The Crew 2 Update 1.04 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New & Fixed

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The Crew 2 update 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available. According to the official Crew 2 1.04 changelog, the new patch has added new features and a long list of fixes for issues related to the game crashing, stuttering/lag, server performance, and more. In addition, the latest Crew 2 version 1.04 also comes with the stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with gameplay changes and other improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Crew 2 patch 1.04 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

The Crew 2 update 1.04 for PS4 Changelog

World & Activities

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  • [Added] 10 news skills

  • [Improved] Various improvements for world skills, including for instance ghost or interrupted completion issues.

Photo Ops

  • [Added] New Offroad photo ops set

  • [Fixed] Some Photo Ops are difficult/impossible to complete in certain circumstances.


  • [Added] 20 new events (some of these events require a certain fame level): 10 Hovercraft events

  • “Gator Rush Introduction Hovercraft” (Star)

  • “Gold Rush Hovercraft” (Star)

  • “Lake Michigan Hovercraft” (Star)

  • “Glacier Park Squadx Event Hovercraft” (Icon 1)

  • “Glacier Park Tiger Tonic Event Hovercraft” (Icon 1)

  • “Lake Michigan By Night Hovercraft” (Icon 1)

  • “Gator Rush Main Event Hovercraft” (Icon 10)

  • “Bayou Hovercraft” (Icon 10)

  • “Glacier Park Hovercraft” (Icon 10)

  • “Lake Michigan Endurfix Event Hovercraft” (Icon 10)

3 Hypercar events

  • “Hollywood Hypercar” (Star)

  • “Bronx Hypercar” (Star)

  • “White Rocks Hills Hypercar” (Icon 1)

3 Touring Car events

  • “Golden Hills Everyzon Track Touring Car” (Popular)

  • “The Giants Chaebung Cup Touring Car” (Famous)

  • “Jersey Everyzon Track Touring Car” (Star)

3 Jetsprint events

  • “Crown Of Maine Jetsprint” (Popular)

  • “The Swamp Jetsprint” (Famous)

  • “Dakota Stormx Event Jetsprint” (Star)

1 Live Xtrem Series event

  • “Live Xtrem Series – September Spectacular ” (Icon 10)

  • [Improved] Review of events to resolve existing level design issues, including for instances floating elements, incorrect collisions etc.


  • [Added] Ace difficulty mode

  • [Improved] Improved AI behavior in Hypercar discipline.

  • [Improved] Re-balancing of certain events difficulty.

  • [Improved] Overall improvement of AI behavior, both during events or in traffic, including various path finding and collision issues.


  • [Added] Legendary loot parts and Set Bonus

  • [Fixed] Loot may sink under water in certain circumstances

  • [Improved] Balancing of drop rates for specific events


  • [Fixed] Ubisoft Club content does not appear in game after redeeming the reward during the current session.

  • [Added] Added Season Pass, Vehicle bundles and Crew Credit packs in “Far & Beyond” shops in HQs.


  • [Added] Added “Live-Battle: coming soon” tent (PvP) in HQs

  • [Fixed] Various Level design & traffic pathing issues


  • [Fixed] Player cannot use Fast-Fav Menu when ghost is spawned on player’s vehicle during water skills.

  • [Fixed] Crash cam is triggered after performing specific Fast-Fav sequence in Freedrive.

  • [Fixed] Vehicle velocity is not properly set after Fast-Fav.

  • [Fixed] Inverted Flight detection in Fast-Fav.


  • [Fixed] Player is able to exploit water and ground jump highlights using trains or boats.

  • [Fixed] Player can “bank” his followers by opening and closing a Highlight ticket.

  • [Fixed] Capping is not present for both Looping and Outside Looping Freestyle dynamics.

  • [Fixed] Capping is not present for Immelmann freestyle dynamics figures.

  • [Fixed] “The Accident” event, rewards re-balancing and checkpoint detection glitch.

Visuals, Sounds & Animations


  • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect textures and animations.


  • [Added] Addition of Odometer in game pause menu and in vehicle dashboard.

  • [Improved] Various UI and interface improvements.

  • [Improved] Added progression % to Xtrem Live Series family tickets


  • [Fixed] Gearshift sound behavior improvement for automatic and semi-automatic transmissions

  • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect effects and voice-overs

  • [Fixed] Radio channel is not saved when the player quits and relaunches the game.


  • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect localization elements.

Features: Photo/video editor

  • [Added] In-game photo mode sharing on The Crew Hub website

  • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect camera, save cuts and effects.


New vehicles


  • [Added] Proto BumbleBEEX

  • [Added] Proto Double L-EEX

  • [Added] Proto Speedster

Vehicle drop September

  • [Added] Available in Early Access until Oct 3rd – Proto XK Armored

  • [Added] Available in Early Access until Oct. 3rd – Ariel Nomad

Physic improvements


  • [Fixed] Pitch/roll stiffness issue on hovercraft

  • [Fixed] Weight distribution issue with Powerboats

  • [Fixed] Plane reactivity issue for Zivko & Slick

Ground vehicles

  • [Fixed] Tire skid marks are visible ahead of the vehicle when the player drives any vehicle on Bonneville Salt Flats.

  • [Fixed] Reduced Follow 1 & 2 cameras high speed shakes on Touring and Alpha GP disciplines.

  • [Fixed] Suspension instability on a few cars when rear suspension settings were set to the Max in Pro Settings.

  • [Fixed] Some vehicles are capable to climb on a steep mountain or building with a 90-degree angle incline.

  • [Fixed] Excessive rolling resistance of sand surface for specific cars (ie: Lamborghini Aventador Hypercar or Mercedes 300SLR Touring)

  • [Fixed] Player is unable to go backward in some events’ entry doors for ground vehicles.

  • [Fixed] Various cases of vehicles going into the ground in city alleys.

  • [Improved] Improvement on ground vehicle camera behavior when jumping and landing. Sometimes called “Magnet effect”, it gave the impression that gravity was cheated.


  • [Fixed] Missing upside/down crash-cams.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect max speed while trimming for some Powerboats.


  • [Fixed] Boats can dive underwater if the player opens world map during High Tides.


  • [Fixed] In Manual gear mode, all Bikes would start the race in Neutral Gear instead of 1st Gear.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect camera behavior when performing stoppies on bikes.

  • [Fixed] Various unfair crash-cam triggers.

  • [Fixed] Bike wheels are spinning in place while the world map in open.


  • [Fixed] Helicopter starts flying even if kept idle after any transition screen is triggered (e.g.: Main Menu, Photo Mode & Live replay)

Monster Trucks

  • [Fixed] Player may remain stuck under ramps.


  • [Fixed] The vehicle loses too much speed during jumps


  • [Fixed] The vehicle loses too much speed during jumps

WACO – YMF-5D Super 5 (AB)

  • [Fixed] The vehicle stalls too much during an Outside Looping in Xtrem Mode.

Ducati – Monster 1200 S (RR)

  • [Improved] Improved Ducati Monster 1200 S Raid performances at Max V-lvl.

McLaren – P1 (HC)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect track width when installing wide front bumper

Ford – F-150 SVT RAPTOR (ST)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect rear tires position.

Nissan – 370Z (Z34) (RR)

  • [Fixed] Vehicle is not slowing down when driving through water sections.

Visual improvements


  • [Fixed] Avatar hands position is misplaced on the handle of all cruiser bikes

Abarth – 124 spider (SR)

  • [Fixed] Missing chassis parts.

Acura – NSX (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Alfa Romeo – 4C

  • [Fixed] Incorrect material element on the front grid.


  • [Fixed] Avatar Gloves clips through the vehicle windshield when in free drive.

Audi – R8 Coupé V10 plus (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Skirt02 and Skirt03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect rear stoplights are used.


  • [Fixed] Missing action slots for opening and closing the windows.

BMW – M2 (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Bumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

BMW – M4 (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect FrontBumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

BMW – X6 M (SR)

  • [Fixed] Modelization issue around fuel filler flap.

Cadillac – Eldorado Brougham (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Frontfender00 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Chevrolet – CAMARO SS (TC)

  • [Fixed] Unable to action window.

Dodge – CHALLENGER SRT-8 392 (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Rear bumper 04 faces identification when trying to customize livery.


  • [Fixed] Unable to modify calipers color.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect rear lights behavior.

Dodge – CHARGER SRT-8 (RX)(SR)

  • [Fixed] Missing deformation on default parts.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect texture for Skirt 01 should be Black Matte instead of paint color.

Ferrari – 458 SPECIALE

  • [Fixed] Missing empty rear wing.


  • [Fixed] Missing deformation on default parts.

Ford – F-150 SVT RAPTOR (ST)

  • [Fixed] Rear wheels and dampers are displayed through vehicle body while driving offroad.

Volkswagen – GOLF GTI

  • [Fixed] Missing deformation on the rear windshield after impact.

Harley Davidson – IRON 883™

  • [Fixed] Missing speed selector on the Fairings 01, 02, 03.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect light behavior when moving airplane tail light.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect Sidemirror03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Jaguar – C-X75

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing05 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

  • [Fixed] Missing speedometer needle on the dashboard.

Kawasaki KX450F

  • [Fixed] Incorrect paint texture.

Kawasaki – GPZ 900R “NINJA”

  • [Fixed] Incorrect spelling for “Horn” on the handlebars.

Koenigsegg – AGERA R

  • [Fixed] Incorrect rear lights behavior.


  • [Fixed] Caliper is clipping through the break disk.

  • [Fixed] Missing Caliper color option from vehicle customization menu.

  • [Fixed] (SR) Incorrect Skirt01 and Skirt02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Lamborghini – HURACÁN LP610-4 (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Lamborghini – MIURA SV (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearBumper01 and RearBumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Lotus – EXIGE S (RX)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect middle front lights behavior.

Mazda – RX7

  • [Fixed] (DF) Missing deformation on FrontFenders02 and RearFenders02.

  • [Fixed] (SR) Missing deformation on FrontFenders01 and RearFenders01.

McLaren – F1 (HC)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearFender01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Mini – COOPER S 2010 (RX)(SR)

  • [Fixed] Missing deformation on several parts.


  • [Fixed] Missing car paint in the rear logo.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect brake lights behavior.

  • [Fixed] (DF) Incorrect Bumper faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Pilatus – PC-21

  • [Fixed] Incorrect camera position when using fast-fav.

Porsche – 911 Turbo 3.6

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Frontbumper05 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Porsche – 911 GT3 RS (SR)

  • [Fixed] Incorrect SideMirror01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

Red Bull – RB 13

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RPM counter in Cockpit view

  • [Fixed] Incorrect placement of rear night omni light.


  • [Fixed] Incorrect Skirt01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.

  • [Fixed] Incorrect RearLight01 behavior.

Saleen – S7R / Saleen – S7 TWIN-TURBO

  • [Fixed] The grid around the exhausts is not displayed while playing in cockpit view.

  • [Fixed] (Touring) While driving Offroad, carbon parts of the dashboard are covered with dirt.



  • [Fixed] TV screen scaling issue.

  • Performance/Optimization

  • [Added] PC Benchmarking tool, allowing players to better define their in-game settings based on their computer configuration.

  • [Improved] Various performance and optimizations.


  • [Improved] Various coop improvements to increase online stability.

  • [Fixed] When free-driving with friends, traffic cars may have a strange behavior, especially on bridges and in high speed curves.

  • [Fixed] Inconsistencies between friend’s leaderboards.



  • [Added] Added mouse sensitivity sliders to controls.

  • [Improved] Various keyboard mapping and PC controls improvements

Driving wheels & controllers

Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ

  • [Fixed] Incorrect control icons.

  • [Fixed] Missing default button mapping.

Fanatec CSL Elite

  • [Fixed] “Wheel Controls” settings from Game settings appear grayed out even when wheel is the primary controller

Logitech G27

  • [Fixed] Incorrect force feedback periodicity and/or too light.

Logitech G29

  • [Fixed] Improved compatibility and implementation.

  • [Fixed] Damper Force is too high while stopped.

  • [Fixed] Important device deadzone with pedals.

  • [Fixed] Game would crash after triggering a crash-cam at high speed with a traffic car.

Steam controller

  • [Fixed] Missing controller vibrations.

Thrustmaster BT LED Display

  • [Added] Added support for Thrustmaster BT LED Display

Thrustmaster GTE 458

  • [Fixed] Thumbnail for moving and rotating the camera is missing in the Photomode

Thrustmaster SPARCO MOD Handbrake

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Symbol present for Handbrake/Gear Shifter in Key Mapping Menu.

Thrustmaster T100

  • [Fixed] Few periodic force feedback are not triggered or are too low for THRUSTMASTER T100

Thrustmaster T150

  • [Fixed] Incorrect force feedback periodicity at maximum settings.

Thrustmaster T500 RS

  • [Fixed] Incorrect Fast-fav button mapping.

Thrustmaster T80

  • [Fixed] Stick cannot be used to turn vehicles on DS4 when paired with T-80.

  • [Fixed] Missing default button mapping.

Thrustmaster TMX Pro

  • [Fixed] Important device deadzone is present in throttle, brake and clutch pedals.

Top Drive Free Bird and Twin Wheel F1

  • [Added] Added support for Top Drive Free Bird and Twin Wheel F1

Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake

  • [Fixed] Handbrake mode is not supported.

  • Fixed crashing issues with the Crew 2 1.04.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
  • The Crew 2 version 1.04 added performance and stability improvements.
  • Added other minor under the hood improvements with Crew 2 1.04.

Crew 2 update 1.04 is now available for download on PlayStation 4.

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