The Crew 2 Update 1.05 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New & Fixed

The Crew 2 update 1.05 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available. According to the official Crew 2 1.05 changelog, the new Demolition Derby update has added new cars, new features and a long list of fixes for issues related to the game crashing, stuttering/lag, server performance, and more. In addition, the latest Crew 2 version 1.05 also comes with the stability and performance improvements.


Previously, a big update was released with gameplay changes and other improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Crew 2 patch 1.05 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

The Crew 2 update 1.05 for PS4 Changelog



In a cloud of smoke and a cacophony of grinding gears, Demolition Derby is crashing into the Freestyle Family to bring brand new, unique gameplay to Motornation. Get behind the wheel (and roll bars) of 100% destructible vehicles, in two exclusive spots that are home to the discipline’s 8 whacky events.

In the heart of the Bonneville Salt Flats, a brand new arena has been specifically designed to host this chaos. Once unleashed in this obstacle-laced circus, players have but one goal: destroying their opponents’ vehicles while keeping their own in (almost) one piece. No holds are barred, and to spice the challenge up even further bonuses will occasionally appear across the arena, rewarding the fastest to reach them.

Other Demolition Derby events will take players racing at breakneck speed around a new circuit, built in the heart of the Tucson aircraft cemetery. Battle for first place and take care not to be shoved off the track!


A total of fourteen new vehicles will be coming to The Crew® 2 with the Demolition Derby update. We’d like to unveil the first six for you here, starting with four Fender Demolition Derby cars available to earn or purchase with in-game credits from December 5:


The update is also the opportunity for us to roll out the December Vehicle Drop, which includes additions to the Demolition Derby and Air Race disciplines. The following two vehicles will be added for free for Season Pass holders on December 5, and for all other players on December 12:


The eight remaining vehicles will be revealed closer to the update’s launch, and include new Icon Level rewards.


EVENTS & SKILLS – Like our first update in September, The Crew® 2 Demolition Derby will also be adding brand new events to existing disciplines, namely Drift, Alpha Grand Prix and Rally Cross. You can also get ready to experience the latest episode of the LIVE Xtrem Series: Holiday Special, as well as 10 new skills in free drive.

LIVE CONTRACTS – The LIVE Bus is now up and running in every HQ, offering players Daily Contracts with Crew Credit rewards. These contracts are random and different for each player, and can be based in any in-game activity: events, skills, photo ops, treasure hunts, freestyle, roaming…

Players receive one contract per day, as well as one reroll. There is no time-limit and uncompleted contracts will appear the following day, along with the new daily contract, up to a maximum of three stacked contracts.

PHOTO SET – Eight new Demolition-themed photo quests will also be available in our December update.

PVP – Last but certainly not least, The Crew® 2 Demolition Derby is bringing PvP to Motornation! You can find out all about it HERE in our dedicated article.



  • [Improved] Improved AI overall behavior (during & outside events).

  • [Improved] Improved Seamless AI behaviour (e.g. on circuits etc.).

  • [Fixed] AI “Back-on-Track” issues.

Handling and Physics

  • [Improved] Reduced “Back-on-Track” duration

  • [Improved] Vehicles are less likely to climb some railings in curves.

  • [Improved] Rally Raid handling rework to reduce stabilization assistances and increase vehicle weight feeling on drift control.

Camera Behavior

  • [Improved] Improved Pilatus handling and follow cameras (both Aerobatic and Air Race)

  • [Fixed] Jetsprints’ camera clipping when falling on water

  • [Fixed] The camera passes through the vehicle when zooming in the Livery editor.

  • [Fixed] The camera is snapping when entering or exiting a loop ram.

Pro Settings

  • [Fixed] Boat Weight Distribution pro-setting generating physic inconsistency

  • [Fixed] Plane Reactivity pro-setting generating physic inconsistency


  • [Fixed] Vehicle going below the map when using FastFav on high slopes areas.

  • [Fixed] Vehicle pointing in the wrong direction when using FastFav during a backflip.

  • [Fixed] “Wrong-way” notification when using FastFav after setting a waypoint.

Collisions & Deformations

  • [Added] Introduce deformations on all ground vehicle when colliding static elements or traffics cars.

  • [Improved] Improved traffic vehicles behavior and stability when being collided by a player.

  • [Improved] Improved stationed vehicles behavior and stability when being collided by a player.

  • [Improved] Improved cameras’ shakes on collisions for Cars, Bikes and Boats.

  • [Improved] Improved restart after heavy collisions on 4WD vehicles.

  • [Improved] Sliding and bouncing off walls impairs speed.

  • [Improved] Reworked vehicle collisions to offer a more consistent behavior.

  • [Improved] Collisions with trees should no longer send the car sideways.

  • [Improved] Crash Cam Crash triggers reviewed. Crash-cam should now trigger less frequently.

  • [Improved] Vehicles deformations do not reset after entering/exiting main menu or Photomode.

  • [Fixed] Hovercraft crash cam should no longer trigger in loopings.


  • [Fixed] Jump exploit.

  • [Fixed] Fast-fav exploit to get under the map.

  • [Fixed] Followers exploit related to highlights.

  • [Fixed] “Infinite drift” exploit fixed on the Charity Event.


Daily Contracts

  • [Added] Daily Contracts feature.

Live Battle (PVP mode)

  • [Added] Live-Battle PVP Mode.

  • [Added] Once the prologue is completed, the player is now prompted with an in-game screen introducing him to the Live-Battle PVP mode.

Photo mode

  • [Fixed] Remaining ghost’s visual FX in Photo Mode.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect message displayed when photo-sharing process is cancelled.

Video Editor

  • [Improved] Replay now starts at the same position as the My-Path cursor.

  • [Improved] Improved accessibility for the video editor:

Added “currently selected” visual effect to the timeline.

Added D-Pad visual element to better explain how to travel through the timeline.

  • [Improved] Improved tips & key mapping display.

  • [Improved] A switch is now available to change between 2 zoom levels on the timeline

  • [Improved] Move the “Car Noir” filter to the first place in the Post FX – Style menu.

  • [Improved] Event props are now visible in replay mode after completion, Demolition Derby’s traps included.

  • [Improved] In the Video Editor, the “Mud on vehicle” option can now affects all vehicles.

  • [Fixed] Camera is locked when leaving replay mode and returning to the game.

The Crew Hub

  • [Added] Added filters into the BEST screenshots category to sort photograph by: Family, Vehicle category (air/ground/sea) or Brand. Player search also is also now available.

  • [Improved] Improved “My Gallery” section:

You can now see all the screenshots you liked.

You can now delete your own screenshots directly from the website.

You can now check the screenshots of your friends directly from your gallery.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 1.20 improved “Best” sorting algorithm to better promote quality content from players.

  • [Improved] Improved “My Friends” page to give users the possibility to check specific friend galleries.


  • [Added] New bundle & new vehicles (see new vehicle list).

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Crew Credits value display after purchase.

  • [Fixed] Game crash after repeated use of “Return” button from the shop.

  • [Fixed] The game may remain stuck after buying a vehicle bundle.

Crew Roster

  • [Fixed] Invite to the crew option is inaccessible when a timer is displayed.

  • [Fixed] Crew members are unable to return to freedrive until leaderboards screen is closed.

  • [Fixed] Blank persistent notification may appear when playing in a Crew.



  • [Improved] Improved various event paths

  • [Improved] Improved Ace difficulty to offer a more balanced and challenging experience.

  • [Improved] Improved mini-map in Events.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various assets issues during events.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various cinematics issues during events.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various barks inconsistencies.

  • [Fixed] Lightning and Exposure obstructions affecting the visibility of Events.

  • [Fixed] AI performing “Back-on-Track” repeatedly during certain events.

Demolition Derby

  • [Added] The Crew 2 update 1.20 added Demolition Derby Discipline.

  • [Added] New Demolition Derby photo ops set, including 8 new photo Ops to dive into the demolition derby spirit

Live Xtreme Series

  • [Added] Added Holiday Special Live Event.

  • [Improved] Players are now able to skip Live Xstrem Series cutscenes.


  • [Fixed] Persistent score notification after beating a drift skill world-highlight.

  • [Fixed] Unable to complete an escape skill after performing a “Back-on-Track”.

  • [Added] 10 new Skills

Barstow Speedtrap

Detroit Escape

Big Sur Escape

New Orleans Escape

Joshua Tree Land Escape

Hill Country Escape

Palm Coast Slalom

Lake Mead Slalom

Glacier Park Slalom

Street Race


  • [Improved] AI avoids other vehicles and obstacles more efficiently.

Street Racing Trial

  • [Improved] Realigned fences to avoid invisible collisions in turns.

The Sleeper

  • [Improved] Moved pylons that were too close from circuit path.

  • [Improved] Moved parked vehicles stopping players after a jump.

  • [Improved] Moved parked vehicle and construction signs stopping players on a turn.

  • [Fixed] “Wrong Way” notification inconsistent display.

Motor Trend Classic Challenge

  • [Improved] Removed flowerpots blocking player’s path.

  • [Improved] Realigned building facades to avoid invisible collisions in turns.

The Strip West

  • [Fixed] Bikes not stopped by fences.

Alpha Grand Prix


  • [Added] 3 new Alpha Grand Prix Events:

A Tour With Alexis – Golden Hills.

A Tour With Alexis – California.

A Tour With Alexis – Florida.

The Giants

  • [Improved] Realigned fences to avoid invisible collisions in turns.

Jersey City

  • [Improved] Invisible collisions improvements.



  • [Added] 3 new Drift Events:

West Commercial Bushimura Event

South Detroit

Upper East Side

  • [Improved] Improved placement of assets on several Drift Events.

The Charity

  • [Fixed] “Infinite drift” exploit fixed on the Charity Event.

Drag Race


  • [Improved] Increased ACE difficulty challenge for BELLFLOWER Event.



  • [Improved] AI avoid other vehicles and obstacles more efficiently.

  • [Fixed] Inconsistent “Wrong Way” notification display during Hypercar Events.

Latrell’s Car Part 2

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 1.20 improved “Back on Track” placement in Latrell’s Car Part 2 event.

Rally Raid


  • [Improved] Improved mini map’s ribbon accuracy during Rally Raid Event.

  • [Improved] Rally Raid handling rework to reduce stabilization assistances and increase vehicle weight feeling on drift control.

Portfoliage Event

  • [Fixed] Flying asset can be noticed during the Portfoliage Event.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Rally Raid Event

  • [Fixed] Mercedes-Benz X-Class vehicle might be displayed twice in the vehicle selection menu.



  • [Improved] Reduced checkpoint gates glow intensity during night events.

  • [Improved] AI avoid obstacles more efficiently.

  • [Improved] Improved mini map’s ribbon accuracy during Motocross Events.

Wolf Territory

  • [Fixed] Short finish line trigger range during WOLF TERRITORY Event.

Mt Washington

  • [Fixed] Event may be triggered unintentionally when freediving close to it.


  • [Improved] The Crew 2 version 1.20 improved AI has a better control of the Hovercraft and can avoid obstacles more efficiently, especially in ACE mode.



  • [Improved] Improved ACE difficulty challenge during Powerboat events.

  • [Improved] Improved AI avoidance of other vehicles and obstacles in ACE Difficulty.

Mississippi Everyzon

  • [Fixed] The Mini map’s ribbon of the Mississippi Everyzon Event is not correctly updated during the race.

Touring Car

The Giants Race Track Touring Car

  • [Improved] Realigned fences to avoid invisible collisions in turns.

The Giants Everyzon Track Touring Car

  • [Improved] Realigned fences to avoid invisible collisions in turns.

The Giant Chaebung Cup

  • [Fixed] The Crew 2 update 1.20 fixed invisible collision in THE Giant Chaebung Cup Event.

  • [Fixed] Misplaced arrows in The Giant Chaebung Cup Event. Aerobatic

  • [Fixed] Some events may be triggered unintentionally when freedriving close to them.


Las Vegas Waterway

  • [Improved] Resized colliders to improve collisions in tunnels.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect “OUT OF ARENA” notification prompt during Las Vegas Waterway Event

Colorado River Banks

  • [Fixed] Incorrect mini map indicator updates during the Colorado River Banks event.

Monster Truck


  • [Fixed] Brightness is too high during countdown cinematic in cockpit view.

StormX Arena

  • [Fixed] Player is respawned to the starting area of the StormX Arena when performing a “Back-on-Track”.

Wreck and Havoc

  • [Improved] AI has a better control of the vehicle an avoid obstacle more efficiently in the WRECK AND HAVOC Event.

Rally Cross


  • [Added] 3 NEW RALLY CROSS Events:

Dallas SquadX Event.

Sky Jump Valley.

Central Valley Endurfix Event.

Sky Jump

  • [Improved] Added fences to avoid players going out of tracks too easily.


New Vehicles

  • [Added] New vehicles

Demolition Derby vehicles:

Fender Firenze

Fender Vero

Fender Frontiera

Fender Bulk

December Vehicle Drop

Fender Rattlesnake (1971)

Extra Aerobatic Planes Extra 330 SC (2009)

Timeline additions

Icon Level 700 – Acura NSX (2017) – Drift Edition

Icon Level 850 – Proto HuP One (1930) – Monster Truck Edition

Icon Level 1000 – Bugatti Chiron Carbon Edition (2017)


Elite Bundle

Ferrari 812 Superfast (2017)

Ford GT Le Mans Race Car (2016)

Red Bull RB14 (2018)

Individual Shop entries

Bugatti Chiron (2017)

Red Bull RB14 Disruption Edition (2018)


  • [Fixed] Various visual fixes & improvements.

  • [Fixed] Wheels rotation inconsistency depending on vehicle distance.

  • [Fixed] The odometers of the Audi TT RS Coupé and the Alfa Romeo 4C are now functional in cockpit view.

  • [Fixed] Custom liveries are now enabled on the Cadillac Escalade.

World & Visuals

Exposure Gamma

  • [Added] Added Gamma sliders on all platforms.

  • [Improved] Improved overall illumination model.

  • [Improved] Improved Night visibility.

  • [Improved] Improved Weather.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various lighting issues.

  • [Fixed] Fixed tunnel visibility issues, especially during night time.

Landscape & Roads

  • [Added] Added DEMOLITION DERBY Playgrounds.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various landscape issues.

  • [Fixed] Fixed various missing roads issues.

Misc Graphic/Assets

  • [Fixed] Various collision issues.

  • [Fixed] Various graphic issues.

  • [Fixed] Incoherent shop fronts.

  • [Fixed] Various visual glitches.

  • [Fixed] Various floating objects.

  • [Fixed] Various terraforming issues.

  • [Fixed] Various occlude issues.

  • [Fixed] Various level design issues and incoherent objects placement.


  • [Improved] Improved pilot behavior, especially during collisions.


  • [Fixed] Low quality textures in the distance (city view) when exiting Miami House.

  • [Fixed] The helicopter may be submerged in the ground.

  • [Fixed] New vehicle layout is not saved upon exiting and re-entering HQ.


  • [Fixed] Plane’s propellers and Car’s wheels can be seen rotating while in the map with a near camera.


  • [Improved] Added character names in subtitles.

  • [Improved] Improved barks system.

  • [Fixed] Narrative sentences triggered only during the first try.

  • [Fixed] Subtitles stay blocked on first line during cutscenes.


  • [Fixed] Exposure issues during various cutscenes.

  • [Added] Added Demolition Derby segment in Boot menu.

Progression & RPG Systems


  • [Added] Ability to select materials for liveries: Standard, Metallic, Chrome, Matte and Anodized.

  • [Fixed] Customized callipers could appear faded after exiting the house.

  • [Added] Added 1 brand new demolition outfit.

  • [Added] Added 7 hovercraft outfits variations.

RPG Balancing & Rewards

  • [Added] New vehicle rewards in the timeline (level 700, 850 & 1000).

  • [Improved] Performance parts affix values are now “rounded” instead of having one decimal value.

  • [Improved] Some performance part affixes no longer appear depending on discipline (e.g.: no more “Bulldozer” in Drift discipline).

  • [Balancing] Affix “Lucky”: update of minimum & maximum values, from Max 56 to Max 175.

  • [Balancing] Iconic Perk “Lucky”: update of minimum & maximum values, from +0.1%/point to +0.2%/point.

  • [Improved] Live Crates & Timeline rewards will no longer give inferior level performance parts.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 1.20 reduced default Collision avoidance.

  • [Improved] Affix “Bumper”: update of minimum and maximum values.


  • [Improved] Activities & News menus update to include Live-Battle & Daily Contracts shortcuts.

  • [Improved] Improved interface overall memory usage.

  • [Improved] The Crew 2 version 1.20 added HOLD button detection (push/release).

  • [Fixed] Game may crash after swapping between vehicles and returning to game.

  • [Fixed] Game may crash while scrolling the Main Menu options.

  • [Fixed] Vehicles may appears behind the catalogue menu when vehicle options are switched fast.


Performance & Online

  • [Improved] Various online, performance & stability improvements.

  • [Improved] Optimization on Main Menu, to open faster and be more reactive.

  • [Fixed] Game crashes after switching languages from/to Asian languages.


  • [Improved] The Crew 2 version 1.20 improved multiplayer replication when colliding with other vehicles.

  • [Fixed] Resnapping effect for remote vehicles after big jumps.

  • [Fixed] Resnapping effect for remote vehicles when flipping back from the roof.


Driving Wheels

  • [Added] Added official support of Logitech G29 driving wheel

Controls Mapping

  • [Added] Added customised key mapping per vehicle type on PC: General controls, Ground vehicles, Airplanes, Boats.

Bug Fixes in The Crew 2 Version 1.05

  • Fixed crashing issues with the Crew 2 1.05.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
  • The Crew 2 version 1.05 added performance and stability improvements.
  • Added other minor under the hood improvements with Crew 2 1.05.

Crew 2 update 1.05 is now available for download on PlayStation 4.