Photo Mode on multi-monitor setup.

Driving Wheels & Controllers

  • [Fixed][XB1] Logitech G920: Unable to use world map with assigned key-bind.

  • [Fixed][PS4] FanatecCSl Elite + ClubSport Formula: Wheel Range setting is not changed to default after using “SET TO DEFAULT” button.

  • [Fixed][X1] Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One: unable to use airplane extreme mode.

  • [Fixed][PC] FanatecCSl Elite Formula: Inverted Left/Right inputs on Right Stick button.

  • [Fixed][PC] Steam Controller: Incorrect button mapping configuration.

  • [Improved] Gearbox mode will switch automatically based on last used gearing action

Force Feedback & Rumble

  • [Fixed] Force Feedback loss/inconsistency when driving close to ghost vehicles.

  • [Fixed] Force Feedback inconsistency between left-hand and right-hand turns.

  • [Improved] Improved FFB slider control gradualness.

  • [Fixed] Lack of consistency for Airplane engine-based rumble.

  • [Fixed] Rumble not properly triggered when driving across water.

  • [Improved] Improved rumble effects when vandalizing urban furniture.

  • [Improved] Smoothed rumble detection when driving on bumpy ground.

  • [Improved] Improved Rumble intensity across devices.

  • Added fixes for stuttering and framerate drop issues.
  • Crew 2 1.08 added fixes for crashing and freezing issues.
  • Added performance and stability performance.
  • Added minor UI changes with Crew 2 version 1.08.
  • Other minor changes.

The Crew 2 update 1.08 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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